Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Questions & Answers about me ♥ & more

Hi there (^-^)v ~♪  nyan
Today I want to answer some questions the cute 
(Sweet) Lolita Usai asked me.
Check out her blog , it is really neat ~♥
So here we go :

1. What do you do on a quiet sunday, when no one else has got time for you ?

This does not happen very often to me, but when I really have a quiet
sunday all for myself  I really enjoy the day .
I take a nice bath with blue colour for the tub
or rose bath salts and listen to music.
I also like to eat sweets in the tub ~ It's just too great ^^
I also like to play with my hamster or with my dog on such sundays
and of course listen to a lot of music while thinking about the world.
Reading on my bed is as well always a very nice option ♥
Like my favourite book "The asylum for wayward victorian girls" by
the goddess Emilie Autumn,
or a book by Pearl S. Buck.♥
You see, Neko likes her quiet sundays dreamy and enjoyable^^

2. Are you pleased with your job/school  situation ?
Would you like to go back and  change something ?

At the moment I could not be happier about my school situation.
I only got almost 3 weeks of school left, my final exams
start in April.
If I succeed ( which I have no doubts about, as I study hard ) I will have my "german Abitur" .
It's comparable to "A levels" I guess. After that I will finally be able to realize my dream which is
studying in Düsseldorf. I plan on studying Japanese and English.
I still got a lot ahead of me, but I'm very enthusiastic about everything.

3. What is your favourite colour ?

Guess what ?
It is pastel pink ♥ I also love cyan (like Hatsune Miku's colour).
 But pink will always be my favourite colour.

4. Which three character traits describe you best ( in your eyes ) ?

• Enthusiastic
• Optimistic 
• Prudent ( /considerate )

5. Why do you have a blog ? What is your message ?

I have a blog to share all the information about Japan (fashion ,music,...)
I know. I also want to share everything else I think people might 
regard as interesting. I'm always very happy if I can show people new things they like ^^
People showed me lots of great things which had a great influence on my life , 
I hope I can help people as well, finding cute things which make
them happy ♪

6. Do you have a phobia ?

I do not feel comfortable when I'm in a room with a really big
& hairy spider like a Tarantula.
But I know that fear is rather unfounded & I even managed it to
sleep over at some of my friends houses who have such big spiders.
Still I hope  spiders will avoid meeting me in the future ;)

7. Which languages do you speak or learn ?
Which ones do you want to learn in the future ?

• German is my native language.

English is a language I love a lot and I hope to become quite eloquent in it,
as I also want to study it. I have learned English since about 9 years.
I also got an " Camebridge University FCE exam "
( First certificate in English ). I passed it with the grade 
( only 1 more point & I would have passed with an A )
Here is a little sneak peak at my result :

• French , I have been learning it for 4 years in school &
I went 2 weeks to France due to a school exchange program. 
I still understand a lot in French, I guess for future holidays it will be fine.

• Russian, I learn it in school since 3 years &
I really like the language.

• Japanese, I learn it since almost 2 years now in a community college
& it is my favourite language ♥ I absolutely love it and I hope
I'll be able to speak it quite well in the future.
• Languages I want to learn during my life ?
I'll definitely will at least start learning some
Korean & Chinese (Mandarin) just for my own joy ♥

I'm a person that really is into different languages.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years ? Family ? Job ?

In 10 years I'll be 29, I hope I'm married at that age ♥
I also hope I began a promising career after studying.
Moreover I might be starting to think about children at that age,
but that really needs it's time.I don't want to rush things.I also hope for progress considering my hobbys, meaning
fashion/ hobby modeling / singing 
(some of you might know my
2 songs with Virtual Riot aka. my boyfriend ^_~ ).
Maybe I'll be a little bit more popular ...who doesn't wish for such things ;)

9. Do you like me ( Usai ) ?

Of course I do & I really like your taste referring to fashion ^^

10. Have you ever participated in any demos ?
( ACTA , animal protection , ...)

Sadly I have not done this yet !
Some friends of mine did but there was always something hindering me
like my part-time job etc.
I hope I'll be able to join a demo in favour of animal rights in the future ♥
As that topic really gets to my heart ( I'm vegetarian ...).

11. What supernatural power would you like to have  ?

I would absolutely love to be a shapeshifter like the Pokémon Ditto ♥
I could become a bird and fly or a cute cat , a fish  or
even a unicorn ♥
sounds pretty awesome to me ^^
A friend of mine also asked me recently which kind of perfume
I like the most, as she herself did talk about this
in her blog.
She writes about fashion , make-up & more ♥
I must admit I love "Animagical by Puma"
the most !I know lots of perfumes whose flacons do look
way prettyer but
I don't know any other perfume which smells sweeter
I do not like tangy perfumes at all.
Today also a parcel arrived *-*
I got a new bow at etsy.com
I bought it at the shop " popglitzsplushies "
and I was extremely pleased with everything ~♥
The bow even was neatly wrapped in pink fancy paper ~♥

And this free hairclip came with the bow *-*

Cute note by the seller :

Emilie Autumn - Take the pill :

The Devil's Carnival - 666 ( with Emilie Autumn ♥ )

nyan ~♪  This is so cute *-*

Thanks for reading ~♥
Bye bye (^-^)v 


  1. Ich mag deine Einstellung :D Deine Antworten kommen sehr sehr sympathisch rüber ^^ Finde es auch schön mal etwas mehr persönliches über dich zu lesen :D (Auch wenn ich natürlich deine Fotos auch sehr gerne mag, hihi)

    Ich wünsch dir viel Glück für die Abi Prüfungen :D

  2. Wow!!You can speak a lot of languages!!
    I wish I could speak as many language as you but I guess I'm too old to remember all the thing for new language XD

  3. Wuuah~ supi das du meine Fragen beantwortet hast! Ich finde sowas immer super interessant! ^0^
    Ich bin ein wenig neidisch auf deine Sprachkenntnisse XD, ich liebe Sprachen auch total und kann es kaum abwarten Französisch zu lernen (August 2012 gehts los) und auch Polnisch bald.
    Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg bei deinen Abi-Prüfungen - aber ich glaube das schaffst du locker! <333

  4. Die Antworten waren interessant zu lesen und bei Frage 11, aww xD Das soll mal irgendjemand zeichnen, du als Ditto :3
    Ich wünsche dir ganz viel Erfolg für die Abi Prüfungen ^o^

    & danke fürs verlinken o: ♥
    Ich klick so unwissend auf den Link und war im ersten Moment verwirrt XD

  5. Vielen Dank ihr lieben ^////^ ~♥

    Thank you :3

  6. Beautiful!!Loving your pink hair!!