Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

X-mas time & fashion updates ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Finally it's winter again ♥
and here in Germany , it does even snow yet *-*
Besides all the stuff I need to do for school I
found the time to dye my hair pink again and to do some other more
pleasing things ^^
Recently I really have to work a lot ,
as I will finish school this summer (2012)
but I will try my best to keep up the blogging updates ♪
In the picture above you can see one of my new favourite hats
I bought it last week at H&M it's so fluffy and warm !
I really like these 'russian hats' ( but of course only with fake fur ).

CHU ~♪ Neko is pink again :
A few days ago the Yumetenbo coat I ordered at
did arrive *-*
Sadly I haven't found the time to take a better
picture yet ....it's always getting dark SO early
(that's one thing I really don't like about winter )
But her we go ^-^
Pink coat ♥
I also discovered a picture I took on Halloween,
finally I can show you the whole outfit ^^
Bloodstained wayward victorian girl
~ what would she do without her friends ?
No one could help her to kill all the enemies
to get all those neat bloodstains ;3
Thanks friendsys ~♥
This reminds me, I'm going to see the great and wonderful
( for a second time )
in march 2012 in Germany *O*
I almost died from happieness when I discovered
all her new songs etc. from the new album
I really admire her as artist and as person ♥
She is one of the greatest artists to me.

" Muffin you're a mouse in a big house
Playin' in your cage gonna be a big rat some day
You got cake on your face
You big disgrace
Drippin' your tea all over the place
Tea will tea will rock you !
~Come on get on the stage
Let out yo' rage
Nobody gonna put you back into your cage !"
She really wrote some awesome lyrics again *O*
I especially like the ones of "Medicate with tea"
...maybe I've watched to many episodes of
Breaking Bad recently ♥
It is just awesome *________*
One of my new favourite programs now !

" I don't need to go to rehab
or to set up a meth lab
~ I self-medicate with tea "
[ "To write love on her arms" T-shirt ♥ ]

Lately I discovered a very cute shop called :
I just couldn't resist ~
I've always wanted to have nerd glasses like these :
...what irony, as a child I had to wear glasses, but I never wanted to
and now that I don't need them anymore I bought 'em ♥
I guess you always want what you haven't got ;D
Pixel -Bow Necklace \(^-^)/
The idea for some new nails did also come to my mind a few days ago
due to this cute picture of Himena :

I think the plastic-cross necklace is super pretty,
at the moment I'm gathering similar items, as I really like this idea
of mixing crosses and plastic + pink pastel colors ~♥
My nails :
I even found a matching ring at Accessorize :
I did also find this heart necklace there *-*
I think it kinda fits X-mas very well.
( don't ask me why ~
somehow I associate golden stuff with christmas ^^)
I'm soo looking forward to X-mas *-*
I'm really excited this year for some reasons :3
This is my Advent calendar :
Hello Kitty ♥ (yayy my mom knows what's awesome =D)
There are little books with short stories & pictures in it ,
really cute ^.^
I also have another advent calendar , it was a present
from my work besindes school.
It has tea for every day ♥ perfect *-*

♪ Neko's Music :

I listen to SeeU all the time at the moment ,she is an
awesome VOCALOID !
And she is even a Neko ♪
Vocaloids are my favourite female singers besides Emilie Autumn
and Perfume

and one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heared :

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading and found some
interesting new things ^^
I guess I will be suuuuuper busy the next two weeks,
though I have X-mas holidays
but you'll hear from me ~♪
I have also planned some adventurous stuff ;3

Ya ne ~ Bye bye (^-^)v ♥
nyan ♪


  1. awwww,cutie~
    pink hair color suits u very weeeeeell)))
    i absolutely love it^^

  2. Woaw So many pink and cute thing. You're look very pretty and you're so nice with pink hair.

  3. very very cute post!
    please if you can, post more often! <3

  4. yay *__* pink steht dir einfach am besten. * ^ *

  5. Deine Haarfarbe ist toll <3 Überhaupt deine Haare :D So schön!
    Und der Mantel gefällt mir suuuper gut! Ebenso das Top dass du bei dem (oberen) Foto trägst wo du die Pixelbow-Kette zeigst X3

  6. i love love love your hair <333 ~
    & die mantel ist süß *_* ~