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Miss Neko

Montag, 4. Juni 2012

Japan Day 2012 in Düsseldorf ♥

 Hi there (^-^)v ♪
Two days ago on the 02.06.12 I was at my favourite event of the year !
It was 'Japan Day' in my beloved town Düsseldorf ♥
This special festival takes place each year in this town, as
there is a huge japanese community.
One out of four Japanese people who live in germany lives in Düsseldorf.
300 japanese companies are located in Düsseldorf.
There is even a japanese international school.
You see, Japan is a huge part of the daily life in Düsseldorf.
The economy and  the cultural live are influenced a lot by Japan.
There is even a big shopping street with lots of japanese shops who sell food, daily items and cute things from Japan.
We are lucky...as there are even some Purikura machines ^^
And of course, the Taiwanese Bubble Tea which everyone loves
is sold there as well !
I went to Düsseldorf by train together with my love ♥
We arrived there at 12 o'clock , so we had lots of time that day.
We walked so much ! I was happy when I could rest a few minutes,
but never too long as there was so much to see *-*
[ found on : Shosen Ningen ]
Nya ~♪
I'd also like to mention that I tried out a new shade of blue this time for my hair colour. In the last entry my hair was dyed with 'lagoon blue' by Directions, now it's dyed with 'turquoise' also by Directions.
The pink shade is 'carnation pink' (Directions).
I always mix the colours a little with a mixture of silver shampoo and conditioner to make it lighter, and to avoid that the pink gets a tinge of orange or the blue gets a tinge of green.
This is by the way how I dressed up for the
performance of the Band Nuclear Sun
in which my boyfriend sings. They performed at 'That's live'
a music festival in Borken ( a small town in Germany ) on the
first of June. If you like Nu Metal or just great music,
you need to check out their facebook page ! ♪
♥ My honey :
(he's holding a balloon which was given away by the 'Lufthansa'
for free...I wanted him to get one so I could hold 2 later on *.* hihi)
 Does anyone remember that bow from a past entry ?
I made it myself, out of a package in which another bow was wrapped in
Hatsune Miku blue  ~♪
Back to the Japan Day 2012.
I also met lots of nice gorgeous people there ♥
I was so happy I could meet the Diadem Twinz again *-*
You always look so gorgeous ! ♥
 And with Momoko Tendou ♥ Gosh you all have such awesome hair girls !♥
I'm very happy that I also met Sui Princess again ♥
She always looks so lovely, she's a really great inspiration *-*

Jenny-Jinya and me *-*
Doesn't she look super sweet ! I was stunned by her cute
outfit and accessories ♥
Well, I must admit the next photo is my personal favourite of all photos ...
I mean how AWESOME can it get ?! :D
I managed it to catch Finn of the series 'Adventure Time'
which is my favourite cartoon !
\(^O^)/   -> ( me )
Haha, I look so derpy, but well this is the life of an adventurer,
you fight and do epic shit, there is no time to mind how you look !
Important is that you always have fun ♥ 

When I walked along the Rhein riverside I also met
Kai Yoshida ~ yayy \(^-^)/
( He's always got such cool hair ! )
I also met Vicky and Josy again, they're such sweet Fairy Kei girls ! ♥
I love their outfits *-*
 You might have noticed I wore two different dresses that day,
I changed later on in our Hotel as it was really hot and I wanted to wear something comfortable while watching the grand display of fireworks in the evening.
It's amazing how many people you meet at the Japan Day !
I even met 2 adorable girls who live in my town ♥
Mayumi and Keke-chan
They wrote me a really adorable letter when I got 19 and finished school
a few weeks ago ♥ I wrote about it in my 'Birthday entry'
I wish I looked that sweet at such a young age !!
Adorable ♥
In the evening when we got us a place on the big meadow at the riverside of the Rhein to watch the fireworks later on I also met
Buki Yijung
She's so pretty *-* ( & her hair !)
It's nice to know there are some other girls who had to fight and
learn a lot the past few weeks because of the final exams ;D ♥
Tomorrow the grades will be announced,
I'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone ! ♥
I also met Debbie and her boyfriend again \(^-^)/
Haha, the poor boyfriends don't appear on all those pictures >.<(mine used to take the photos so he's not on it) *pat pat* ♥
Don't you worry ^^
She won the 3. place at the Cosplay contest at the YUKON
I wrote about in this entry 
( I was one of the judges there, remember ? ^^)

 She has got a balloon from the 'Lufthansa'
that made me want to have one too ! ^o^
Who doesn't want to get a free balloon , they are pure happiness !
Like Pinkie Pie always advises ♥
Balloons are the best things and make you smile ^-^
So my boyfriend and I went to get one as well :

 Even Naruto is waiting politely to get his free balloon , see ? ;)
Finally I got mine ♥
Later on my boyfriend and me let our balloons fly away
I whished for something ♥ And told him he should do the same ^^
I guess you don't do that when you let balloons fly,
axcept you tie a paper with your wish written on it to it.
But whatever...I think that's still alright ^^
I hope our wishes come true ...I know mine will some day ...♥
I also just had to buy some japanese water yoyos !
I absolutely love them ! I get some each Japan Day.
Such pretty little things *-* and you can play with them like
you do with a yoyo.
The transparent one is mine and the pink one is for my dear friend
Theresa who couldn't come along with us ♥
I also met Usai ♥
The sweet girl who tagged me in a former entry to answer some questions.
She is such a cute 'sweet Lolita'. I love your outfit Usai ! ♥
Another adorable girl I met is Geri ♥
I know her via internet since a long time, I also took
some pictures with her at the Japan Day 2010.
I guess she doesn't know anymore ...but I must confess she
is the one who told me what a convention is ! And similar stuff ^^
I wrote her when I was about 13/14 (oh my gosh it really is that long ago !
can you believe it ?) and asked her some questions I had when I was
rather new to the whole 'Japan-fashion scene'.
Jap~ now its out :O
I was happy to see you again ♥
You know I'll always think of Misa Amane when I see you
( because of your former cosplay ^^)
nyan ~♪

 Japan Day 2010 :
Tohya ! I was so happy to see you again ♥
Last time we meet was at the Kabuki RockStyle in Bochum,
remember ? ♪ You looked so cute !
I really need to get a Kigurumi too ^o^ ♥

I also saw some cute Decora girls
This was the style which was my first inspiration when I was 13.
I'm still in love with it and my heart races everytime I see a cute little
Decora girl ♪
I really should just try it out again soon for some photos :O
And last but not least I met my friend Mike
who walked around in a Morphsuit^^
There is even a video about it !
Haha, some people have to care for the day to be special and fun ! 
 Japan Day 2012 Morphsuit
Of course I also met lots of other people, but didn't take
a picture with everybody. If you are one of them :
I'm very happy that I could meet you ♥♥
Now I'd like to show you the location a little.
This is the huge stairway at the riverside of the Rhein :
 It's a nice place to sit and you ave a good overview.
My boyfriend and I sat there for a while and ate some Peanut Mochis
and drank cold green tea ♥
This is the stage on wich lots of performances were done
and on which the major of Düsseldorf Dirk Elbers,
Shunichi Matsui, Governor Kensaku Morita and
consul general Kiyoshi Koinuma held the opening speeches
for the festival.

The one with the red tie is the major of Düsseldorf ^^
The speeches and the performances ( japanese traditionell music etc. )
were also shown on this huge screen :
Hihi, and guess what happend ...!As the cameraman sometimes filmed the crowd, we weren't just
filmed in the crowd, suddenly my boyfriend saw us
in the focus of the camera on the big screen
But we didn't photograph that because it would have ruined the picture of the nice cameraman ^^
We were even shown in focus on the big screen a second time !
When that happened my boyfriend suddenly kissed me ♥
Hihi, I like such moments ~ It makes you think you're in a movie ^^

Along the riverside of the Rhein where lots of tents with work shops for Ikebana, japanese items to buy, information abaout japan and a lot more.
[ the sign says : Information abaout japanese culture ]
You could by so many cute things ! ♥
I also bought something. A plush bagpack which looks like
Mokona ( Clamp ).
I love things which are cute and practical at the same time *-*
You could even try on Kimonos there and buy one or a Yukata ^^
There you can see the river Rhein :
Some japanese drummers :
( I like to watch them and listen to them so much *-* )
We also walked around a little bit in Düsseldorf ^^
And ate something at a bakery.
In the evening we wanted to see the fireworks so we took the plush strawberry with us, because it's also a blanket if you open up a zipper on it !
( Jap ~ we also brought along my companion cube ♥ )
 [ just our hotel room , nothing special ^^ ]
Then we sat down on a meadow and waited for a romantic sunset
 And then finally the firewors display began ! ♥
I had seen it before but it was again breath taking.
The motto of the fireworks this year was 
" 200 years Grimm's fairy tales "
My boyfriend and I were just stunned *-*
CHU ♥ DEEP (* ̄(^ *) KISS!
The golden rain like firework was my favourite one ♥
There were also hearts and some cute smilie faces.
My heart startet racing so fast ! I was deeply impressed
and so happy I could enjoy that moment with my love :3

This is the whole fireworks display in very good quality ♥
Enjoy ♪
Neko's Music 

• This is one of the cutest Hatsune Miku songs ever ♥
My boyfriend showed it to me *-*
It fills you with such pure happiness ~
【初音ミクSoft】 アイロニ 【オリジナル曲PV付】

And a very lovely song I love listening to when going to bed.The lyrics are almost the most enchanting words I ever heared.♥ Taskless Sheep - Whenever you dream ♥

Big Medley - Taskless Sheep and Halfquake Amen

And a new tune by Virtual Riot 
If you like Dubstep you gotta hear this ^^
Virtual Riot- So baked

Have a nice day 
nyan (^-^)v ~♪


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    Thanks ♪ Oh I wasn't quite shure ^^ I guess I'll add that information, I knew there are lots of these shops in Taiwan etc. but I didn't knew it was the origin ^^ I just thought that it's a general asian thing, there are lots of asian people and stores in Düsseldorf as well which are not japanese
    I could only drink Bubble tea once ! Such a pitty >.< ♥

    nyan ~♥

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