Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Nuclear sun performance, exciting days & fashion updates

 Hi there (^-^)v
A few days ago on the 1st of June I went to a festival called
'That's live' in Borken, a small
town in west Germany. Some bands from our region played at that evening.
The band 'Nuclear sun' played there as well.
They consist of 6 members and
if you like nu metal, post rock or just awesome music you should check out their facebook bandpage ! They also uploaded some of their songs there.
Some attentive blog readers might remember Nuclear Sun
from my former post, when they played at the 'Nunoise',
my boyfriend is their singer.
This is us before their performance :

I also met a very sweet girl there who I know since last year^^
She loves Emilie Autumn as much as I do and her passion is 
photography. Her name is Lisa ♥
Check out her blog if you want to get inspired !
It's lovely and full of pretty pictures.
' Lisa's Blog : I wanna be a parade '
She's a new blogger, please support her ~♥
I was so happy to meet you again  ;3
By the way she is the girlfriend of the guy who's playing the 1. guitar in Nuclear Sun
When it finally became dark outside and lots of people gathered their performance started.
[ The photos are taken by Lisa ]
"She was  beautiful
Young and shy but wonderful
In the summer out in the hills
He was a psycopath
Dangerous and full of wrath
In mind only the worst of all thrills

Soon the day was gone
The romance didnt last for long
He tied her up and took her away
And as he cut her up
He told her in this silent night
That he didn't love her anyway

Many stories tell
That this was not the only time
The murderer has fullfilled his quest
And rumors spread around the town
That the psycopath
Doesn't have a heart in his chest

Footsteps in the dark
Its the cold-blooded killer with the cement-heart
Watch out
He could be after you
Lock your doors, lock your doors, and wait for the break of dawn."
[ Nuclear sun ]
It was a great evening. You are awesome guys !
Yesterday I've also received some more pictures from the
'Japan Day 2012'
Like I told you in the last entry my boyfriend and I got some
free balloons which we let fly away after a while ♥
Last week I went to see a musical version of "The jungle book"
in a open air theatre in a small town nearby called Billerbeck.
One of my best friends - Katalin - was a member of the cast.
Of course I didn't go there alone, I went with a good friend.^^
Fabian & me :
I also met lots of other people there I know ^^
Haha, I just had to take that picture of him.
Doesn't he have a great style ?!!
If I was a boy...I'd wanna look like that ^^
I guess I'd be at least 20% cooler 
He made us this delicious fruit salad :
 Doesn't it look tasty ? I was so happy about it ^^
Thanks again mate ♪
♥ A few days ago I tried out a new hairdo :
My nails today :
Beware ! the zombie-apocalypse has just begun !

Neko's music :

• Dubstep : SubVibe & Mizuki's Last Chance - Arachnid

• Keratordash - Universal Signal

I think this really goes under your skin *-* Pretty intense.

Have a nice day, thanks for reading.
Bye bye (^-^)v nyan ~♪