Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

ALL MY FACEBOOK DATA WAS DELETED ! Please add me again ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
My facebook page died yesterday !
When I logged in I saw all my DATA IS GONE !
All my images and ALL MY CONTACTS are deleted, just
because of some facebook error. I already contacted the support,
but I highly doubt they will/can help me.
I was never so disappointed !
So please if we were friends in facebook add me again
to your contact list ♥

This is my real facebook page :

Missx Neko

This is my like page :

Miss Neko

( I made the like page because I had reached the
facebook limit of 5000 contacts and could not
accept anymore friend requests. So if you want
to stay up to date please like my page ♥ )
The only good thing about this is that I found an old message I had
overlooked, in which a really nice girl send me a
new blog banner she made *-*
She is the girl who also made my first blog banner.
She's so great at editing ! I really love the design.
Thanks you so much Nadine

I wish everyone of you a great Christmas time !
I will write a new "real" blog entry soon again ♪

Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

Galaxy Outfit, new clothes & my adventurous winter time ♥

♥ I caught the universe in my ribs ♥
Hi there (^-^)v
I hope all of you have a great Christmas time 
I really enjoy winter this year. Last weekend it was the
first time for my boyfriend & me to walk through a snowy city.
It was such a romantic atmosphere *-* I wished all my life
to experience this. I also spend last Christmas with my honey,
but at that time it didn't snow. Really strange but yes ,
I did not see any snow last year ! So I'm very glad I can enjoy
the snowy scenery this year.
A few days ago I got all the Christmas presents I'll give
this year at the 
"Düsseldorf Arcaden" mall.
I also got a few new things for myself like this fluffy
Pullover by H&M. The colours really remind me of
Fairy Kei/ SPANK! fashion.
Pastel flower-child ♪
"Look up into the sky.
Home could be anywhere, when I am holding you" ♥
[Enter Shikari - Adieu]

"And I am lost, so lost but you're the 
constellations that guide me" ♥
[Enter Shikari- Constellations]
OH MY GOSH ! \(^o^)/
I will see Enter Shikari live in January 2013 together with my boyfriend ♥
I am super excited about this !
This is really one of the bands I love the most, I listen to their songs
over and over again during my daily life (on the train, in the bus...).
I just can't get enough of their amazing art ♥
I love their music but another thing which is really important
to me are their lyrics. 
They've got such great messages formed
out of such great lyric.
It's just sweeping.
If you don't know them, or just superficially you should really
take some time, listen closely to their lyrics & enjoy their tunes.
I really like to get lost in such music &
let my mind flow into the remotest places in space ♪
Enter Shikari :  A flash flood of colour
Finally I found the time to take a picture of the
pendant I got from Creepyyeha 
♥ Baby Girl ♥
 And I got new shoes for the winter *-*
It was really about time, now I don't have to feel cold anymore ^^
I took the snapshot at the concert of the band
in which my boyfriend is (Nuclear Sun) & his own
live show as Virtual Riot, about which I already
wrote in my former entry.
Winter Neko v(*'-^*)ゞ・'゚☆
In my apartment :
Last Saturday I went to a Japanese restaurant
called Okinii here in Düsseldorf.
I went with my boyfriend ♥ and we met 2 other couples
we're friends with, 
one of the girls is a good friend of mine
with whom I go to university. 

I'm always sitting next to her in my japanese lessons ♥
(*^-゚)v いただきます ♪
Vegetarian Sushi ♥
One of our Japanese teachers told us that "okinii"
means "arigatou = Thank you"  in
a Japanese dialect (but I forgot from which region, sorry)
We did this "all you can eat" thing ^-^
It was really nice, you could even order with an iPad ♪
I only ate the vegetarian things of course,
like this mango ice cream ! I love ice cream so much ,
regardles of the 
season ^o^
We really spend a great time in the restaurant ♥ 
At the moment I like to get this juice called "true fruits" at university.
It's really awesome and contains in fact a lot of different fruits *-*
If you see it you should really check it out ♥
My favourite flavour is pineapple/coconut :
& a strawberry yoghurt ♥
Like I said I did some Christmas shopping last week
and I also came across a Christmas market here in Düsseldorf ♪
It's funny how fast time runs these days for me ~
I'm as busy as I have never been before in my life but
in a very pleasant way ♥ Because I'm doing what I always wanted to do.
I took this picture last month to capture the beauty of autumn.
It's at my university :
And now only a few days ago the scenery changed again ♥
Some people even build a huge snow man *o*
 Christmas atmosphere in the mall "Düsseldorf Arcaden"
I must admit I kind of like this mood ♥
The main station in Düsseldorf :
A snapshot out of one of my classroom's windows :
And the Christmas presents I got :
Uhh it's almost sad I need to keep this as a secret for now ...*-*
I think I might upload some pictures of a few things after Christmas.
I also spend some days at my honey's home again last week ♥
I love his cat so much *-* Hihi as much as I love him ♥
Sorry I shouldn't get so cheesy ;3
It's awesome how much attention she (her name is Luna) gives me now
that I have a laptop. You know the stereotype that cats always walk around
in front of your computer to get attention when your busy ?
It's so true ! But it's a lovely trait ♥
Nyan ♪
Galaxy nails ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ:・'゚☆。.:。.::・'゚☆
My mother also got me a small present for
St. Nichola's Day :
She got me Maneki Neko earrings (small japanese cats)
By Bijou Brigitte and the rest is quite obvious ^^
Haha, the Hello Kitty tissues are kind of a joke ;D
She always gets me some little funny Hello Kitty things
when she sees some. 
 Neko's music : 

Just lovely ♥ thanks to my boyfriend I always have new 
music that really touches my heart.
• Static - Turn on swich of

A quite recent song by one of my most admired artists 
• Unicorn Kid - Feel so real 
*:;☆。.:*・゚Merry X'mas:*・゚。:.*
Thanks for reading, I'm always so happy about
your lovely comments ♥ Have a great day  (○゚ε^○)v

Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Neko's new apartment ~ a tour through my sparkling world ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Last week was pretty exciting for me ♪
I went to the birthday party of a close friend of mine,
my boyfriend visited me in Düsseldorf and I went to a
concert of Nuclear sun (my boyfriend sings in that band)
and to a performance of Virtual Riot.
On the picture above you can see my outfit for the 
birthday party. Aries again ♥ I just love this as a look for autumn.
On the pictures below you can see some of my latest
tries to do curls with a hair straightener. I'm getting better at it
slowly, I think it's really only a matter of practice ^^
I took some snapshots before my Japanese lesson began ^-^ ♥
Nihongo o benkyo shimasho !
Let's learn Japanese ! 
 Haha, I must admit I love the fact that our grammar book is pink :D ♥
And another 'Aries snapshot' :
( I needed to edit a lovely girl out of this picture as she didn't notice that
I took a photo....and we all know how we look like when we don't know
that we're photographed ;D I didn't want to post anyone here who doesn't know.
If you're reading this sry ;3 ♥ let's take a picture together some time ^^)
 And now a big update about me :
Last week I moved into my first very own
apartment in Düsseldorf ! ♥
It's ca. 6 minutes away from my University and about 15 minutes
away from the city. I'm so happy I'm finally living this central.
As some of you might know I grew up in a small village living in my
parent's house with a garden etc. I can even see a farm and lots of 
nature when I look out the window of my old room.
I still have my room/ walk-in closet etc. at my parent's house as
I come home some weekends (and I can't fit all the things I gathered
over the years in my life in my new apartment).
Well, this is how my new home looks like :
 I want to paint my walls pink like in my old room, but this has to wait
until I have more time. F
or now it can stay like this ^^
Last week I went to Ikea in Düsseldorf with my mother,
my older sister and my boyfriend.
They helped me moving from my transitory room in Düsseldorf
to my own apartment. When I came home after university they already
had put all my things into the new apartment ♥_♥
I was so happy that they did support me like that ~
They helped me at Ikea (I needed to buy the entire furniture for
my new home, as I couldn't bring my old furniture) and
they also helped me build the furniture.
I can't thank my boyfriend enough for setting up most of
the furniture until late at night ♥
 Meanwhile I was placing in all my things / tidying and so on.
That's true love to me - if you help your special person
setting up furniture etc. ♥♥♥ Hihi ;D
When you are supportive & reliable in daily situations ♥
 ( It's the same with moving in
together ...my boyfriend doesn't live with me yet, but it already
feels that way, as he's with me so much and also helps me
sometimes with my household, like cleaning dishes ^^).
What I mean by that is, one of the most important
things in a relationship is
that you can count on each other and
that you don't fight because of trivia (my  boyfriend and
I have never fought a single fight since we know each other
as we're both the same type of persons : peace-loving and relaxed).
For some couples fighting might be considered as 'healthy' but as my
boyfriend and I are so open about everything, we just tell each other what
we think and luckily we agree most of the time.
If we don't that's no big deal. Opinions are opinions and
we don't ever take such things out on a personal level
(like "I don't like you when you don't like that song I love"
that's just sad/childish behaviour.)
Okay that was just some short insight into my
opinion of true love ♥
So let's go on with a small sneak peak into my new apartment :

On the table there is a picture of my love and me and another
picture of me and my best friend Kittey ♥ she gave it to me
as a gift for my new home.
I put a poem of Emilie Autumn in the Hello Kitty mirror ♥

It's exactly this picture :
Some of my necklaces :

My makeup stand : 

I keep my accessories in the drawers of this cupboard :



My beloved computer  ^-^ 
 Finally I have a real mouse pad....I didn't have one for years !
I just couldn't resist to buy this one,
I have to say it's extremely comfortable ^^
I love Super Sonico ♥
 I just had to make a small "Emilie autumn corner"
as I just admire her as an artist so much ♥
I also had such a corner in my old room. I really love
macabre art/books and everything which relates to that ♥
[ the small picture shows Nana from the Anime Elfen Lied
She is my favourite character and Elfen Lied is besides Chobits one
of my favourite Anime series since I'm 14 ]
Of course I also had to bring my signed book of Emilie with me ♥
I waited so long at a concert in 2010 to see her.
I waited in the snow and she really came out and took some pictures
with us 
(we were only 5 fans left as it was so late).
Back then she 
still came out sometimes after a concert,
there were no VIP meetings, she began that later as
her fanbase increased so much ^^
The Necklace with the lock is also by Emilie ♪
I took a better picture in my old room :
 In my old room :
And the picture I took with her at the first concert I've seen *-*I wrote about the 1st concert in 2010 this former entry
and about her 2nd concert I saw in this entry
♥ Poor little dead bunny - it needs extra care and love ;3
 My new lamp, also from Ikea ♪
I must admit it's my favourite item in my room besides my bed :D
♥  きら きら 
 Hello Kitty coat hooks  ♥
I got them as a birthday present when I turned 15 or 14 ^^
 Another thing which I think is really cool is that you get a little
present box as a new citizen of Düsseldorf ♥
 Inside it there were lots of  great coupons for cultural things/events in Düsseldorf but also for lots of shops.There were also lots of really useful informational brochures inside. I must say I am really happy
that I'm now an official citizen of Düsseldorf,
the city I love since I was young ♥
 So this is my little sparkling Neko world (○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♥
Neko's music : 
• Sistar - So cool :

• Haru/ Hawayu  (Hello , How are you ?)
the best version of the song in my eyes ♥
"Thank you! 
Even if just for once, while I lament from the bottom of my heart, 
I actually want to say 'thank you'.Hello! How are you? 
To you, I say 'Hello! How are you?' "

 Haro hawayu 
Anata ni haro hawayu ?