Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Enjoying the last vacation days ♥ nyan

Hi guys (^-^)v ~♥
I really enjoyed the last vacation days to the fullest.
I went to Primark in Gelsenkirchen again.
Of course I also had to visit my beloved town Düsseldorf again.
There I bought a Mochi ( it's a japanese rice cake).
If you have never eaten one before make shure to do one dayit's just super delicous ! ( but I must admit it fills you up quite fast x_x
I can not eat much of it )

As I finally got my salary of my job besides school
I also bought quite a lot new stuff.

Sometimes you're allowed to treat oneself to something , です ? ♥
If you're searching for Japanese items I tell you
you can find everything in the OCS store in Düsseldorf :

♥ Hello Kitty 
[ It's as big as a cushion *-* I've always wanted someting like this ♥ ]

I love these purikura covered mirrors
so I made me a second one
[ That way you'll have your dearest friends always with you ,
wether you're in school , in a train or somewhere else ^^ ♥]

Then I got this cute & sparkly notepad from my boyfriend *-*
Aww ♪ I just love such cute little things ~
They make your daily life way happier ♥

Such things really make me smile and motivate me
during exhausting math lessons and the like.

Now I'm really looking forward for school to begin already again.


Pink fan ♥

And 2 absolutely awesome Hello Kitty notebooks
I got them to stick some Purikura in them and
wirte about some days in my life I want to remember closely ♥

They look like japanese candy packing *-* ♥
Inside :

First page ( the other ones are just pink or white ) :
And of course also some Pocky :
( I like to collect the Hello Kitty ones , the one in the middle is the most recent
packing version ^^)
Comic on it's back :

And last but not least for all the other little nerds out there ;)
I want to show you the Super Mario my boyfriend got for me
his trip to Sweden ^^
Ahhh marvellous ! *Putting her hipster-glasses on* xD

Well, tomorrow is my first day of my last year in school ♪
Let's see what time will bring ♥
I'm really excited about the future right now
Ya ne ~ bye bye (^-^)v

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