Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2012

New Photos - Pink-haired GAL ♪

Hi there (^-^)v
So finally my new extensions arrived ♥
I'm very happy about that as I really love long hair like 
Chi from Chobits has ♥ I think hair can never be too long if
you are a girl, which does not mean I do not think short haircuts can be beautiful as well. My best friend has short hair and she is just gorgeous and very feminine. I bought the extensions here :
I'm very pleased ! Normally I only buy extensions at
but the longest extensions they have were always too short for my taste.But Ursis-Haare is still a very great shop for extensions too.
How long is my real hair ?  It's 54 cm long,  21.3 inch.
The extensions are about 75 cm long.
I took some pictures yesterday :
[ Gyaru inspired outfit ]
On our driveway ~ hihi ;P
♥ Egg ♥
Haha, this one is quite old it's from 2009
The backpack I bought at the Japan Day 2012 
♥ Mokona ♥
"Mou ikkai, mou ikkai.

「Watashi wa kyou mo korogarimasu」to
Shoujo wa iu, shoujo wa iu
Kotoba ni imi wo kanadenagara!"
Rolling girl 
I dyed my hair pink yesterday and I still
got this picture I took one day before I just have to share ^^
Yeah sorry I like making stupid gif. pictures recently
...too much tumblr. ;D 

A few days ago my dog came to me in the morning as she
couldn't sleep alone. Ahe whimpered >.< poor thing ♥
Normally I don't let her into my bed since she is fully grown,
but when she was a puppy and the size of a hand I also let her sleep in my bed. S
he's so clingy , well just like her owner ^///^
She's an Entlebucher mountain dog 
Neko's Music :
• Owl City -  good time
Fits this summer just perfectly ♥ \(^o^)/

I just love Alex Goot's interpretations of songs ! *O*

I think I like it better than the original ♥

• I listen to Moon Kana at the moment so much again ♥
Love her since I'm 14 - she is pure art *-*
Moon Kana - Usagi

• Hatsune Miku- Knife

• Feed me - one click headshot

Thank's for reading ♥
Tomorrow it's my boyfriends birthday, I'm so super
excited \(^-^)/ I also still got some upcomeing photo shoots
I hope I can share the pictures with you soon :3
Have a nice day 
ばいばい(⌒ー⌒)ノ~ nyan ♫


  1. Ich merke immer wieder, ich sollte mir Extensions besorgen ;D
    Tolle Fotos :)

  2. Deine Haarfarbe ist soo toll!! Aber auch vorm Färben sah das supersüss aus, blond steht dir auch supi ♥
    Das Foto mit deinem Hund ist voll süss!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Uuuuh cool.
    Hast du die mit der gleichen Haarfarbe eingesärbt, mit der du deine Haare färbst? :)
    Ich hab mir auch welche bestellt, die sollten morgen da sein :D

  4. hey (:
    wow deine Haare sind toll (. gefällt mir mit den langen extensions. :)
    uuhi wir sehen uns heut abend, auf vales geburtstag, max und ich kommen ja auch :)
    Freu mich schon dich wieder zu sehen :)
    Alles Liebe :*
    (sorry dass ich nochmal webung hier für meinen blog mache :P)

  5. Miau, ich mag deine Beine!! T__T

    Wahrscheinlich weißte nicht, wer ich bin: das grün gekleidete Mädel vom Japantag 2010... xD

  6. Das outfit steht dir total gut! Du solltest mehr gyaru-inspirierte outfits tragen ^^

  7. Awww vielen Dank ihr lieben ♥♥♥ ^///^

    @ Shennii: Ja ich hab die Extensions mit der selben Farbe gefärbt wie meine echten Haare ( carnation Pink von Directions )