Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

Movie Park, wildlife Park & adventure time with my honey ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
I spent the last few days with my boyfriend and his
exchange person from Belarus.
We did quite a lot exciting activities (ノ゚▽゚)ノ
Recently my boyfriend's mother also gave me a pink fur head from Russia. She went to St. Petersburg for a week last month. I love such hats so much ! Haha, I even got similar ones in white, black and brown. I'm happy that I finally also have a pink one that's really from russia.
On Sunday we went to a wildlife park ( Wildpark Frankenhof )
you could not only see lots of cute animals there but also feed and pat them ! I even stroke a deer ♥
My boyfriend and I also fed some guinea pigs, deers and goats *-*
They were all so cute ! There also were some giant Slides - you could slide while sitting on a rug, so you went down very fast !
My boyfriend slid together with me because I was too afraid to go alone.
On monday we & the guy from Belarus went to the 
It's a great theme park near out town. It was my first time to ride a
rollercoaster ! At first I was not shure if I'll like it but as I know
I'm the kind of person you could call an 'adrenaline junkie'
I tried every roller coaster there !
I rode the wooden roallercoaster 2 times. I sat next to my honey so
at least I knew if we would die we'd do it together :D
But of course everything went fine ♪ And I really enjoyed it !
 The wooden rollercoaster ♪
And I rode this one which also had loopings etc. even 3 times 
 Luckily we didn't need to wait long at all !
Most people sat in school on that monday ~ no holidays yet.
( another good thing about being finished with school ;D )
And a video about the rollercoasters & the Movie Park
Last week my friend Katalin (3rd person from the left )
found this picture in a local news paper that reported about my Prom ^^
My nail art for the Prom ♪
Tomorrow my boyfriend, his exchange guy from Belarus
and I will go  swimming \(^-^)/
Yeah I love swimming so much ♥ I guess I will wear
this hairstyle again then. I also did my hair like that when we went to the theme park 'cause it's safer ^^
It reminds me a lot of Megurine Luka in 'Just be friends'
As I spent almost every day with my boyfriend at the moment
I also find him playing the piano very often ♥
I also have an e-piano, so I can practise if I find the time,
but it's also not at least in my room again
to give my boyfriend the chance to play at my home as well^^
I love to hear him play ♥
He took this photo and also helped me to draw the piano ^o^
Not that I couldn't draw a piano without seeing one ... :D
well, now I'm able to do it ^^
As I love bathing so much I decided to try out putting some milk
into the water 
a few days ago ^^ I don't know if it's actually good for something, but it was fun and looked pretty. I also ate some strawberries with cream while bathing *-* I should do that more often ~♥
I also just have to show you this orchid my older sister gave to me 
at the day of my prom ♥
 It's my favourite flower ♪
 Neko's music :

• One of the lovliest songs I know !
*sings along all day*
♥ Alex Goot - Lightning ♥

• Enter Shikari - When a jealous man finds a gun
No more words necessary.

 Got all her albums ♥
Marina & the Diamonds - Teen Idle

Thanks for reading, have a nice week ! ♥ ばいばい ♪ ヾ(*^▽^*)o☆゜・。・ nyan :3


  1. Ohh Orchideen sind auch meine Lieblingsblumen :) Schöne Bilder! <3

  2. Hey Johanna!
    Ich habe endlich rausgefunden wie ich Blogs kommentieren kann! :)
    Ich hoffe dir gehts gut und alles ist in ordnung bei dir! :)
    Deine neue Russenmütze ist mega süß! :) Find ich richtig cool, vor allem weil nicht jeder sowas hat. :)
    Die Liebsten Grüße von Lisa! :)

  3. Aww Danke ~♥

    @Lisa : Yayy das freut mich ♥ & Danke ^///^
    Tut mir leid das ich mich noch nich gemeldet hab >.<
    auf einmal war unerwartet viel los :O
    Aber Theresa hat mich auch schon gefragt ob wir alle mal was machen können ^^ Wir müssen auch nochmal Fotos machen und so :3
    Mir gehts gut ^-^ Ich nehm mal an bei dir is auch alles nice ~♪
    Gaaanz liebe Grüße zurück ~♥