Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Samstag, 24. März 2012

Photo Shooting, Trip to Cologne & cute things ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
Last Sunday I went to Cologne to do a photo shooting.I won the shooting because of a contest in facebook, the photo
with the most 'likes' was chosen as the winner, wich was me ~

a huge 'thank you' to all my sweet supporters ♥
The photographer is called "Viewture" she really is amazing ! 
( Thanks to you again ♪ )
So if you want to get beautiful pictures I really advise you to go to her.

Japanese street fashion ~ Tradition meets modernity ♥
Braces shouldn't hinder you from smiling ~♥
Sake wa ikaga desu ka ? Want some Sake ?
( well, I don't drink alcohol ♪ )
 "Someone who is strong, but still a little shy
yes I need, I need my Samurai" ♥

Today I woke up with my love again ♪

We drove by bike through the city, well he drove ^^
I was sitting on the bicycle rack ~ yayy ♥
There is a lot of nature here as I'm living in a small town. 
Flowers start blooming everywhere
and the trees really got in shape for springtime \(^-^)/
The sun was also shining very bright today, finally the world is becomeing
neat and warm again ! I'm very happy about this as I love spring and summer.
When my boyfriend and I were waiting at a traffic light, doing stuff
we use to do ( kissing , talking , singing the theme of 'Adventure Time' )
a women from the other side of the street said to us :
" You are such a cute couple ! " when we all crossed the road.
Aww how nice ♥ 
I love it when such adorable persons appear in daily life, just out of nowhere.
♥ This is kind of todays scenario :

I couldn't belive how sweet this whole day was *-*There even fell some petals and leaves from the trees
when my honey and I walked along a little path beside a huge grass field.

This image from the video to Megurine Luka's song "Just be friends" also always reminds me of me and my boyfriend ♪
Hihi, I have to admit I'm kinda lazy and like it to sit on the
bicycle rack^^ But it's also a very romantic thing to me ♥
I guess every girl loves that ♪

Like I told you I went to Cologne last weekend for my photo shooting.

But I didn't go alone, my mother came with me to spend the day in the
city after the shooting ♥ We really had a fun time and also bought lots
of food ^o^ Like for example caramel pretzels.

This is the central station in Cologne :
The inside of the station , the neon sign says

" 4711 - Echt Kölnisch Wasser "
'4711 Kölnisch Wasser' is a very old perfume Cologne is famous for.

You can find it written on some buildings in Cologne :
 The sign says " 4711 the number of the world since 1792 "
This is another thing Cologne is famous for, the huge & old   

Cologne cathedral 

The foundation stone for it was laid in August 1248 !

And it is the 3rd highest church building in the world !
 In the city of Cologne :
 We also bought some real "Kölnisch Wasser" :
 I do not wear it as a perfume as the smell is too heavy for my taste,

but I love to smell it ♪
My mother also bought a bag she liked ^^
 " I love Köln "

This is a snapshot from when I was sitting in the train,
it was nice to have my mother with me so we could talk ♥
I can talk for hours with her ^o^
When I take the train on my own I always listen to music ♪
A while ago my boyfriend and me also did some papercraft ♥
I love it but I can't really build very complicated things.
The most complicated thing I crafted is theCompanion cube from Portal it was one of my X-mas gifts for my honey ^^ But it was not just a regular cube, of course. I did a similar one to this examplar :

We decided to make some Minecraft things ♥
 Well, he made these ones , I think I only made some easy cubes ^o^

Now they are standing in my room ♥
 The cute cow *-*

Who knows the Minecraft Coal song ? ^o^

Creeper ~
I build this ~ I love the first gameboy I wish I had one ! 
I'm thinking about buying one via ebay ♥

I have a purple gameboy colour but I really love the first one.
I used to play with my best friends one when I was very little and it just came out in Germany.
Some of my plushies ♥
It's funny how fast they are multiplying ;D
The super Mario is a gift from my boyfriend when he came back

from a trip to Sweden.
The Sheep is also a gift from him for X-Mas
The pink Mamegoma is ours ♥
Luna ( Sailor Moon's cat ) is mine since I was 11 ^^
• The white kitty is a X-Mas gift of my boyfriend's mum ♥
Next week I have my so called "Motto week" because it is

my last week in school before I take my A-levels ♥
In this week each day has a topic all my classmates and I dress up for it !
Monday's topic is "Hero's of your childhood"  and guess what
I will dress up as Tsukino Usagi ~ Sailor moon ♥ \(^-^)/
So stay tuned for some pictures ♪
Right now I'm hanging out with my best friend again, as I also
bought some accessories for the Sailor Moon cosplay and I have the Moon Prism Necklace twice, I gave her the other one.
* Magical girls * ~♥

I wish everyone of you a great springtime ♥
Neko's Music :
• My best friend showed me this lovely song :
Supercell-  Love & Roll
• Some awesome dubstep *-*
• Kyary Pamyu - Cherry Bonbon ♥

See you next time ♥
nyan (^-^)v ♪


  1. I love those pictures of you!! You look so pretty and... awww once again I miss my pink hair!

  2. awww love the pictures!! you are really photogenic and the photographer is great!!
    And Cologne looks like a really cool place o__o!! specially the cathedral!!!
    all your plushies are so cute specially Luna, I love sailor moon!! *m*!! <3 <3

  3. The photos are so pretty! you can e a professional model >O<!
    I need to visit Germany one day - it's on my list of places to visit hehe C:
    I loooove supercell and their songs so much ^w^

  4. Your photoshoot pics are really sweet!!
    I love your hime-decora style!!

  5. Die Fotos sind wirklich toll geworden!
    Die Zahnspange macht dich ausserdem irgendwie noch süßer <33

  6. Du siehst einfach zauberhaft aus in dem Yukata ^^~
    Zu schade das ich dich bisher noch nie auf ner Con gesehen habe, hätte so gerne ein Foto mit dir. *^*

  7. awww das ist so toll *-*
    du bist voll das vorbild für mich °(^-^)
    viel spaß dir in düsseldorf und bein japanisch studieren ^.^
    aber hier werden wir dich vermissen .. ;/
    okay hoffentlich sehe ich dich trotzdem mal "live" obwohl du dann nicht mehr in meiner stadt wohnst ~♪