Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Emilie Autumn concert & Romantic springtime ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ~♥
Recently a lot of things happen & still are about to happen.
First of all I've been to another concert of the awesome
Emilie Autumn ♥
It was the 13. march 2012 in Bochum [ Matrix ]
I really enjoyed the night, it was just marvellous !
I was the first of all the little plague rats that arrived there, so
I was able to stand almost in the first rank in the middle before the stange !
Couldn't have been better ♥
I bought the tickets already in november '11.
I really love all the songs of the new album
F.L.A.G ( Fight like a girl ) so much ♥
When I heared the song "One foot in front of the other"
I even started to cry because it was SO beautiful !
Emilie is one of the greatest song writers to me, her lyrics really
are touching ♥
And now  OH MY GOSH - I got to tell you something !
I was chosen to play the "Rat game" with
Veronica Varlow on stage. Everybody who doesn't know what that is ...well just watch ~♪
[ I act a little bit clumsy - but who wouldn't be nervous in that situation ;3 ♥ ]
♪ EA - One foot in front of the other ♪

This is the hairstyle I chose for the concert ♪
I also got some new accessories like the big roses,
2 necklaces , ...♪
Romantic spring time ♥
And this is the outfit I wore at the concert :
Wayward victorian girl ♥
The black necklace with the oval keyhole-pendant is made
by Veronica Varlow ♥ I bought it at a concert in 2010
You can even open it, I got a picture of my boyfriend & me in it ♥

I also took some pictures at the concert, but just a few (I mainly filmed).
Emilie Autumn ♥
♥ Veronica Varlow :

Live video 13.3.2012 - Girls girls girls ♪
Well, Emilie & the Bloody crumpets are really great artists to me ♥
So admirable *-*
Today finally all the accessories for my
Sailor Moon cosplay
arrived ! I have all the things needed now and shure will take some
pictures of it soon.
I'm so happy I was able to find some new accessories,
spring time is comeing and I want to create a really
soft & romantic look with lots of flowers etc. ♥
Dreaming of wide flower meadows ♪

Neko's music : 

• Emilie Autumn- Take the pill [ HQ this time]
check it out it's AWESOME !
Another really lovely song I listen to all the time at

the moment is this one ♥
The lyrics are greatly beautiful to me, mostly I
do not really love the german language but this is one of these
lyrical works that show me you can express yourself so lovely
in german ( well let's not forget about Goethe, Schiller etc. ♥ )
But it's also great to see such beauty in modern works ^^
                                 Frittenbude - Ob es reicht sie zu finden
Turbostaat is another german band wich has got
extremely beautiful lyrics ♪
They might sound a little bit harsh to you but their lyrics
are really poetic and deep ♥

♪ Turbostaat - Haubentaucherwelpen 
Turbostaat- Pennen bei Glufke :
And last but not least I need to share some awesome

Dubstep with you !
/party hard ;D

We will rock you [ remix ]
Meg & Dia - Monster [ Dubstep remix ]Lovely song ! ♥
I had some fun with editing ~ when I was 13 I would have died
to have such pastel blue hair
But I'm very happy with my pink hair now, maybe some day I'll
try out blue...but I'll always love pink the most.

See you soon ~ nyan ♪

Bye Bye ♥ 


  1. Oh My Goodness! Where did you get that corset from? >< so beautiful.

  2. You look beautiful, your concert outfit is so amazing and you don't act clumsy, you're adorable :3 and so lucky to be chosen out of all these people!
    I was a huge Emilie Autumn fan myself a few years ago, I don't really know why I stopped listening to her music, maybe I should start again ♥

    + you music taste is so nice in general :) Turbostaat are a really , really good German band!

  3. Wow you're so lucky to get chosen! >o<!
    I looove your outfit so much, you are so slim as well :3

  4. The outfits you wear for the concert is so beautiful!!
    That video was cute also XD

  5. Ahhh wie cool! :D Ich war gestern bei dem Konzert hier in Wien ^___^
    Wow... leider standen wir zu weit hinten um beim Rat Game eine Chance zu haben.. aber ich denke wir wären auch nicht auffällig genug gewesen um ausgewählt zu werden :'D (das Mädchen das ausgewählt wurde hatte knallrote Haare, ich denke mal das sie besonders herausstach und deswegen gewählt wurde :3)

    Sehr sehr cool dass es auch ein Video davon gibt :D

    Dein Outfit gefällt mir überigens super gut. Ein paar Mädels bei uns in Wien haben auch versucht sich so zu stylen, haben es aber wirklich nicht mal annährend so toll hinbekommen wie du ^^ Sieht klasse aus!