Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 30. April 2012

YUKON ♥ Anime convention & a Bunny Neko ♪

 Hi there (^-^)v ~♥
This saturday (28.4.12) was really eventful ! Like I told you before,
I went to the anime and manga convention called
YUKON in Solingen ( Germany ).
I was invited there to be a member of the Jury for their Cosplay contest.
This is the ticket, I got mine for free ♪
Isnt' it cute ?
I decided to do something rather unusual ( for me ) and chose to wear
bunny-ears instead of Cat-ears ♥
I think they go quite well with that outfit ^^ As you can see it was
a very beautiful and sunny day. It was very warm ( about 27 °C),
I hope summer is finally starting now !
The sky really looks like in a painting *-* I wish every day could be like that ♥
I also meet two girls named
Vicky and Josy.
Yayy \(^-^)/ Let's brighten up the day with some pastel colours ♪
I also went to a Park in Solingen which was 5 minutes away from the convention, as the Yukon photographer asked me to do a photo shoot with her. I will share the pictures with you soon ~ but for now, 
here are some snap shots I took in that lovely Park ♥
Usagi ♪
Of course there were also some shops at the convention...I really
took a long time to look at all the cute things there ! You could buy almost everything a anime and Japan lover likes ♥
There were anime plushies, posters , mousepads, hats, figures,
lots of manga and a lot more !
There was also a very lovely shop which sold Lolita fashion accessories !
They were all handmade by the girl who sold them,
I was pretty amazed as everything looked like the most lovely thing I've ever seen ♥
I just had to buy this cute headpiece.
It reminds me a lot of Liz Lisa Gyaru fashion and I really want to
take lots of inspiration from that brand/type of fashion for my summer outfits.
I also had to buy a Bow
There were so many ! In pastel pink and blue, with different decoration on them...it was hard to decide which one to take !
( I really should have taken a picture of them,
then you'd instantly understand what I mean ^^).
I finally came to the decision to take a blue one as my hair is already pink most of the time ♪ I like pastel blue a lot, so I want to let it flow into my style a little bit more ~
Another picture I took at the bus stop ^^
I also bought a little Bonbon hair accessory,but I must admit I forgot to take a picture of it ~ Gomen. It has the same pattern as the Bow.
All the items have the girl's brand stiched in their back :
Some of you might have already wondered :
"And what's with the Cosplay contest Neko spoke of ?"
It was really exciting ♥ I was one of 4 jury members, we were 2 girls and two boys. The Cosplayers had to show everyone a little performance on stage.
Some of them danced or did funny/dramatic short plays.
We had to judge them considering a few categories, like performance/appereance etc.
The Cosplayer who won the 1st place
(and got a professional photo shooting + a coupon for a cosplay shop )
is the one standing next to me on the left side in this picture !
( Yes, the one with the awesome blue lights on her head ♥ )
She performed with the other ones on the picture ~ a really great group !
 For everyone who doesn't know to which anime this cosplay belongs it's from
Ao no Exorcist
and the winner cosplay is Rin Okumura, the main character.
The 2. place was a cosplay of Ciel from the anime Black Butler, sadly
I didn't take a good picture of her.
The 3. place is a great cosplayer I already knew ^^
Isn't she cute ?!! ♥ And she made this Cosplay on her own !
It's so good, I wish I could do that.
And of course there were lots of other great Cosplayers as well.
Final Fantasy IX :
At the Yukon there was also a Maid café !
After all that excitement I really needed to eat something,
I decided to eat a japanese noodle soup ♥
A Host and a Maid :
There was a multifaceted program at the YUKON, like
for example a workshop to learn to play japanese drums !
Some of the shops :
Two guys of the huge team of organisers :
 The guy on the left also moderated the stage program with a cute co-host.^^
Another really interesting workshop was learning how to play
I'm sorry I really can't explain this now to you ^^"
You might be better off searching some tutorial on the internet ♪
Just a snap shot ♥
It gives me a somehow funny feeling knowing I own these hair clips since I was 14 ! In my eyes some things considering taste don't ever change once you've found the right thing for you ♥ Of course you develop too !
but certain things might always be the prefered ones ^^
The lovely cherry trees in the Park we did the photo shoot in : 
 And another closeup ♥
More nature for you ♥
We took photos at all these places, So stay tuned ^^
But we also had to walk a lot !
Well, you knever know to what kind of awesome places your
feet might take you ♥
I was very tired at the end of the day.
I guess everybody knows that feeling after an exciting trip, when
you are tired and look forward to going home and celebrate a reunion with your bed ^_~ ♥
We had to drive home by train, like most of the times. I think in the evening,
when you travel with people that are dear to you the atmosphere gets really romantic and lovely ( in the last train, which takes us back to our little villages there use to be no people or only a few silent ones ).
Add some music and everything feels so fine ♪
I really enjoyed that day ♥ 
Now I need to learn again for my last 2 final exams.
Neko's music :

I think chinese Pop music gives you the perfect summer feelings ♥
I Me - Aiyiya    哎咿呀 介绍
Have a nice time, I hope you enjoyed reading ♪
Ya ne ~
Bye bye (^-^)v  


  1. Ich mag deine Nägel, sehn toll aus ♥
    Und dein Outfit ist auch sehr hübsch.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. I've been away from anime convention so long since I last cosplayed XD
    I love the scenery there!!
    We almost never have any convention held outdoor coz it's too hot here = =;

  3. You're so pretty ; w ; I wonder where you buy your clothes and take all the time to style yourself so gorgeous~ ♥

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