Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 30. April 2012

YUKON ♥ Anime convention & a Bunny Neko ♪

 Hi there (^-^)v ~♥
This saturday (28.4.12) was really eventful ! Like I told you before,
I went to the anime and manga convention called
YUKON in Solingen ( Germany ).
I was invited there to be a member of the Jury for their Cosplay contest.
This is the ticket, I got mine for free ♪
Isnt' it cute ?
I decided to do something rather unusual ( for me ) and chose to wear
bunny-ears instead of Cat-ears ♥
I think they go quite well with that outfit ^^ As you can see it was
a very beautiful and sunny day. It was very warm ( about 27 °C),
I hope summer is finally starting now !
The sky really looks like in a painting *-* I wish every day could be like that ♥
I also meet two girls named
Vicky and Josy.
Yayy \(^-^)/ Let's brighten up the day with some pastel colours ♪
I also went to a Park in Solingen which was 5 minutes away from the convention, as the Yukon photographer asked me to do a photo shoot with her. I will share the pictures with you soon ~ but for now, 
here are some snap shots I took in that lovely Park ♥
Usagi ♪
Of course there were also some shops at the convention...I really
took a long time to look at all the cute things there ! You could buy almost everything a anime and Japan lover likes ♥
There were anime plushies, posters , mousepads, hats, figures,
lots of manga and a lot more !
There was also a very lovely shop which sold Lolita fashion accessories !
They were all handmade by the girl who sold them,
I was pretty amazed as everything looked like the most lovely thing I've ever seen ♥
I just had to buy this cute headpiece.
It reminds me a lot of Liz Lisa Gyaru fashion and I really want to
take lots of inspiration from that brand/type of fashion for my summer outfits.
I also had to buy a Bow
There were so many ! In pastel pink and blue, with different decoration on them...it was hard to decide which one to take !
( I really should have taken a picture of them,
then you'd instantly understand what I mean ^^).
I finally came to the decision to take a blue one as my hair is already pink most of the time ♪ I like pastel blue a lot, so I want to let it flow into my style a little bit more ~
Another picture I took at the bus stop ^^
I also bought a little Bonbon hair accessory,but I must admit I forgot to take a picture of it ~ Gomen. It has the same pattern as the Bow.
All the items have the girl's brand stiched in their back :
Some of you might have already wondered :
"And what's with the Cosplay contest Neko spoke of ?"
It was really exciting ♥ I was one of 4 jury members, we were 2 girls and two boys. The Cosplayers had to show everyone a little performance on stage.
Some of them danced or did funny/dramatic short plays.
We had to judge them considering a few categories, like performance/appereance etc.
The Cosplayer who won the 1st place
(and got a professional photo shooting + a coupon for a cosplay shop )
is the one standing next to me on the left side in this picture !
( Yes, the one with the awesome blue lights on her head ♥ )
She performed with the other ones on the picture ~ a really great group !
 For everyone who doesn't know to which anime this cosplay belongs it's from
Ao no Exorcist
and the winner cosplay is Rin Okumura, the main character.
The 2. place was a cosplay of Ciel from the anime Black Butler, sadly
I didn't take a good picture of her.
The 3. place is a great cosplayer I already knew ^^
Isn't she cute ?!! ♥ And she made this Cosplay on her own !
It's so good, I wish I could do that.
And of course there were lots of other great Cosplayers as well.
Final Fantasy IX :
At the Yukon there was also a Maid café !
After all that excitement I really needed to eat something,
I decided to eat a japanese noodle soup ♥
A Host and a Maid :
There was a multifaceted program at the YUKON, like
for example a workshop to learn to play japanese drums !
Some of the shops :
Two guys of the huge team of organisers :
 The guy on the left also moderated the stage program with a cute co-host.^^
Another really interesting workshop was learning how to play
I'm sorry I really can't explain this now to you ^^"
You might be better off searching some tutorial on the internet ♪
Just a snap shot ♥
It gives me a somehow funny feeling knowing I own these hair clips since I was 14 ! In my eyes some things considering taste don't ever change once you've found the right thing for you ♥ Of course you develop too !
but certain things might always be the prefered ones ^^
The lovely cherry trees in the Park we did the photo shoot in : 
 And another closeup ♥
More nature for you ♥
We took photos at all these places, So stay tuned ^^
But we also had to walk a lot !
Well, you knever know to what kind of awesome places your
feet might take you ♥
I was very tired at the end of the day.
I guess everybody knows that feeling after an exciting trip, when
you are tired and look forward to going home and celebrate a reunion with your bed ^_~ ♥
We had to drive home by train, like most of the times. I think in the evening,
when you travel with people that are dear to you the atmosphere gets really romantic and lovely ( in the last train, which takes us back to our little villages there use to be no people or only a few silent ones ).
Add some music and everything feels so fine ♪
I really enjoyed that day ♥ 
Now I need to learn again for my last 2 final exams.
Neko's music :

I think chinese Pop music gives you the perfect summer feelings ♥
I Me - Aiyiya    哎咿呀 介绍
Have a nice time, I hope you enjoyed reading ♪
Ya ne ~
Bye bye (^-^)v  

Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

Curly Gal hairdo, 300 followers ♥ & updates

 Hi there (^-^)v
Last Sunday I went swimming with one of my best friends ♥
We really enjoyed the day and the weather was nice so we even could go outside to the hot pool outside. We also exercised a lot.
I'm focussing on eating & living healthier ♥ I even lost 4.4 pounds.
But I didn't plan to loose weight, I just want to become fitter again.
The hairdo on the photo is inspired by a picture from a
"S Cawaii" magazine I own ~♥
There use to be lots of gorgeous gals in it. ♪
I tried the hairdo above, well the outcome went to
be very different but I still think such pictures are a great inspiration ^^
I did two pony tails on the left side of my head and  I pinned the hair up a little. After that I curled the hair ~
I spend the last three days with my boyfriend ♥
And also found the time to go shopping for some make up, bath supplement,
puma perfume etc.
I also got a new golden eye shadow by Manhattan :
 And I wanted to try out the waterproof mascara by Manhattan as well,
I must say I'm very pleased with it ! ♥
I also bought lots of new nail polishes and I have lots of new ideas for my nails in mind, I'll show you in my next post.
But for now I need to study again, I already wrote 2 of my 4 final exams
and I have a good feeling about everything ♪
My final exam in english was about  Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook !
It really liked that topic ^^  It made me feel very secure.
When I don't study and take a break I use to watch Sailor Moon ♥
Now I've seen every episode again up to the 4th season, which is
"Sailor Moon Super S" I like that one and "Sailor Moon R" the most.
In the 4th season Chibiusa and Pegasus make a huge appearance ♥
Tsukino Usagi aka. Sailor Moon really is the most sympathic character to me,
considering all animes I know ( besides Chi - Chobits ).
She is a crybaby and hates studying  ( like me...sadly ;D ) but she
is also extremely dedicated, loving & does not know how to give up.
I love that attitude ♥ One has to keep going on no matter what happens and fight for one's dreams. Sailor Moon really is a rolemodel.
Haha ^-^
I am sorry that I'm not able to post much interesting information at the moment, studying will be over soon and I can promise you once I'm done with  the exams there will be lots of things I can't wait to
tell you about ! ♥
This Saturaday (28.4.12) I will be going to the YUKON
in Solingen (NRW, Germany)
 It's an anime and manga convention !
I've been asked to be a juror for their cosplay contest.
I'm awaiting you \(^-^)/  nyan ♪

Neko's music :

• Gumi - My crush was a monster boy
lovely tune & story ♥ I'd expect nothing less from a Vocaloid song ♪

• Hatsune Miku - Love is war
beautiful song, also as piano version

• Rin' - Sakura sakura 
A beautiful traditional japanese song, I absolutely fell in love with it !

• Bad Apple - ShouRinka
Most of you might already know this lovely song by Nomico (Touhou)
and I think this traditional version is just super impressive *-* ♥
I can't stop listening to it ♪ It's a perfect tune for a sweet summer !

• Datsik - Syndrome
If you like Dubstep you should check out their album Vitamin D
Just awesome !!
I've become rather nocturnal since I've finished school,
I love staying up late, listening to music, writing some things and doing lots
of other stuff at night ~♥
I need to be careful not to turn into a Neko-ghost ! o_o
Recently I got more than 300 followers ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ::・'゚☆。
I want to thank everyone for reading and commenting on this blog ♥
It makes me really happy that I can show you things you
find interesting and lovely \(^-^)/
That's all what this is about, I hope to show you things which give you happiness and might be useful for your own life.
I think all this small cute things really can brighten up a day ~
I use to get inspired by lots of other bloggers who present the most
adorable and cute things ♥ I'm really happy there are such people out there and it makes me happy to be one of them !
(even though my blog is rather small)
Ya ne ~ Bye bye ! (^-^)v ♪

Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

19th Birthday, my Companion Cube & cute papercraft ♥

 Hi there (^-^)v ♪
Last week on the 6th of April Neko celebrated her 19th birthday
I had a nice little party with some friends. My boyfriend came 
to my house one day earlier and together we waited until midnight for
my birthday to "start"  \(^-^)/
Thank you so much for all your cute congratulations again ♥
The gift my boyfriend gave to me was wrapped in really cool 
"nerd fancy paper", meaning it was blue and lots of
"100111011010101" stuff was written on it.
Me gusta ^-^
And what was in it ? A plush
Companion CubeFor the ones who don't know what it is, it's from the game Portal.
On my birthday ♥ 
Another gift of my boyfriend, which is really precious to me
is a papercraft Beemo ( BMO ) from one of my favourite series ~
wich is Adventure Time \(^-^)/ 
Beemo is my favourite character as it always acts SO cute and happily.
Closely followed by Neptr
They are so random and weird sometimes...but well, the whole
show is like that ^o^ That's probably the reason I like it so much ♥
Another cute gift was given to me by my friend Katalin
She always has really awesome and elaborate nails ( like Pikachu etc. )
Yayy~ Hello Kitty *-*
I also "crafted" a little something a few days ago and it's quite funny when I think of it.
I showed you guys a new pink bow I bought on etsy.com a few posts ago
(I'm wearing the bow in the pictures with the compagnion cube as well).
It came wrapped up very cute in pink paper ! I thought it would be a waste to throw such neat paper away so I decided to make another bow of it ^^
I must admit I'm quite pleased with the outcome ~♪
Sometimes one should really think more before throwing things away.
We are a society that mostly lives in profusion. I think it's important
to value the things you own and to be more careful with them.
I love the idea of 'recycling art', in Japan there are also a lot of artists
who adopted that idea ♥
Neko's Music :

You just have to check out the awesomeness of cats & zombies *-* !
Sorry that's it for today, I still need to study most of the time for my final exams.
Oh~ and before I forget, at this point I really want to thank 
two very special cute girls ♥ They go to my old school and also
like Japan & cute things linked to it ♪
They even wrote me a really adorable letter with best wishes for my
birthday, some cute drawings and very honouring compliments ♥
Thank you so much, you really made my day when the letter arrived,
as I'm having a quite stressful time right now.
Please check out their little Blog,
they are still quite new Bloggers and need support ♥
( they write in German )
  Right now I'm really looking forward to tomorrow,
my boyfriend will come over to my house *happy*Some stressful but nice days lie ahead ♥
     I hope all you pupils enjoy your holidays, if you have no free time   
 I still wish you a nice time, one should always enjoy life and think positive !                          
        Why wait for happiness when you can decide to be happy now ?
                    Just have a cup of tea and enjoy ♥                              
Ya ne ♪ Bye bye (^-^)v