Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Tokyo street fashion , MLP & Adventure Time

Hi there (^-^)v
I had a great weekend & went to a party to
celebrate the 19th birthday of a friend ~♥
I'll have to write some exams the upcoming weeks and I decided
to go shopping for some new outfits as soon as I can,
I want to try out something different, but for now it's a secret ~♫
♥~ Pastel pink hair ~♥
Bunny ♥ ウサギ
The dress is from Yumetenbo
I got the bag at the OCS store in Düsseldorf,
it's an oversea item from Japan. When I bought the bag
I also bought an artbook called "J-Rock Groupies" wich contained some
street photographs of fashion in Tokyo. In it there's also a Lolita
girl with exactly the same bag *-* what a cool coincidence ^^
( by the way, I bought the bag and the book when
I was 15 , so almost 4 years ago ♪ )
This is the cover of the book ~ I really like it ♥
Great for inspiration

Sadly they didn't take another picture for it's cover.
In my opinion the book contains lots of other
pictures wich are more awesome ^^

♥ Decora, Koteosa , Hime Gyaru ♥
♥ Gal fashion & some Lolita sub style
♥ Oshare Kei and Fairy Kei ♥
♥ Kawaii desu ne ;3 ?
[ the back of the book ]
The necklace I'm wearing is a star made of glass wich contains little
colourful glitter stars *-*
It's a gift of my best friend she gave to me at my 18th birthday ♥
Most of you know I have braces at the moment ^^
This is the reason why I don't really smile on most pictures at the moment,
though I know it's not an aweful thing to have braces.
I'm okay with it & I'm happy that I'll soon have straight teeth again.
I must admit I love the japanese
Yaeba = cute crooked teeth
[ she is such a beauty to me *-* ]
But as my teeth all [sadly!] have straight edges and don't look like
pointed, sharp kitty teeth it's better for me to have them straight ♥
nyan ~♪
Do it like a doll ♥
*peace* ~♪
Recently I bought some blue bath supplement
It looks so cool *-*
Soap roses ~♥
Bubble bath time \(^-^)/
Hihi, it kinda reminds me of the cutest commercial
I've ever seen !! ....really it's awesome ♥_♥
I guess this commercial sums up everything I like ^o^ ♥
I think most of you know that I'm a total lover of
My little Pony - Friendship is magic ♥
I'm so happy that it's currently on air ,
I couldn't wait for it after the first season ended !
[ A friend made that for me ^^ ]
I made this Pony-personality test for fun and
as I thought my favourite character came out *-*
Rarity ♥
( 2ond favourite is Pinkie Pie ♥ )

Best friend & Me as ponys ♥
( even the sizes match :D )

She always knows how to cheer me up
and sometimes draws something cute for me to make
my doubts & sadness go away ♥
[ By Katalin ♥ ]

[ she's so cute *-* haha ]
"Derpy Hooves is the fan-given name of a gray Pegasus pony given by the show's internet following due to her having a cross-eyed "derpy" expression in the first episode.
The name has since been adopted by the crew and Hasbro."
Neko's music :

♪ It's a great korean girlgroup, I listen to this song all the time
recently ♥
Finally I got a huge motivation boost \(^-^)/
Can't wait for spring time to begin ♥

I also finished watching 3 seasons of the series
Adventure Time
It really is my favourite show now.
Adventure Time + a cup of tea = a perfect evening
There are some really cute songs in it !

I really want to advise you to whatch it *-*
It has all the things you can call awesome in it !!
[ I mean OH MY GOSH they have a 'Rainicorn'
candy people & the cutest and weirdest stuff
you can't even imagine in it ! ♥ ]
Jake the Dog & Finn the human experience lots of
adventures and save Princess Bubblegum from time to time

Another main character is Marceline the vampire queen,
she has the best and cutest voice in the show *-*
I'm going to have my own adventure time now
*runs out to seek for some new adventures*
See you soon ♪ nyan

Bye bye (^-^)v ~♥

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Valentine's day, Tokyo fashion & upcoming stuff

Hi there (^-^)v
It's been a while again since my last entry ,
I hope you all understand ♥
( I'm still busy with school as I'll finish it soon like most of you might know ).
A few days ago finally my long awaited cross hair-accessory arrived.
I got it at :
I'm quite obsessed with crosses as fashion items at the moment ♥
You see them everywhere now ,
on pictures of recent Tokyo fashion , tumblr , we ♥ it ...
I really like it !
Like you all know , a few days ago it was
♥ Valentine's day ♥
I was super excited as I was going to spend it with
my boyfriend and he had the idea that we could go
swimming ( as I love it so much).
As we both had school on Valentine's day
we went to a café after lesson and then we
drove to the swimming pool in a close town by train.
( I can tell you, the waterslides there were so much fun )
We had an awesome & adventurous day !
It was the most romantic Valentine's day I ever had ♥
thanks to my Valentin(e)
( yeah his name is Valentin ♥ what a cute coincidence...♪ )

To everyone out there who hasn't found his/her
very special someone yet , please don't despair
I'm shure you'll meet that person soon ,
just be happy and spread that energy ~ this way people will recognize
what an adorable person you are ♥
This really is a lesson life thought me ~
Be kind & shine as bright as you can for your special someone
to find you ^^
But don't let your happiness in life only depend on other people
it must come from your very own heart ♥

This song means a lot to me , as it includes lots of
memorys I have with my love , it means so much to me
I decided to write one special line of it on my wall
above my bed ♫
Yes you can ♥
You still can be guided home , no matter how
gloomy , dreadful & miserable
the place you are in is.

[ Besides you can also see our little pink plush Mamegoma ,
Luna the cat of Sailor Moon & a stuffed Super Mario on the picture above ]

Plush thingsys as hair accessorys ~ yayy \(^-^)/
This is a snapshot I took right before going to bed,
Ghost-Neko (^_~)
Another snapshot right before I went to bed
well, at the moment I really like sleeping a lot ;D
As I have much to do .
Asylum cat ~
waiting for the concert of Emilie Autumn in March ♥
A few days ago when I went shopping to buy a Valentine's gift
for my boyfriend I also found this cute white
blossom at Bijou Brigitte and just couldn't resist to buy it ^^
Recently I also decided to eat more healthy again,
I'm very glad my parents use to have lots of different
fruits and vegetables
at our home .
As some of you might already know I'm also vegetarian,
so we also keep Soja & Tofu products.
I'm quite thoughtful about what is good and healthy for me & my body.
I think people should be more responsible concerning their eating habits
as it has a huge effect on the body.

[ yummy ♥ ]
Little things wich make me happy when I'm at school ^^

I think it's nice to have someting cute and motivational always with you
My boyfriend gave the little Mamegoma notebook to me when
it was summer, since then I use to write some phrases in it ,
around wich my thoughts float each day ♪

I'm listening continuously to it at the moment !

I hope you enjoyed reading ~♥
I got lots of things comeing up soon
I can already tell you that I have a Sailor Moon cosplay
wich wants to be photographed soon.
I can't wait for it \(^-^)/
I love Sailor Moon so much since Kindergarten !
And I also got some more new outfits I'll show you soon
(a pink Kimono-Dress, ... ) Stay tuned ~ nyan
Bye bye (^-^)v ♪