Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 22. November 2011

Yumetenbo Gyaru fashion ~♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♥

Finally my Yumetenbo clothes arrived ♪
If you're also searching for some cute Gyaru fashion
clothes ~ there you go :

I can really recommand this shop to you ~ they are great

~ CHU ♥
My desperately awaited 'Neko hat/scarf thingy'
did also arrive a few days ago *-*
Now I'm ready for winter ~♥
you can get it here :



I must say , I especially like the legwarmers ♥
I've always wanted such a pair *-*

* Happyness * \(^-^) /

At the moment I'm really having an exhausting time,
as I have to read and do even more for school than ever before ~
I'll finish school next spring , so I really need to prepare a lot .
Sorry for not being able to blog that often >_< ♥
Never the less I still enjoy the time ,
thanks to my lovely boyfriend ♥ and my dear friends :3
Also I'm really looking forward to
Christmas *-*
I can't wait until it finally snows ~ It's always so exciting ^^


Neko's Music :

just awesome !

...and well, I just could not stop myself from making this :
My very own Rage comic thing :DD

[ sorry for the indecency ]

Thanks for reading ~♥
I hope I'll find the time to make the hair tutorial you asked for soon :3
Ya ne ♪ Bye bye (^-^)v

[ My heart is rushing during all these wonderful evenings
thanks to him ♥ ]

Sonntag, 6. November 2011

Chi cosplay , Halloween & Shibuya-kei

Hi there (^-^)v ♥
My holidays are finally over and school is about to start again.
I did expirience a lot during the last weeks &
I really enjoyed the time ♪
Finally I managed to do a new CHI cosplay !
For the ones who don't know ,Chi is the main character of the anime Chobits,
wich is one of my favourite ones altogether.

The cosplay can be bought here :

I also tried out a new makeup for the cosplay :
" I want the someone just for me. The someone just for me
likes me because I am me and I like him because he is him.
That's the someone just for me " [ chobits ]

Of course I also did celebrate Halloween last week \(^-^)/
& I went as Asylum inmate ( what else ? )
Greetings to all the little plague rats out there that
also admire the great and wunderful Emilie Autumn !
More pictures from Halloween are going to follow soon ~

I want to mix our blood and put it in the ground so you can never leave ♥

Miss Lucy had some leeches
Her leeches liked to suck
And when they drank up all her blood
She didn't give a
Funny when the doctors
Had locked her in her cell
Miss Lucy screamed all night that they
Should go to bloody
Headstones in the courtyard
And statues in the park
Are not for the insane
Just leave them rotting in the
A few days ago I also went shopping with my friends
and found this cute dress in a gothic shop ~♥
But I didn't buy it as I think I wouldn't wear it very often
( still can't resist pink stuff ;D )

Finally my parcels of YUMETENBO ♥ did arrive !
Sadly I was too busy to take some pictures yet,
but I'll try to show you the clothes pretty soon ~♪
So stay curious ;3

OMG ! Neko without makeup and short hair ! O_O
Hihi, well of course I didn't cut my hair
it's just a bun hairdo ♥
I kinda really like it & it's so comfortable :3
What happens when I have fun with the windows paint programme
in the evening ? ^o^
[...yeah I like dinosaurs ♥ ]

Neko's Music :

[ both SUCH lovely songs ♥ ]

I'm really in love with those peaceful songs ♪
Well... from time to time I'm also into exciting stuff of course !
I guess concerning to taste of music I kinda have a split personality ;)

My favourite genres are :

J-Pop , K-pop , J-electro, Shibuya-kei , Dubstep , ( Nu ) Metal ,
8-bit, Chiptune , Electro, Nintendocore, Bitpop,
Drum and bass, Hardstep, Drumstep, House, Fidget house,
Hip Hop, Rock, Hardcore, Speedcore, Darkcore,
Hardstyle , UK hard house
Industrial, Ambient , ( japanese ) Darkwave ...

Well , If I needed to add all the 25.384843 sub-genres I guess I would type pages !
Let's just say I really only hate :
Schranz and german folk music...
& reggae can get on my nerves if I have to listen to it for too long !

One thing I really love is Nightcore
I know their music since 5 years & I'm listening to the songs a lot right now again ♪
What is nightcore ?

" 'Nightcore' are two boys from Alta, named Thomas S. Nilsen
and Steffen Ojala Søderholm.
We mix techno/dance music into faster and more happier sounds
for your listening pleasure!
Our name, 'Nightcore', means that we are the core of the night,
so you'll dance all night long. "

But my all time favourite music genre will always be
Shibuya kei (渋谷系 )

It is a sub-genre of Japanese pop music which
originated in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.
It is best described as a mix between jazz, pop, and electropop.
Shibuya-kei gained popularity in the 1990s and spread rapidly all over japan .
Today there are musicians that can be categorized as shibuya-kei
all over the world.
The japanese Word "shibuya kei" can be translated as " shibuya style ".
A few of the most popular artists of this genre are :

• Perfume ( will always be my favourite band ♥ )

I can't describe how much I love that music ♥
It really goes straight to my heart ♪

Well, have a nice autumn/winter minna-san !
m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ
& gomen for not doing the hairtutorial yet ,
for which some of you keep asking ~
I really hope I can manage it to make a good one soon^^

Ya ne , see you next time (^-^)v ~♪