Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Samstag, 24. März 2012

Photo Shooting, Trip to Cologne & cute things ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
Last Sunday I went to Cologne to do a photo shooting.I won the shooting because of a contest in facebook, the photo
with the most 'likes' was chosen as the winner, wich was me ~

a huge 'thank you' to all my sweet supporters ♥
The photographer is called "Viewture" she really is amazing ! 
( Thanks to you again ♪ )
So if you want to get beautiful pictures I really advise you to go to her.

Japanese street fashion ~ Tradition meets modernity ♥
Braces shouldn't hinder you from smiling ~♥
Sake wa ikaga desu ka ? Want some Sake ?
( well, I don't drink alcohol ♪ )
 "Someone who is strong, but still a little shy
yes I need, I need my Samurai" ♥

Today I woke up with my love again ♪

We drove by bike through the city, well he drove ^^
I was sitting on the bicycle rack ~ yayy ♥
There is a lot of nature here as I'm living in a small town. 
Flowers start blooming everywhere
and the trees really got in shape for springtime \(^-^)/
The sun was also shining very bright today, finally the world is becomeing
neat and warm again ! I'm very happy about this as I love spring and summer.
When my boyfriend and I were waiting at a traffic light, doing stuff
we use to do ( kissing , talking , singing the theme of 'Adventure Time' )
a women from the other side of the street said to us :
" You are such a cute couple ! " when we all crossed the road.
Aww how nice ♥ 
I love it when such adorable persons appear in daily life, just out of nowhere.
♥ This is kind of todays scenario :

I couldn't belive how sweet this whole day was *-*There even fell some petals and leaves from the trees
when my honey and I walked along a little path beside a huge grass field.

This image from the video to Megurine Luka's song "Just be friends" also always reminds me of me and my boyfriend ♪
Hihi, I have to admit I'm kinda lazy and like it to sit on the
bicycle rack^^ But it's also a very romantic thing to me ♥
I guess every girl loves that ♪

Like I told you I went to Cologne last weekend for my photo shooting.

But I didn't go alone, my mother came with me to spend the day in the
city after the shooting ♥ We really had a fun time and also bought lots
of food ^o^ Like for example caramel pretzels.

This is the central station in Cologne :
The inside of the station , the neon sign says

" 4711 - Echt Kölnisch Wasser "
'4711 Kölnisch Wasser' is a very old perfume Cologne is famous for.

You can find it written on some buildings in Cologne :
 The sign says " 4711 the number of the world since 1792 "
This is another thing Cologne is famous for, the huge & old   

Cologne cathedral 

The foundation stone for it was laid in August 1248 !

And it is the 3rd highest church building in the world !
 In the city of Cologne :
 We also bought some real "Kölnisch Wasser" :
 I do not wear it as a perfume as the smell is too heavy for my taste,

but I love to smell it ♪
My mother also bought a bag she liked ^^
 " I love Köln "

This is a snapshot from when I was sitting in the train,
it was nice to have my mother with me so we could talk ♥
I can talk for hours with her ^o^
When I take the train on my own I always listen to music ♪
A while ago my boyfriend and me also did some papercraft ♥
I love it but I can't really build very complicated things.
The most complicated thing I crafted is theCompanion cube from Portal it was one of my X-mas gifts for my honey ^^ But it was not just a regular cube, of course. I did a similar one to this examplar :

We decided to make some Minecraft things ♥
 Well, he made these ones , I think I only made some easy cubes ^o^

Now they are standing in my room ♥
 The cute cow *-*

Who knows the Minecraft Coal song ? ^o^

Creeper ~
I build this ~ I love the first gameboy I wish I had one ! 
I'm thinking about buying one via ebay ♥

I have a purple gameboy colour but I really love the first one.
I used to play with my best friends one when I was very little and it just came out in Germany.
Some of my plushies ♥
It's funny how fast they are multiplying ;D
The super Mario is a gift from my boyfriend when he came back

from a trip to Sweden.
The Sheep is also a gift from him for X-Mas
The pink Mamegoma is ours ♥
Luna ( Sailor Moon's cat ) is mine since I was 11 ^^
• The white kitty is a X-Mas gift of my boyfriend's mum ♥
Next week I have my so called "Motto week" because it is

my last week in school before I take my A-levels ♥
In this week each day has a topic all my classmates and I dress up for it !
Monday's topic is "Hero's of your childhood"  and guess what
I will dress up as Tsukino Usagi ~ Sailor moon ♥ \(^-^)/
So stay tuned for some pictures ♪
Right now I'm hanging out with my best friend again, as I also
bought some accessories for the Sailor Moon cosplay and I have the Moon Prism Necklace twice, I gave her the other one.
* Magical girls * ~♥

I wish everyone of you a great springtime ♥
Neko's Music :
• My best friend showed me this lovely song :
Supercell-  Love & Roll
• Some awesome dubstep *-*
• Kyary Pamyu - Cherry Bonbon ♥

See you next time ♥
nyan (^-^)v ♪

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Emilie Autumn concert & Romantic springtime ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ~♥
Recently a lot of things happen & still are about to happen.
First of all I've been to another concert of the awesome
Emilie Autumn ♥
It was the 13. march 2012 in Bochum [ Matrix ]
I really enjoyed the night, it was just marvellous !
I was the first of all the little plague rats that arrived there, so
I was able to stand almost in the first rank in the middle before the stange !
Couldn't have been better ♥
I bought the tickets already in november '11.
I really love all the songs of the new album
F.L.A.G ( Fight like a girl ) so much ♥
When I heared the song "One foot in front of the other"
I even started to cry because it was SO beautiful !
Emilie is one of the greatest song writers to me, her lyrics really
are touching ♥
And now  OH MY GOSH - I got to tell you something !
I was chosen to play the "Rat game" with
Veronica Varlow on stage. Everybody who doesn't know what that is ...well just watch ~♪
[ I act a little bit clumsy - but who wouldn't be nervous in that situation ;3 ♥ ]
♪ EA - One foot in front of the other ♪

This is the hairstyle I chose for the concert ♪
I also got some new accessories like the big roses,
2 necklaces , ...♪
Romantic spring time ♥
And this is the outfit I wore at the concert :
Wayward victorian girl ♥
The black necklace with the oval keyhole-pendant is made
by Veronica Varlow ♥ I bought it at a concert in 2010
You can even open it, I got a picture of my boyfriend & me in it ♥

I also took some pictures at the concert, but just a few (I mainly filmed).
Emilie Autumn ♥
♥ Veronica Varlow :

Live video 13.3.2012 - Girls girls girls ♪
Well, Emilie & the Bloody crumpets are really great artists to me ♥
So admirable *-*
Today finally all the accessories for my
Sailor Moon cosplay
arrived ! I have all the things needed now and shure will take some
pictures of it soon.
I'm so happy I was able to find some new accessories,
spring time is comeing and I want to create a really
soft & romantic look with lots of flowers etc. ♥
Dreaming of wide flower meadows ♪

Neko's music : 

• Emilie Autumn- Take the pill [ HQ this time]
check it out it's AWESOME !
Another really lovely song I listen to all the time at

the moment is this one ♥
The lyrics are greatly beautiful to me, mostly I
do not really love the german language but this is one of these
lyrical works that show me you can express yourself so lovely
in german ( well let's not forget about Goethe, Schiller etc. ♥ )
But it's also great to see such beauty in modern works ^^
                                 Frittenbude - Ob es reicht sie zu finden
Turbostaat is another german band wich has got
extremely beautiful lyrics ♪
They might sound a little bit harsh to you but their lyrics
are really poetic and deep ♥

♪ Turbostaat - Haubentaucherwelpen 
Turbostaat- Pennen bei Glufke :
And last but not least I need to share some awesome

Dubstep with you !
/party hard ;D

We will rock you [ remix ]
Meg & Dia - Monster [ Dubstep remix ]Lovely song ! ♥
I had some fun with editing ~ when I was 13 I would have died
to have such pastel blue hair
But I'm very happy with my pink hair now, maybe some day I'll
try out blue...but I'll always love pink the most.

See you soon ~ nyan ♪

Bye Bye ♥ 

Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Questions & Answers about me ♥ & more

Hi there (^-^)v ~♪  nyan
Today I want to answer some questions the cute 
(Sweet) Lolita Usai asked me.
Check out her blog , it is really neat ~♥
So here we go :

1. What do you do on a quiet sunday, when no one else has got time for you ?

This does not happen very often to me, but when I really have a quiet
sunday all for myself  I really enjoy the day .
I take a nice bath with blue colour for the tub
or rose bath salts and listen to music.
I also like to eat sweets in the tub ~ It's just too great ^^
I also like to play with my hamster or with my dog on such sundays
and of course listen to a lot of music while thinking about the world.
Reading on my bed is as well always a very nice option ♥
Like my favourite book "The asylum for wayward victorian girls" by
the goddess Emilie Autumn,
or a book by Pearl S. Buck.♥
You see, Neko likes her quiet sundays dreamy and enjoyable^^

2. Are you pleased with your job/school  situation ?
Would you like to go back and  change something ?

At the moment I could not be happier about my school situation.
I only got almost 3 weeks of school left, my final exams
start in April.
If I succeed ( which I have no doubts about, as I study hard ) I will have my "german Abitur" .
It's comparable to "A levels" I guess. After that I will finally be able to realize my dream which is
studying in Düsseldorf. I plan on studying Japanese and English.
I still got a lot ahead of me, but I'm very enthusiastic about everything.

3. What is your favourite colour ?

Guess what ?
It is pastel pink ♥ I also love cyan (like Hatsune Miku's colour).
 But pink will always be my favourite colour.

4. Which three character traits describe you best ( in your eyes ) ?

• Enthusiastic
• Optimistic 
• Prudent ( /considerate )

5. Why do you have a blog ? What is your message ?

I have a blog to share all the information about Japan (fashion ,music,...)
I know. I also want to share everything else I think people might 
regard as interesting. I'm always very happy if I can show people new things they like ^^
People showed me lots of great things which had a great influence on my life , 
I hope I can help people as well, finding cute things which make
them happy ♪

6. Do you have a phobia ?

I do not feel comfortable when I'm in a room with a really big
& hairy spider like a Tarantula.
But I know that fear is rather unfounded & I even managed it to
sleep over at some of my friends houses who have such big spiders.
Still I hope  spiders will avoid meeting me in the future ;)

7. Which languages do you speak or learn ?
Which ones do you want to learn in the future ?

• German is my native language.

English is a language I love a lot and I hope to become quite eloquent in it,
as I also want to study it. I have learned English since about 9 years.
I also got an " Camebridge University FCE exam "
( First certificate in English ). I passed it with the grade 
( only 1 more point & I would have passed with an A )
Here is a little sneak peak at my result :

• French , I have been learning it for 4 years in school &
I went 2 weeks to France due to a school exchange program. 
I still understand a lot in French, I guess for future holidays it will be fine.

• Russian, I learn it in school since 3 years &
I really like the language.

• Japanese, I learn it since almost 2 years now in a community college
& it is my favourite language ♥ I absolutely love it and I hope
I'll be able to speak it quite well in the future.
• Languages I want to learn during my life ?
I'll definitely will at least start learning some
Korean & Chinese (Mandarin) just for my own joy ♥

I'm a person that really is into different languages.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years ? Family ? Job ?

In 10 years I'll be 29, I hope I'm married at that age ♥
I also hope I began a promising career after studying.
Moreover I might be starting to think about children at that age,
but that really needs it's time.I don't want to rush things.I also hope for progress considering my hobbys, meaning
fashion/ hobby modeling / singing 
(some of you might know my
2 songs with Virtual Riot aka. my boyfriend ^_~ ).
Maybe I'll be a little bit more popular ...who doesn't wish for such things ;)

9. Do you like me ( Usai ) ?

Of course I do & I really like your taste referring to fashion ^^

10. Have you ever participated in any demos ?
( ACTA , animal protection , ...)

Sadly I have not done this yet !
Some friends of mine did but there was always something hindering me
like my part-time job etc.
I hope I'll be able to join a demo in favour of animal rights in the future ♥
As that topic really gets to my heart ( I'm vegetarian ...).

11. What supernatural power would you like to have  ?

I would absolutely love to be a shapeshifter like the Pokémon Ditto ♥
I could become a bird and fly or a cute cat , a fish  or
even a unicorn ♥
sounds pretty awesome to me ^^
A friend of mine also asked me recently which kind of perfume
I like the most, as she herself did talk about this
in her blog.
She writes about fashion , make-up & more ♥
I must admit I love "Animagical by Puma"
the most !I know lots of perfumes whose flacons do look
way prettyer but
I don't know any other perfume which smells sweeter
I do not like tangy perfumes at all.
Today also a parcel arrived *-*
I got a new bow at etsy.com
I bought it at the shop " popglitzsplushies "
and I was extremely pleased with everything ~♥
The bow even was neatly wrapped in pink fancy paper ~♥

And this free hairclip came with the bow *-*

Cute note by the seller :

Emilie Autumn - Take the pill :

The Devil's Carnival - 666 ( with Emilie Autumn ♥ )

nyan ~♪  This is so cute *-*

Thanks for reading ~♥
Bye bye (^-^)v