Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 25. Juni 2012

My Prom night, new dresses & lovely music ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
Last Saturday on the 23rd of june finally my
prom night took place ♥
The picture above shows me in my prom dress  (*^0゚)v ィエーイ☆彡 
I must admit it's my favourite garment now !
Haha, sadly I can't wear it every day ...I'm really in love with that dress.
My parents gave it to me as a gift for my graduation
( A-levels, German Abitur).
The inspiration for my hair and look in general was Hime Gyaru fashion.
It's my favourite kind of japanese fashion ♥
It inspires me the most, but I'll keep my pink hair and 
 my very own sense of fashion as well. I guess that's what
Kyary Pamyu pamyu calls "Aomoji-kei".
“Basically, ‘aomoji-kei’ is about wearing whatever you want to wear without caring whether or not you look attractive, cute, or sexy. Many times, people who wear aomoji-kei fashion tend to switch between different styles a lot just depending on whatever they like and what they think is fun, so that’s why it may seem like there’s no definitive look for it :)”
Hihi, I've also always done it that way. Have it your way - it's the best way ♥
By the way, I finally decided to open up a facebook fan page,
because facebook doesn't let me accept any more friend-requests.https://www.facebook.com/themissneko

♥ feel free to click 'like'  ;3 
Yayy, Neko finally managed it to make her own gif pictures.
Yep that's early ...My love for tumblr. got intense now ;D
I can't describe you how happy I was on the day of my prom !
Finally 13 years of work and some struggle with a few not so
tolerant fellows are over ^^ And it was all definitely worth it.
So if you're still in school, do you're best ~ payday will come ;) ♥

♥ Gwen Stefanie - Luxurious ♥
[ If you're in Germany you'll need proxTube etc. ]

This was my outfit for the day we got our official
final certificate, it was one day before prom night^^
Me and my brother, who is 5 years younger than me ♥
( yep, he's already taller than me ^^ )
At school we also had a professional photographer,
who took some photos of the pupils and their families.
I also took some nice pictures with my older sister,
maybe I'll upload them later ( I haven't got them yet ).
Well enough talking for now, here are some more pictures from my
graduation day :
My nails for the Prom night :
Some of you might also remember when I had nails like gloomy bear
but with pink pastel blood drops :
At the graduation event everybody wrote his or her wishes on a small
piece of paper and tied that paper to a balloon.
Then we let the baloons fly away into the sky :
All agog with curiosity I'm waiting for my dreams to come true ;3
A few days before my prom night I had to dye all my hair again as
it was blue & pink most recently. I thought it was a convenient opportunity
to take a picture without extensions and with an 'almost'
natural looking hair colour.
So this is my own hair,
I get asked a lot if I wear a wig or extensions, that's rarely the case ! 
And yes I need to care for my hair a lot, so it's not damaged too much ^^
For example I use Nivea's Spray called "Long repair" a lot ♥
My shampoo and conditioner is also by Nivea.
I spent the last few days with my boyfriend who, of course
went with me to my prom ♥
We celebrated and danced deep into the night with our close friend
Katalin  ♥
I'll never forget that night ^^
[ I'm deeply grateful I finally found the person that is for me
and only for me ♥ That person who loves me for who I am. ]
It's almost unbelivable that things finally turned out the way you always wished them to be when you were a little kid. You should never stop being
an optimist ! One day life will turn out the way you want it to,
but keep in mind it's you who needs to take action as well. ♪
Luckily the sun was shining bright at the day of my prom, but a few weeks
before it was raining quite often. I spent lots of time in my room with my
boyfriend watching Atventure Time, talking, listening to music and eating on the bed while watching the rain outside.
Our Mamegoma plushie ♥
My favourite yoghurt is the mixed kind 

GUMI,Rin - Chemical Emotion 

Today we spent a lot of time like this ♥
I love it when he plays the piano,
Chu :3
 I guess some of you already know our song♥ Aishiteru yo ne ♥
That time I wrote the lyrics it really meant a lot to me ...
They're japanese and mean :

"I have something I want to protect
Am I dreaming ?
I can't even see the heart that's leaving me, didn't you know ?
I'm just tired, even of walking."
Aishiteru yo ne - I love you, okay ?
We recorded the song shortly before we became a couple,
it really means a lot ♥
 [When you finally saved me from that former world of trouble ♥ ]

Neko's music :

• My boyfriend and I love this song *-*
We've been listening to it a lot recently ♥
It just makes you feel so happy and relaxed.
The lyrics are kinda sad, but it's a lovely song anyway.

[Hatsune Miku - Soft] Irony (アイロニ)

• A very lovely song, the lyrics are sad but when I listen to it
and to the original it always makes me feel happy.
It's just beautiful ♥ 
Just be friends- piano version sung by Yamai
Thanks for reading ♥
Nyan ♪  ばいばい(⌒ー⌒)ノ~~~ 


  1. "aomoji-kei" - wie toll dass ich endlich ein Wort für das weiß was ich bin :'D Ich sehe es genauso... es ist unfassbar wichtig dass man einfach man selbst ist, das tut was einem gefällt und sich so gibt wie man sein möchte. Wenn man dann noch jemanden findet der einen für genau das liebt, dann ist das Glück perfekt :3 Ich wünsche euch alles Gute für eure Beziehung ^^

    Dein Kleid ist wirklich traumhaft schön! Und ich liebe deine Haare, ich wünschte ich würde das toupieren so schön hinbekommen aber bei mir klappt es einfach nie :<
    Euer graduation event war ja total toll o.o Bei uns gabs einfach ne Zeugnisvergabe und fertig XD Die Idee mit den Luftballons ist soo süß ;____;

  2. Dein Nageldesign ist toll! Ich mag das rosa Kleid, das sieht fast schon wie ein Prinzessinenkleid aus. :D

  3. Tihi hab meinen Abiball und so auch jetzt rum...wir sind duuurch!:D

    Das dein Kleid der Burner ist muss ich ja nicht nochmal erwähnen...hm oder doch?^^
    Wäre zwar nicht meine Farbe*huust ich grufti*
    Aber Der Schnitt usw ist einfach toll!:)

  4. Ooooh du siehst so unglaublich hübsch aus!
    Ich liebe deine Haare so sehr! ♥♥♥

    Mit welchem Program machst du die Gifs, wenn man fragen darf? :D

    LG, Shennii

  5. Wooooooow~! I love your prom dress~! It's so puffy and lovely >O<~!!!

  6. Toller Post! Ich finde es echt klasse, dass du zu deinem Abiball nichts so "konventionelles" trägst, zumal deine Kleider echt wunderschön sind :3 Liebe Grüße <3