Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

X-mas Gal meet-up & lovely winter days ♥

Hi there (^-^)v
Finally I found the time to write about some
lovely days I spend this week ^^
On the 28th & 29th of december I went to the
'Gal X-mas meet-up in Düsseldorf '
It was so lovely ♪
Greetings to all the gorgeous gals who were there ~♥
(*゚▽゚)o よくできました!
Hihi , well and as you can see I also couldn't resist to
take some new Purikura
♥ Everybody in front of the Japan store ♥
[picture by Binh Truong]

With Ai-chan ♥♥
You look soo cute even with glasses ! ♥

Gathering in the railway station :
I'm happy I could also finally meet
Damla & Demet ♥
They're twins *-* and both so cute !
If you don't know them already check out their blog :

It's about fashion and other interesting things ~
In the Japan store
Everybody was waiting in front of the Puricura machine ;D
Well, it's worth it as it's always so much fun ^^
And then finally it was our turn ♥ yayy (^-^)v

I was also very happy to see Vicky again with her boyfriend.
*Sparkle* =D
and with Ai x3
Well, some of you have already noticed :
Yes, I got braces a few weeks ago ^^
I'm okay with that now ~ I hope I'll have nice straight teeth soon :3
nyan ~♪
Outfit for the second day :
( I stayed in Düsseldorf in a hotel with my boyfriend ♥)
~(=^・ω・^)ノ☆ ニャ!

I also couldn't resist to buy some things at the Japan store ( OCS )
A Hello Kitty mirror, I'll use as a necklace :
A very cute seal ( Mamegoma ♥ ) wich
lives at my boyfriends and at my home now :3
( The cutest thing I've ever seen !!! *O* )
I love Mamegoma *-*
A Bento Box :
I just could not pass those fluffy ears ♥
I'll take some pictures wearing them soon ,
worn they really look like
sheep ears to me :3
This cute candy cane pendant is mady by Vicky *-*
She gave it to me as a present ~ thank you cutie :3
Okay ~ at this point I'm really dying through cuteness *_*
It's the X-mas present of my boyfriend's mother :)
and bath supplement ~♥
I love bathing it's one of the greatest things in the world ^-^
I'd like to have black lights and lots of nice light-stuff
in my bathroom in the future *-*
This would be cool *-* but with more lights ^^
Neko's music :

Thank's for reading ~ Bye bye (^-^)v
nyan ♫


  1. Die Puri Fotos sind mega süß <3
    Ohhh und dass mit der zahnspänge ist mir erst beim letzten Foto & als du es geschrieben hast aufgefallen .__. Finde es aber echt nicht schlimm.... du hast immer noch ein tolles Lächeln! Aber ich frag mich grad wofür du die überhaupt brauchst, deine Zähne sind doch ohnehin total gerade? o_O Jedenfalls wünsch ich dir, dass du sie nicht lange tragen musst und keine Schmerzen dabei hast! :)

  2. Hi Miss Neko. Ich liebe deinen Blog und freue mich immer wieder wenn du etwas postest.

    Ich habe auch eine Spange, schon fast 3 Jahre. Bei dir siehts aber echt nicht schlimm aus, eher voll niedlich ^^

    Ich wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch.
    lg Marleen-chan

  3. hallo (; ich liebe diesen blog einfach mega und muss jeden tag nachgucken ob schon ein neuer post da ist ^-^

    eine meiner freundinnen (auf deiner schule) möchte unbedingt ein autogramm von dir ^-^

    naja, frohes neues yaahr noch,

    mayumi-tan ;3