Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012

Picture updates & a cute bunny I found ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
I did SO much the last few weeks, but I barely found
the time to take some pictures >_< 
That will change now ♥ I have planned a few things and shootings
so stay tuned. A few days ago I found these pictures of my boyfriend
and me at the Japan Day 2012 in Düsseldorf.
The reason we are laughing so hard on the picture above is this :
A woman stood in front of us and thought the photographer wanted to
take a picture of her, so she posed right in front of us, it took a while
until she recognized that the photographer in fact wanted to take a picture of us. It was a quite funny moment. But she looked very cute, she was dressed as a cat girl too ♥ Nyan 
Today I got the pictures a photographer took at my Prom night.
Of course I took lots of pictures with my beloved family ♥
And today I realized I didn't take a single one on my own,
so I cropped myself out a group picture ;D
( lol the arm around my waist belongs to my sister ♥)
This is a picture of me and my older sister ♥
Well, what did I do the last weeks ? I spent almost every day with my boyfriend. We went swimming ( I love swimming ♥) met our friends and so on.
I also hosted a little party at my house this Friday *-* 
When I wasn't hanging out with my honey I visited some of my best friends, dyed their hair etc. Haha I should start calling myself 'hairdresser' ,
I'm really experienced by now ^^
I'm very sorry I didn't do a hair tutorial yet , I get asked so much,
but I didn't find the time yet. Moreover, I really want to
make a good tutorial & that needs some good preparations~
I guess I will make a video as soon as possible.
To everyone I promised to do a tutorial : Don't be disappointed ♥
I'll try to make one as fast as I can.
I'm super excited at the moment as my boyfriend's birthday will be in a 
few days ♥ \(^-^)/  Well, what else can I tell you ?
A few days ago my mother and I found this cute bunny in our garden !
♥ Usagi ♥
It was very tame and I could carry and pet it *-*
I really wanted to keep it, but my mother knew it might belong to one of our
neighbours. So we went around and asked if someone missed it.
And we found it's owners. The cute bunny belonged to a 10 year old kid.
They had some more bunnys and also very tiny baby bunnys !
They were all so cute ♥ Maybe I will get a bunny soon, but I also still
have my beloved Hamster, Dog and cat ♥ We've always had lots
of animals as we have a big house and a big garden. Moreover my mother loves animals as much as I do \(^-^)/ She has a yellow and a blue budgie and my little brother has a fish tank ^^
Well, I guess I will think about getting a pet when I move in the end of this year, as sadly I can't take my pets with me. My dog is used to being 
around my family and I don't want to seperate them. My cat lives outside and needs the nature, so I can't take her with me into a big city.
Well, I will take my hamster with me ♥ But I think it will still feel
a little bit lonely in a new apartement, as he sleeps the most time of the day.
I really want to live with a cat , like the one that lives at my boyfriend's house. It's the fluffiest, cutest and nicest cat I know !
You can even stroke her belly , she would never scratch you ♥
I know no cat who's tamer ♥
Luna *-* 
 She's a "British Shorthair" 
Some of you might remember I also did show you
some pictures of my cat Felix ♥ He was born in our garden and lives with 
us since then. When I come home he's always sneaking around our house
and when I take pictures outside he uses to walk around my legs :3
He also uses to sit outside on the windowsill of our kitchen window,
but he's quite a fighter and hunts a lot.
  Look at what I found lately *-*
It's a Skrillex Octopus !
Oh my gosh I need to have one ! ^o^
I hope one can buy one at Amanda's etsy shop soon ♥

Neko's Music :

♥ Just awesome ! ♥
What else would you expect of Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam ?!


• Another awesome song you need to hear is
Haunted by Virtual Riot
What can I say ? PARTY HARD !
Moombahcore  ♪

• I've been listening to this song over and over again the whole day ♥
Wowaka - Toosenbo (Hatsune Miku) ♥ TenpenChii Hen 
Remix by acane_madder
That's it for now ~ Thanks for reading ♥
I'm looking forward to an exciting week, I'll try to post
as soon as possible again.
Have a nice day !  ばいばい(⌒ー⌒)ノ~~~


  1. Ah ich mag den remix von Toosenbo so gern ;_;

  2. Den kenn ich ja dank dir ♥♥♥ CHU :3

  3. Aww die Katze von deinem Freund *____*

    Aber mein Kater war auch so xD Leute die zum ersten Mal da waren haben dem im Flur bereits hochgehoben und sind mit dem auf dem Arm durch die Wohnung (und haben natürlich nebenbei sein Bäuchlein gestreichelt, weil sie das nicht fassen konnte, dass er einfach nichts macht XD)
    Manche Katzen sind einfach zu chillig, selbst zum kratzen XD