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Miss Neko

Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

Healthy eating tips, caring for the world & my garden ♥

 Hi there (^-^)v ♪
At the moment I'm enjoying the summer weather a lot and do lots of things with my dear friends.
A few days ago I tried out a Hime Gyaru inspired hairdo, you
can see on the picture above ^^
Haha, sorry and again I still wear my Sennheiser earphones like I did in some other pictures before...
I can't stop listening to music just because I go outside.
Today my mother woke me up with a surprise she had for me *-*
She ordered a T-shirt for me and got herself the same one ♥
It is just too cute *O* 
It makes me so happy ♥
My mother needs to bear the fact that she's the person
to whom I let out all my worries and negative thoughts I have 
thinking of the condition of the world.
On some days I just come crying to my mother because I'm so desperate about everything bad which happens in the world.
(Yes also Neko can be sad somethimes)
But my mother always tells me about all the good people and organisations there are, that keep on trying to make the world a better place.
She really saved my whole attitude since childhood ♥
She taught me to be optimistic no matter what and to look for the good things in the world.
There are so many horrible things on this earth I could start crying right now
(that's why I wont start listing everything), 
but my mother taught me to pay attention to all the amazing people who
devote themselves to good matters and to take them as role model.
Pessimists say : 
 • You can not save all the animals.
• You can not save all humans
• You can not save the whole world.
• Only you alone won't make a difference
This might be true, but should one stop trying at all because of this ?Certainly not !
I as an O
ptimist say :• Each animal you save has deserved it ! And will live on happily
(you can argue about the happiness of animals, but it's a fact that they try to avoid suffering and therefor shouldn't be forced to suffer.

PAIN IS PAIN- no matter how intelligent the creature is.)
• You can't save everyone but you can try your best to
support others and make them happy.
I think if you can even help 1 person/animal it's a huge thing ♥
There are big ways like joining organisations, or working as a supporting person (like doctors in the 3rd world ) or donating etc.or small ways like making sad people happy during daily life.I think any attempt to help others is a great thing and never
for nothing ! You can't imagine how big your influence on others can be.
So be considerate ♥
• You can not save the whole world, but
you can do your best to save as much of it as possible !
• You are not alone ! There are more people caring than you think.
Furthermore if someone tells me : "You don't make any difference"I can only answer : " But that's still no reason to support bad things,
I don't want to be a part of the harming or ignorant people I want to be a
caring person. I feel better when I do the right thing.It makes me happy."
Back to the T-shirt ^-^
The cotton it's made of is pure and comes from
controlled, natural & biologic cultivation.
No chemicals were used.
[ the sign is in german ]
I took this picture yesterday in our garden. It was raining but still very warm
I also uploaded it to my tumblr. ^^
I updated my layout today ~ feel free to follow me ♥
From time to time people ask me what I eat and if I care for healthy food,
as I look rather thin (I'm average I guess).
So I'd like to speak a little bit about healthy eating
I already wrote an entry over a year ago about 
'Japanese diet' 
(but back then I wasn't vegetarian)
I'll share some eating habits of mine with you^^In my opinion it's not true to say "Oh she's one of the persons who can just shovel in the food without gaining weight."
This creates the wrong image !
It is true that the metabolism and translation of the energy of some food
is different from person to person.
You can see that in lots of documentarys, like this one :

You should watch the whole documentary, you'll be able to form
a considered opinion about this topic.
Even though some people are more likely to get overweight
in the end obese people all do some mistakes due to healthy living.
People who really suffer from drastic genetic defects and get obese because of that are a minority.
So what to do ?
• Do sports & exercise
if you can't because of your condition at least walk as much as you can, take the stairs instead of the elevator or go swimming
(it doesn't strain the joints). You don't have to become a sports maniac but at least get your body moving ♥ You'll feel a lot better.
Speaking of myself, I danced 7 years ( Ballet & modern dance )
and only took a break now because of my final exams.
I'll definetily start again when I've moved to the town of my university.
I go by bike a lot and am generally a lively girl.
• Eat healthy & enough !
Starvation may bring success due to weight loss, but most people who have experiences with it know it never lasts long  and is unhealthy.
I did 'therapeutic fastig' from time to time in the past and I must say I always felt weak and bad.
Now I try to find out lots of information about all the different kinds of food and which food gives which benefits to my body ♥
You need to eat lots of different things to give your body everything it needs.
You want hard nails ? Long hair ? Nice skin ?
Then eat well ♥

The internet provides all the information you need :

There are also lots of nutritional pyramids, just google it.
The information is awaiting you.
This is another point, eating healthy means
gathering information !  Know what you eat.
It shure isn't the lazy way but it's the healthier way.

• Don't panic or pressure yourself !
This is another advice I want to give you, don't panic if you eat junkfood or candy sometimes.
It's okay to eat and it is okay to eat sweets from time to time, maybe even more than that. I eat chocolate each day. But sometimes more sometimes less but always at least 1 bar. Why ?
It makes me happy, chocolate actually makes you happy.
That there are ingredients in it which effect our brains is a myth but it's
still true that most people become happy because of chocolate.
why ? Here's the answer :

Schokolade - Quarks & co 
( sry it's in german ! )

I'll summ up everything they said shortly for my english readers :
They did scientific research so they really tell you the facts.
In chocolate there is NO substance which effects our brain (it's a myth !)
BUT most people associate happy thoughts with chocolate as they remember eating it on good days/in good situations.
Your brain releases Dopamin, a happiness hormone 
NOT because it's in the chocolate but because you like the food and
associate good things with it.
So this also tells us if people hate chocolate they don't get happy from it.
We get happy because of food we like.
This happen to be sweets most of the time.
I can tell you from my own experiences, yes this is true.
I use to eat 1 chocolate bar before going to sleep
(which actually is not good !)
but I get happy from doing that (I don't like going to sleep)
and I'm still thin as I don't eat chocolate bars all day.
What did we learn now ?
The most important thing is that you are happy.
Starvation won't 
give you that even tough you or some people who suffer from anorexia might think that. BUT you should remember not to eat more calories that you are burning a day !
Eating balanced is the answer, don't starve and don't stuff.

Replace some unhealthy sweets with healthy ones.
I use to eat strawberries instead of shugar stuff etc. ♥
I take the Japanese people as role model, their sweets are mostly
healthy fruits or contain green tea and so on.
I learned this in the 'Japanese diet' video I already postet on my blog.
 A few years ago I found the best web page about eating healthy.
You can have a weight diary there and it gives you information all around the 
topic food ! There are huge lists of food and it's nutrition value.
I think every possible question you can have can be answered there ♥
(you can change the language in : German, English or French )

• Watch your BMI (Body Mass Index)
You know you are living and eating healthy if your BMI is okay.
You can calculate your BMI if you search for a "BMI calculator" on google.
or like this :

\mathit{BMI}= \frac {m}{l^2}

m : your weight
l^2 : your size doubled
When you have your BMI you can look at a scale which tells you if you are healty or not.
Green is perfect above it is overweight and under it underweight.

And what's with Neko ?
Well I guess I should act like a role model and not make a big secret of my own weight while giving nutrition tips.
I'm very tall :
1,78 cm  and weight :  60 kg
So my BMI is 19  (normal weight)
Now I'll show you my favourite food (at the moment).
It's a 'self made soup ...really simple but great ^^
I like it as it's :
 • Heathly
• makes you very sated
• and of course is tasty

You need :
• Bouillon
  • 1 tomato
    • 1/2 onion
• cheese

How to make it :

Boil up water. 
Cut the tomato in little cubes, do the same with the onion.
Put 2 tea spoons of the Buillon in a bowl and add the tomato & onion cubes.
You need to figure out yourself how many onion cubes you like , I like
a lot of them so I use a half onion.
After all that put small cheese slices on top of everything.
(sorry it's not vegan...you can find vegan cheese-replacement if you like)
Then add the hot water and carefully mix everything a little.
Enjoy ♥
This is the Bio Bouillon I use :
 Hildegard von Bingen,
also known as Saint Hildegard was a German writer, composer, philosopher, Christian mystic, Benedictine abbess, visionary and polymath.  

She wrote theological, botanical and medicinal texts.
This Bouillon is developed according to recommandations of Hildegard von Bingen.
 [ it's vegan ]
[Sorry, it's german]
Per 250 ml it has got 13 kcal

I also use the Bio herbal salt by Hildegard von Bingen :
Something sweet I really love to eat is this yoghurt :
This works for me like chocolate.I associate lots of happy
moments/feelings with it. Do you also know this ?
Linking a certain food to a certain feeling/memory ? 
 and my very last tip for you :
• eat slowly 

It takes some time until your brain realizes that you're eating
and that you are sated.
I also like to eat very small portions that way I can eat longer but still a small amount of food.
For example cut a Banana or two in little slices and put them in a bowl.
Then you can eat them with a fork while sitting in front of the
computer or what ever (I love eating in front of the PC ;_;
It's a bad habit but I can trick myself quite well ! :D )
  Better than chips ~ I can tell you.
Or eat lots of crispbread if you just want to eat because of boredom
and can not stand the need ^^
Yesterday I finally found the motivation to do my nails again :
 This is very simple ^^
I just did a sublayer with pink nail polish :
 1. lovely moment (130)
2. make me gorgeous (010)
Then I put this stickers by essence on my nails 
and made another layer above them with the transparent topcoat.
 Are you enjoying the summer weather at the moment as well ?
Lots of people are also complaining it's too hot,
but I am in love with such hot weather ♥
I'm outside as much as possible at the moment and also
hang in our garden ~ alone or with my boyfriend ♥
So I took some snapshots of our garden during the lovely weather for you.
I took this photo while a warm summer rain :
I love lying on the grass *-*
 The sun is shining on our little daisies :
A Peony in the summer rain :
Forget-me-not ♥
 A little way in our garden 
It always kinda reminds me of an enchanted forest ♪
If you spend the whole day in the sunlight you also need suncream^^
I personally want to keep my pale/light skin ♥
I'd hate it to be tanned (everybody has it's own taste).
But furthermore there is a fact even sunlovers must admit :
sunbathing is unhealthy due to the UV rays.
Every Dermatologist will tell you that. So be careful in the sun.
I have another issue concerning health which is why I have to protect my skin from the sun. (I had a malignant melanoma, but luckily it was identified in a very early stage.Which is quite unusual but I was very worried so I went to the Doctor and let him check. After that I had 2 surgeries on my arm.
This happened about 4 years ago. I'm all healthy today ♥
I only have to protect my skin from the sun and I need to go to a Dermatologist for precaution more often than regular people.)
After reading this you might understand a little why I sometimes really
hate it when people go tanning regardless of their health.
No matter what you say there is a chance you could die o_o
I never sunbathed etc. but still got this illness.
Maybe that's life ...you need to have humor ^^
But please think about what you're doing.
I also love looking at some Gyaru beauties which are tanned,
I hope they are careful & don't overdo it ♥
 Neko's Music :

• Crystal Drop, Bunjee & Virtual Riot - Never Let You Go

♥ Lyrics :

• Crystal Drop, Bunjee & Virtual Riot - Never Let You Go

As the stars come out, I'm taking you with me,
Under the velvet sky I never felt so free.

I'm lying next to you were both lost in the flow,
I will hold on to you so you can never go.

Two great songs my dear friend Theresa showed me :
• Supercell- Fell so good

• Supercell- Perfect day ♥

And a lovely Dubstep remix my boyfriend and I listened to on a warm summer's  night ♥
• Blue Foundation- Eyes on fire (Zeds dead remix)

At the moment I also listen a lot to the soundtrack of
a very cute little flash game called Sushi cat
Have a nice day !
Bye bye (^-^)v nyan ~♪ 

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

Blue and pink hair, my cat,Tim Burton films & Botanicula ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
Finally I have enough time to write a new entry ♥
All my final exams are over and now I have to wait until next month,
then they'll tell me my grades. But I have a good feeling about everything ^^
When I have my grades and my official A-levels certificate
I'll finally be able to apply at my dream university ♥
I've even already applyed for some small apartements for students in
my beloved city Düsseldorf ~♪
 I'll tell you more of this when the right time comes.
Well as you see I changed my haircolour again, some attentive blog readers
might know that I wished for light blue hair when I was 13.
I was always fascinated with light blue hair but it's really hard to hit the right colour in reality !
This was the colour I desired so much as a little kid *-*
♥ Reverie Metherlence from Erementar Gerad ♥ 
So, if I'll ever dye all my hair blue then I would want exactly this colour ♥
But I also love my pink hair and really can't let go of it, so I
decided to have both colours for now ♥
I'm also trying out a new way to style my bangs at the moment,
just needed someting new ^-^
At first I wasn't quite shure about this colour combination, but I think
If you hit the right colour shades, pink and blue can look quite lovely together ♥

I really have to try out something like this ♥ It looks so cute *o*
For now I'll unite both kinds in myself ♪
As I can't decide like always....well that's what keeps fashion &
inventions going, right ? 
As I have a lot of free time now I decided to revive my 
sewing machiene
I took an old boring grey pullover of mine and stitched a cross on it.
the cross was cut out of another old black T-shirt I already had.
I also wanted to have a white shirt the same stlye, so I went
to H&M and bought a regular white shirt ( about 7 € ).
It's funny how you can even make H&M items look very unique & lovely ♥
You just need to know what kind of look you want.
Where I got the inspiration ?
tumblr.com of course  ! ^_~
( It really isn't such a new thing, but it's still cute ♥ )
I just can't decide for only 1 style !
I like to wear totally different things from time to time ♪
Devil or angel ?
You can't see people's souls just by looking at them
...so don't judge ♥
What did we learn now ?
• NO, Neko is NOT a satanist just because she decided to wear an inverted cross.
• An inverted cross actually is a cross of St. Peter which originally was a Christian symbol. The Satanists and anti-christian people nowadays
misuse this symbol for their own purposes.

• So where does Neko place herself ?
I am right between those 2 extremes !
That's why I like to combine contradictory things a lot ♥
Like for example my inverted cross shirt with a normal silver cross necklace,
my grandma gave to me when I was little.
I do not support religion in general but I also don't reject it.
I favour tolerance & acceptance. Feel free to do and belive what makes
you the happiest, as long as you don't harm others !

• Should I judge people only by their looks ?
I hope this is an obvious one ...but well, sadly there are
people who don't agree with that.
I think it's the best to judge people by their actions. 

• Where the f*** is Neko getting all these cute pictures ?
Well, if you don't know it already I tell you, you'll love this :
Feel free to add me there & be inspired ♪
"More confused than ever,but I don't beg or pray
Cuz the sparkling light from the morning sun
Is all we should need to feel one.
And I am lost, so lost, but you're the constellations 
That guide me ♥ [...]
And I'm lost so lost
Where are the constellations, that guide me ?
And then I realize that
We need to use our own two feet to walk these tracks
and we have to squad up and we have to watch each other's backs
with forgiveness as our torch, and imagination our sword
A grim sorrow, so equal and free
Every inch of this Earth is yours, all the land and the sea.
Imagine no restrictions, but the climate and the weather
Then we can explore space, together, forever" ♥
Finally the sun is comeing out and I feel like the summer
really is about to begin ♥ I'm so happy about that !
* Sitting on the driveway in front of our house *
"If you stand for nothing , you will fall for anything."

A great quote not only used in the movie
'Sucker punch' ♥

The source of it is way older, I found this :
"The attributions to Alexander Hamilton are all over the Web, but I can find no hard evidence anywhere linking it to him. 
On the other hand theOxford Dictionary of Quotations says that the British journalist Alex Hamilton said 'Those who stand for nothing fall for anything', in a 1978 radio broadcast which was subsequently transcribed in the journal The Listener. I suspect that the American Alexander Hamilton has had the credit for this quotation given to him through a very understandable confusion of names. 
In a 1997 court case which entirely hinged on the authorship of the line 'You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything', the defence showed that similar lines had been used by Peter Marshall in 1947 (as thenostromo noted above), by Ginger Rogers in 1978, by the British Alex Hamilton in the same year, and by unnamed writers to newspapers in 1989 and 1990; also that it had been ascribed to both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King."
[ Quite interesting , huh ? ^-^]
I also still have some pictures I took last week, but
didn't manage it to make an entry back then ~ gomen :3
This was my first try to style my bangs differently
Nerd Neko ♪
[ the Hiragana on the top left means *nya* ]
I have these glasses since such a long time, but I never found the right occasion or outfit to wear them. Finally I did it ~ yayy ^-^
Where did I get them ?
As you see I took too many pictures lately ^o^ (so much time :O )
Haha, so I guess I kind of deserved being excessively dirsturbed
by my cat Felix while trying to take some photos.
He's very old ( about 12 years , I have him since I was 7 ).
Well...I just couldn't resist doing this :
Nyancat !
That superhero pose is just too good :D
And the "Let's occupy my owner-Project" went on ^o^
I wanted to try taking some pictures of my legs for we♥it
but well, kitty says NO :D
Soft Kitty
warm kitty
little ball of fur
happy kitty 
sleepy kitty
purr purr purr
♥Big Bang Theory ♥
Rawrr ~ Look at my sharp claws
Last weekend I also went to see a movie with my dear friend
Katalin ♥
We just had to see the new Tim Burton film
"Dark shadows"
At first I thought this movie was more kind of a 'space filler'
with a stale topic :  " vampires, 70's ...c'mon really ?"
But Tim Burton didn't let me down ! How could I even think that way !
This movie is really awesome and entertaining ♥
It even leaves space for a 2nd part ...I wish for one !
So fast ~ go and see it,if you haven't already, it's really gripping.
I'm already waiting for the next movie of Tim Burton
it's in stop motion ! ♥ ( I love stop motion !! )

Frankenweenie :
It reminds me a lot of my favourite work of Tim Burton,
which is the shortfilm Vincent :

This was my outfit that day :
After seeing the movie I thought, I could have adapted to the topic of the movie a little bit more and maybe should have dressed up
"Wayward victorian girl"-wise with my corset etc.
( there were so many goths in the cinema ! )
but hey like I said before you can't tell what people are like
(or what they love) just by looking at them.
So what ^-^
You may have noticed I wear earphones on the picture,
sorry I just didn't want to take them out *obsessive music lover*
The earphones of my iPod broke a few months ago
it was really horrible for me, as I ALWAYS listen to music, everywhere I go.
I still have my Hello Kitty headphones by coloud
but most of you girls might know you don't want to wear headphones
with certain hairdos >_<  !
[ I already posted this picture a few years ago^^
My iPod is now covered with DecoDen like some of you know] 
Well, I finally bought new earphones by  
by Sennheiser ♥ 
The sound quality is great and Dupstep sounds even more
awesome with them !
Yeah ~ you'll feel the beat !! ♥
The headphones by Sennheiser are epic but also very expensive >.<
my boyfriend has suchlike.
Maby you remember my 'meme' ?  :DD
I'm happy I finally got a picture from the photo shooting 

I had at the YUKON in Solingen 
"I am late, I am late ! "
I'm really sorry for being so random in this entry,
I'll try too post more often so the topics don't amass.
But I just couldn't resist taking such pictures
for my tumblr. ♥
Somehow I like such pictures a lot,
it's like a mysterious & gloomy story lies in them.
( I guess I always interprete too much into pictures... )
♥ Mad sweets time ♥
I even have these pictures left I took like 2 weeks ago ^^
I tried to do a Liz Lisa inspired
'Bohemian/Country Gyaru' -like outfit.
Grr~ first thing I noticed
Long legs are long ._.
Honestly ? I must laugh so hard, thinking of this :
I think I found the most perfect, suitable cosplay for me !
Longcat is long :D 
♥ nyaaaa ♥
Together with my boyfriend it could even get epic
when we'd do Longcat & Tacgnol !
He is even taller than me and has dark hair ~
Hihi^^ I guess that's the way the universe tells us
 we're destined for each other ;D ♥
Gal make-up try :3
Neko's music :

• Virtual Riot - Stargarden
( such a lovely tune ♥ )

• Kill the Noise - Deal with it ( Koan Sound remix )
The cutest song I've ever heared, soundtrack of the cutest game that's ever existed !
Go check it out if you like lovely things, it will make you say AWW *-*
All the songs of the game are amazing ♥
• Botanicula Soundtrack 01 - Juchu
This is the trailer of the game 
(seriously OMG- it's too cute! There is no game I could love more *-*)
I think the music is perfect for a warm summer's day,
a picnic, going to sleep, thinking about the world,
enjoying life ...♥
You play these 5 cute little creatures ^.^
Thank's for reading
nyan ~♪
Bye bye (^-^)v ♥