Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Valentine's day, Tokyo fashion & upcoming stuff

Hi there (^-^)v
It's been a while again since my last entry ,
I hope you all understand ♥
( I'm still busy with school as I'll finish it soon like most of you might know ).
A few days ago finally my long awaited cross hair-accessory arrived.
I got it at :
I'm quite obsessed with crosses as fashion items at the moment ♥
You see them everywhere now ,
on pictures of recent Tokyo fashion , tumblr , we ♥ it ...
I really like it !
Like you all know , a few days ago it was
♥ Valentine's day ♥
I was super excited as I was going to spend it with
my boyfriend and he had the idea that we could go
swimming ( as I love it so much).
As we both had school on Valentine's day
we went to a café after lesson and then we
drove to the swimming pool in a close town by train.
( I can tell you, the waterslides there were so much fun )
We had an awesome & adventurous day !
It was the most romantic Valentine's day I ever had ♥
thanks to my Valentin(e)
( yeah his name is Valentin ♥ what a cute coincidence...♪ )

To everyone out there who hasn't found his/her
very special someone yet , please don't despair
I'm shure you'll meet that person soon ,
just be happy and spread that energy ~ this way people will recognize
what an adorable person you are ♥
This really is a lesson life thought me ~
Be kind & shine as bright as you can for your special someone
to find you ^^
But don't let your happiness in life only depend on other people
it must come from your very own heart ♥

This song means a lot to me , as it includes lots of
memorys I have with my love , it means so much to me
I decided to write one special line of it on my wall
above my bed ♫
Yes you can ♥
You still can be guided home , no matter how
gloomy , dreadful & miserable
the place you are in is.

[ Besides you can also see our little pink plush Mamegoma ,
Luna the cat of Sailor Moon & a stuffed Super Mario on the picture above ]

Plush thingsys as hair accessorys ~ yayy \(^-^)/
This is a snapshot I took right before going to bed,
Ghost-Neko (^_~)
Another snapshot right before I went to bed
well, at the moment I really like sleeping a lot ;D
As I have much to do .
Asylum cat ~
waiting for the concert of Emilie Autumn in March ♥
A few days ago when I went shopping to buy a Valentine's gift
for my boyfriend I also found this cute white
blossom at Bijou Brigitte and just couldn't resist to buy it ^^
Recently I also decided to eat more healthy again,
I'm very glad my parents use to have lots of different
fruits and vegetables
at our home .
As some of you might already know I'm also vegetarian,
so we also keep Soja & Tofu products.
I'm quite thoughtful about what is good and healthy for me & my body.
I think people should be more responsible concerning their eating habits
as it has a huge effect on the body.

[ yummy ♥ ]
Little things wich make me happy when I'm at school ^^

I think it's nice to have someting cute and motivational always with you
My boyfriend gave the little Mamegoma notebook to me when
it was summer, since then I use to write some phrases in it ,
around wich my thoughts float each day ♪

I'm listening continuously to it at the moment !

I hope you enjoyed reading ~♥
I got lots of things comeing up soon
I can already tell you that I have a Sailor Moon cosplay
wich wants to be photographed soon.
I can't wait for it \(^-^)/
I love Sailor Moon so much since Kindergarten !
And I also got some more new outfits I'll show you soon
(a pink Kimono-Dress, ... ) Stay tuned ~ nyan
Bye bye (^-^)v ♪


  1. I'm glad you had fun on Valentine's Day (●´◡`●) I really love your hair <3 Just so that you know I'm hosting a giveaway I was just seeing if you are interested in joining.(^v^) Anyway have a lovely day ~

  2. awww sounds like you had a wonderful valentine's day *m*!I'm glad for you! :D
    I love your hair accessories they are so cuteeee!..and can't wait for your sailor mooon cosplay!! best childhood anime ever!!!!! <3 >//< <3