Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

Prague trip , fashion & Para Para ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♥
Yesterday I finally came home again after
spending a great week in Prague !
I had a great time there and it was quite adventurous.
I also got to see "Nuclear sun" live at the "Nunoise" ~
They were awesome ! ♪
The evening was wicked but we 
didn't really take any pictures as we didn't have any time for it ;)
But we took some before the concert started,
this was my outfit :

Festival flyer : 
Well , as it's finally autumn I did buy some new clothes to kinda
prepare for colder temperatures .
I even managed it to get some Yumetenbo clothes !
You can't imagine how happy I'm about this !
I hope the packages will arrive soon , then I'll show you what I got and
where I got it :)
So everyone who doesn't know how to order these awesome clothes,
I'll explain in my next entry ,the page I got is really simple & easy.
I think that is going to be more about Gyaru fashion again ^^
But let's save this for the next entry .
For now I want to show you a new Hoody I got ,
it can be bought at the titus online shop ( awesome ! )
It's from Bench
( great for people like me who are tall & have long arms ;D )


So as you can see my hair is finally pink again ^-^
I used Directions carnation pink mixed with
silver shampoo.
This is a picture I took last week ,
I tried out a new hairdo , I got inspired for it by a great manga
called "Swich girl" the one I was writing about in my last entrys .
There are so many great hairdos in it ! ♥
At the moment I'm trying out most of them.

Most secondary characters in "Swich girl" also have
great detailed hairdos and a sweet style,
like the 3 best friends of the main character Nika.
The one on wich the arrow points is my favourite one,
she always looks cuter than the others to me ! *-*
But she's not really an important character ...but everytime she appears
she looks super charming ♥

♥ Some hairdos from the passed weeks :




And finally a few pictures of Prague ,
sadly I didn't really take any good ones, now
I'm thinking about gettin' a better camera soon.

The Prague Astronomical Clock ( Prague Orloj ) :

It was so huge !

Prague square :

And a better picture of it :
(I couldn't really capture how huge and beautiful it is ♥)
There are many old buildings ( great architecture ! )
and the city really has got a romantic atmosphere *-*
The whole setting is really enchanting at night.
I was so happy when I walked over the Karls bridge with my honey ♥
My heart really was beating faster while walking over that bridge
it was captivating *-*
♥ Karlův most ♥
Neko's Music :

I'm listening to this for days ~ nonstop ^o^

and the most lovely song I've ever heared !!

& of course some Hime Trance for everyone that likes it :

Not THAT recent anymore , but in case someone didn't notice :

Now ,very recent :

At the moment I'm also very into PARA PARA dance again ♥
I absolutely love it it's so much fun , so I started practising some
new ones again ^-^
Here is a great tutorial youtube channel :

I already know lots of common Para Para , like
Gyaruru - meccha macco ( my first & favourite one ♥)
But I still have to practise this one at the moment :

Ya ne (^-^)v Bye bye ! ♥