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Miss Neko

Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

My A levels, McDonald's Bubble Tea & an insight in my mind

 Hi there (^-^)v ~♪
Well, like I already might have mentioned before I finally
finished school and took my A levels, the German "Abitur".
I can tell you I could not be happier to finally have finished all that^^
In the end it really got so stressful >.< Sorry again for bothering you
in every former entry : " I'm so stressed again - no tome no time".
On the pictures above and below you can see the T-shirt of our senior year.
In Germany every year a grade finishes school they choose a certain motto.
( How is that abroad ? Which contries do that as well ? Does yours ? ♥ )
Our motto is :
"ABInopoly - just played 13 years...now it's about real money"
In German :
" 13 Jahre nur gespielt... jetzt gehts ans echte Geld "
Hihi, I like that motto :D Obviously it's meant to be funny too ♪
My Prom night is going to be next week !
I'm quite excited as I got a really pretty Prom dress like the ones you see in some movies ^^
I got 2 new dresses, one for prom night and one for the graduation event.
One is light blue and the big prom dress is, of course light pink ~♥
I'll show you the outfits next week. This evening I'll be going to the
Prom night of my boyfriend and one of my best friends ♥
They went to a different school, but our schools cooperated for some courses.
I can't wait to see everyone dressed up so fine *-*
To everyone who graduated this year too ~ have fun at your Prom :3
I got my A levels now so I'm finally official entitled to wear the crown of wisdom ~ haha :D
I must admit I really love the following fact :
I feel like it's often the case that some people think a person is
uneducated or bonkers when they have colourful hair or an unusual style.
This is really sad in my opinion !
I think there are still lots of stereotypes according to people
who have a different flamboyant style.
This is where we comeing to the fact I love,
now I can finally say : YES I have pink hair and I wear crowns and cat ears all day long when I want to and I am going to university now. ♥
And Yes my look is different but I'm able to disscuss intellectual issues in a very serious way.
When you judge a person ( what every human does )
take their actions, their achievements and the way they behave into consideration and not only their appearance or what you heared about them.
This is something very important to me ^^Very often I surprised people with my statements and they told me
they would never have expected that from me.
Like for example I'm interested in politics since I'm young and
I'm a member in a party (social democrats, German SPD ).
I use to conceal such things as I don't want to discuss politics and the general meaning of life all the time ;D
Of course I like discussing such issues sometimes, but everything has it's right time, doesn't it ?
Well, I'm very happy that I can act like a good example sometimes, meaning 
it happened to me a few times that people who didn't favour others with a very different style suddenly started to understand that not all people with a
striking style are nuts or what ever. There are kind and cruel / stupid and intelligent people everywhere, in every milieu.
I ended up in very nice conversations
and those people ended up being more open minded and changed their views a little, as they recognized that I'm just another normal, nice girl
who is not a strange alien freak. ♪
And I must say each time I learned  something as well and some
stereotypes I had about some people who are very different to me vanished too.
I think people should talk and listen to each other much more, to understand each other better.
But I'm not the first person to notice that^^
 Yayyy \(*o*)/ Adventure Time
Something cute now after all this serious talk ^^
I need sweet and simple things in daily life, life is serious so it is
okay to do simple things which make you happy ♥
Some people might think it's childish or stupid, but I think if you are
a seroius adult who really cares about the world, about big problems
and stand up to "the adult world" it is your right to enjoy life as well.
Meaning, for example if you use to watch the news and care about politics
it's perfectly fine if you watch anime or do other so called "childish stupid"
things to get happy and have a great time ^^
Just because a person has an extraordinary hobby (like LARP, which I did as well) or has an extraordinary style does not mean they aren't serious adults at the same time ! 
I think people should always be keeping that in mind.
By the way to all the other people out there who watch Adventure Time.
I also noticed this similarity the first time I saw the gender switch episode
so I'm  gladly not the only one ^o^
That must have been on purpose, it's exactly like princess serenity's dress ? Does anyone know more ? Fionna looked exactly like that in that episode, that's not made up by fans (if you don't know what I'm talking about).
Sailor Moon  ♥  Adventure Time
 [ my favourite 2 series ]
The taiwaneese beverage 
Bubble tea is available at MC Donalds now, yes.
This already gave the room for lots of controversies.
I do not support a company like Mc Donalds as i'm vegetarian and generally see companies like that very critically.
BUT- yes I must admit I just had to try out the bubble tea
Mc café sells. Shame on me, please don't hate me now ♥
But I live 1 minute away from a McDonalds ! And I love bubble tea and it has only been available in towns which aren't near to me.I must say the bubble tea McDonalds sells is not comparable with average
bubble tea.
I still prefere the bubble tea the 'real'
bubble tea shops sell. I know some great ones in Düsseldorf ♥
But I must admit  1,99 € and 1 minute walking is a very good deal.
I think I will buy some bubble tea at Mc Donalds once in a while.
Luckily I'll move to Düsseldorf in the end of this year so I won't
have to harm my ethical views for long ;D 
I bought 2 cups. In the evening I drank the tea
with my boyfriend ♥
I was very happy to have Bubble tea at home ^^
we could sit on my big, fluffy bed and talk  while drinking.
I should inform you now that my favourite place for eating is my bed ♥
Haha, well my favourite place in general is my bed.
Which doesn't mean I sleep all day but I like to sit on it ^^
Don't worry it's always clean if you worry :D No food crumbs etc.
I should make a recent picture soon =D
You can look out of the window and watch the sky while sitting in my bed *-*( my room on in the second floor )
Back to the topic, I ordered :
white milk tea as base, peach flavour and passion fruit jelly as topping.
It was yummy ^^
I also had a second cup with strawberry bubbles and different tea ♥
My boyfriend and I shared both ^^
Recently I found this image on tumblr.
and OH MY GOSH I had exactly the same one ♥
Sadly I sold almost all my Barbies and I had more than 100 !
Barbies were the only thing I used to want as a child, for each birthday etc.
I had so many and I treated them perfectly. I did not even dare to undress them as they were so important and holy to me *-*
I was afraid something could get broke ( the dress....yeah intelligent child fears, I was so smart back then lol ).
So all my Barbies still were in perfect condition ♥
Hah I wish I hadn't sold them. But I bought mice and a huge cage with floors and tubes etc. from some of the money, also a nice  ♥ 
 Inside of the jewels is make-up *-*
Haha when I was a child I found that totally disgusting ...
but I liked spinning the skirt :D
I just disliked lipstick etc. 
Well today I still do not like lip stick, not because of the way it looks-
it can look great ♥ But it makes me feel uncomfortable^^
Neko's music

[CoolNUNN] ปู - Neko Jump

It's such a cute song ! Makes me happy everytime I listen to it ^^

♪ *dances around and sings* ♪

Thank's for reading ♥Have a nice day ~ nyan ♪

♥ Kyubey (キュゥべえ) ♥
[ Yes...I just love such pictures *-* It's beautiful , mysterious, interesting and full of contradictions ♥ I love such art.
And it gives you a hint about my upcoming photo shooting ~
it will get gloomy ♥ ]


  1. Herzlich glückwunsch zum bestandenen Abi :D
    Ich bin schon total gespannt auf deine Kleider ^^

    Dass Leute wegen "andersartigem" Styling gleich von einem denken man sei nicht besonders helle im Kopf oder sonst irgendwie unfähig ist mir schon mehr als oft passiert. Im Studium war es besonders witzig, als mir nach dem ersten Jahr im Fach Persönlichkeitstraining in so einer Feedback-Session mehrmals von anderen gesagt wurde sie hätten mich zuerst gaaaaaanz anders eingeschätzt und waren überrascht als sie mich kennenlernten. Tja, wer hätte das gedacht, wenn man Menschen in Schubladen steckt passiert sowas nunmal...

  2. Ich finde das ja auch wahr & richtig, aber ich verstehe auch die Ansichten der Leute. Um ernst genommen zu werden in Beruf und Karriere muss man sich halt anpassen und ich denke das erwarten viele halt auch schon vorher. Ich bin ja selber alternativ, aber ich verstecke meine Tattoos auch bei Vorstellungsgesprächen oder wenn ich zur Arbeit gehe, denn ich finde es dort einfach angemessen.
    Aber es stimmt definitiv das anders gestylte Leute nicht dumm sind. Ich denke nur im Berufsleben ist das nochmal eine andere sache, da stecken eben alle ein bisschen zurück :) Aber das ist ja nochmal was anderes :)

    Ansonste glückwunsch zum Abi :)
    Bei mir war das Motto übrigens : Abiröschen - Vergesst den Prinzen wir nehmen das Abi :)
    (Mädchenschule natürlich ;D)

    Liebste Grüße Kana

  3. Ach ja & ich hatte die Barbie auch :)) Und hab sie mit der Schminke im Kleid geschminkt ohne zu realisieren das die wohl für meine Lippen gedacht waren :D

  4. Vielen dank für die lieben Worte ~♥
    Schön zu sehen das man verstanden wird ;)

    @ Kana : Ja da hast du recht. Wobei ich mir wohl immer den ( utopischen ?)
    Traum einer art "Mode Revolution" erhalten werde. Ich finde es sollte nicht heißen "Kleider machen Leute"- zumindest nicht in dem Sinne wie die meisten Leute es verstehen. Ich würde es durchaus begrüßen wenn man auch in einer Bank oder als Politiker aussehen kann wie man möchte und nur das zählt was man tut.
    Aber wenn man dies realisiert bringt das wahrscheinlich zu viele unpraktische Eigenschaften mit sich ^^
    Also ich kann durchaus nachvollziehen, das es manchmal besser ist sich angemessen anzuziehen. Bis jetzt musste ich persönlich das aber noch nie ( in meiner Schule konnte ich anziehen was ich will und nun werde ich Studieren, ich werde natürlich nicht im Lolita Kleid etc. zur Vorlesung gehen aber gänzlich normal auch nicht^^ Eben praktisch für den Alltag aber immer noch wie ich).
    Danke wegen der Glückwünsche ♥ Euer Motto ist ja süß ^^
    Da konnte man sicher toll dekorieren *-*

    Ganz liebe Grüße zurück ~♥