Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Reborn Hippie heart, Creepyyeha fashion & Unicorn Kid ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Lately I've seen lots of great inspirational pictures 
of 'pastel goth' -like fashion.
♥ Creepyyeha  ♥
is one of the best shops I've seen bringing together princess like
cuteness with a naughty twist.
The items you can buy there and the fashion of the creator are influenced
by japanese street fashion and fetish.
This is the most interesting and captivating style I've seen since some time.
So I really like to add some inspiration from this to my own style.
I always loved combining contrasts & contradictions ♥
It's so much fun and I like to make statements with my look.
I love fashion which attempts to
tell a story about a girl only with the way she looks.
This can be kind of mysterious and enchanting.
Sometimes you can't really know if you can trust the image you're seeing,
how is that person ?
A cute, fragile princess or a bloodthursty vixen ?
Maybe both.
You'll never know unless you try to find out.
You should also check out her tumblr. page for inspiration :creepyyeha.tumblr.com
I made the collar I'm wearing on the pictures above in accordance with
these ones :
I wrapped a silk ribbon around an average black rivet chocker and fixed it
with hot glue. I also fixed the flowers with hot glue ~
et voilà :
Of course it's not as pretty as the original but I'm still quite happy,
you might know the nice feeling when you managed to create something yourself, even if it's small ;)
And I think sometimes you also shouldn't be held back to wear some kind
of fashion only because you can't afford expensive brands etc. !!
Money shouldn't be the only thing which determines your look.
Still I'm looking forward to buy a choker at Creepyyeha next month ♥
with the Mamegoma of my boyfriend and me ♥
Unite the contradiction ♪
 I'm also looking forward to get a pair of these soon.
The look is adorable ♥
You might remember these pictures from my former post ^^

 I just have to share my favourite game with you ( again ;3 )
It's just so adorable :
The opening song is one of the cutest tunes I've ever heared *-*

♥ The ending song :
Neko kawaii Gari - Sweet outbreak
Neko's music 

Unicorn Kid
is one of my favourite musicians since I'm 15.
and I'm really happy that his latest tunes are as stunning
as always ! ♥
• Unicorn Kid - Pure Space 
My boyfriend commented :
The Hippies of the new time. 

The acousic guitars became SIDs and 8Bit VSTs. 

The aim they reach for is the same, to enjoy life how they want it, 

with no violence, friends, music & drugs.

and I can only agree !! ♥ 
( Haha, I'm a secret reborn Hippie ;3 )

• Gives you such an awesome summer feeling !
We're alive ♥ Alive as hell ^o^
Unicorn Kid - Boys of Paradise

• Unicorn Kid - True love fantasy ft. TTA

Also check out some of his older tunes for
more 8-Bit cuteness ! You'll find it there ♥
• Unicorn Kid - Lion Hat

and my all time favourite song of him :
Unicorn Kid - Talk to animals wolves remix 
Thanks for reading ♥
nyan ~ ばいば(=・ω・=)o☆


  1. So cute! I'd love to have your wardrobe haha~ ♥ Creepyeha's products are perfect!

  2. die halsbänder sind echt irre süß =^-^=

  3. Das Halsband hast du ja richtig gut hinbekommen.
    Ich find´s fast schöner als die gekauften :D