Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Fashion , anime & game updates ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ~♥
So I finally find myself in everyday school life again
and I must say I'm really kinda enjoying it.
It's my last year at school and I can't wait to go to university next year ♪
I have to work a lot at the moment but I'm still having a great time thanks to my friends and of course my honey *-* ♥
I feel like time is flying ~

A few days ago my " Chi ears " [ Chobits ] did arrive ♥

I wanted to have them since such a long time *-*
I'm really happy now ♥
I'm planning on doing a Chi cosplay again soon ~
I had a photo shoot a few years ago and now I'm
really looking forward to do one with a different outfit of Chi ♥

[ The "Ears" are from ebay , the original ones from Japan ♪]

A while ago I started listening again to lots of music I gathered
over the years like Toxic lipstick , Puffy shoes ...♥
( I'll always love that kind of music !)

Hmm getting that riot grrrl feeling too ? ;3
Absolutely marvellous ! ♥

A few days ago I also decided to get an
WE ♥ IT -account
as that page is just absolutely lovely !
Feel free to add me :

You can really find amazing pieces of art there
and also lots of inspiring phrases and cute images ♪
I want to show you some images that really met my heart lately ♥


To realize that you love me ,
though you know me better than anyone else in this world
ever did
is just so amazing that my heart's overflowing
with drips of joy
every second
in this life ♥
You finally found the tune that speaks to my heart ,
gives it release and comforts it.
I just want to let you know
I'll always try my best to make you the happiest person in the universe

Lately I tried out a new makeup look inspired by a friend
and this is the result :

[ for the ones who didn't knew already , yes I have a tunnel : 10 mm ♪ ]

I'd also like to show you a new manga I bought as a friend told me
it's really great ( thanks AI-chan *-* ).
It's called " SWICH GIRL "
And it has quite a lot great Gyaru fashion looks in it.
I could already get some inspiration from it *-*
The story is also very funny and lovely ♥
The main charcter NikaTamiya has a thing called " Off and ON mode " ,
wich most of you girls might know pretty well , too.
In school she always looks great,
but at home she's horribly pragmatic and quite nasty ~
As the author is exaggerating that matter Nika really ends up to be in lots
of funny and also disturbing moments ;D
And of course there's also a love story included ♥
By all means a manga thats very entertaining :

I did also buy a new Perfume
wich clearly is my new favourite one at the moment :

It smells very sweet ♥
[ I'm absolutely no fan of perfume with a tangy quality ! ]


I got something interesting now for all of you that like


Most of you know that awesome game , the ones who don't - I really
recommend it to you.
Now there's a great Youtube channel you should check out,
they're uploading let's play videos :

In the first Episode Delta Troll Jack & Ed start in a new world and
immediatly come across a new feature! Then settle the deal on a new

Another great game you should check out is To Heart 2
( that's maby more for the girls among you now ;] )

And the very recent and marvellous Senran Kagura for Nintendo 3DS
Genre : Fighting
Release date : 9/10/2011

Neko's Music :

"I'm brilliant. I’m not bragging. It's an objective fact.
I'm the most massive collection of wisdom that’s ever existed ~
And I hate you !!!
It can't be for no reason. You must deserve it."
~ starting now there's going to be a lot less conversation and a lot more killing "

( Portal is just so awesome ! )

Another really beautiful song I'm hearing all the time at the moment :

I'd also like to show you a quite recent anime ( 2011 ! )
It's called Infinite Stratos

It's Ending theme :

[ It's really awesome ! Go check it out ♥ ]

And last but not least a really enchanting song *-*

Thanks for reading ~ Ya ne ♥
Bye bye (^-^)v ♪

Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Enjoying the last vacation days ♥ nyan

Hi guys (^-^)v ~♥
I really enjoyed the last vacation days to the fullest.
I went to Primark in Gelsenkirchen again.
Of course I also had to visit my beloved town Düsseldorf again.
There I bought a Mochi ( it's a japanese rice cake).
If you have never eaten one before make shure to do one dayit's just super delicous ! ( but I must admit it fills you up quite fast x_x
I can not eat much of it )

As I finally got my salary of my job besides school
I also bought quite a lot new stuff.

Sometimes you're allowed to treat oneself to something , です ? ♥
If you're searching for Japanese items I tell you
you can find everything in the OCS store in Düsseldorf :

♥ Hello Kitty 
[ It's as big as a cushion *-* I've always wanted someting like this ♥ ]

I love these purikura covered mirrors
so I made me a second one
[ That way you'll have your dearest friends always with you ,
wether you're in school , in a train or somewhere else ^^ ♥]

Then I got this cute & sparkly notepad from my boyfriend *-*
Aww ♪ I just love such cute little things ~
They make your daily life way happier ♥

Such things really make me smile and motivate me
during exhausting math lessons and the like.

Now I'm really looking forward for school to begin already again.


Pink fan ♥

And 2 absolutely awesome Hello Kitty notebooks
I got them to stick some Purikura in them and
wirte about some days in my life I want to remember closely ♥

They look like japanese candy packing *-* ♥
Inside :

First page ( the other ones are just pink or white ) :
And of course also some Pocky :
( I like to collect the Hello Kitty ones , the one in the middle is the most recent
packing version ^^)
Comic on it's back :

And last but not least for all the other little nerds out there ;)
I want to show you the Super Mario my boyfriend got for me
his trip to Sweden ^^
Ahhh marvellous ! *Putting her hipster-glasses on* xD

Well, tomorrow is my first day of my last year in school ♪
Let's see what time will bring ♥
I'm really excited about the future right now
Ya ne ~ bye bye (^-^)v

Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

My loved one, Gyaru fashion & my holidays ♥

Hi cuties (^-^)v ~ ♥
This summer holidays were already so adventurous !
I've almost planned something for every single day ,
& I did not sleep much as well (once I even stayed awake for 2 days).
This evening I finally have some time to make a new blog entry ♥
I'm so sorry that I could not make it any earlier but I really had too many
other things to do [first of all enjoy the holidays ;) I guess you can understand]
So this entry is kind of a little sneak peak into
" how Neko spend her holiday time" Like I already told you lots of things happend and changed :)
The ones among you who have me in facebook might already have noticed
I prefer to keep the details private, I know you will understand that .
All I have to say is that after a quite unpleasant breakup
I'm incredibly happy that I found my true love now and
everything turned out right.
Or more precisely I realised that he's the one for me ♥
He was always there since a long long time and
our deep friendship finally turned into love ♥
 Now finally things turned out perfectly for us :)
[This are some Purikura we took in Düsseldorf.]

Attentive blog readers of mine might remember Virtual Riot

The amazing musician with whom I did 2 songs ♪
This is him ♥

"Aishiteru yo ne "

♥ 最後に、私は王女になることができます


Me with rather blonde hair again ~
but I'll dye it pink in a few weeks, I guess ♥
[I'm just in love with sparkle ;D]

A few days ago I visited Düsseldorf ♥
I had a great time , took some Purikura and met
Black Sui & Alice Andou
Check out their Blogs if you love (Hime) Gyaru or Lolita fashion ♥
[ Aren't they gorgeous ? Love your outfits , not to mention the hair ...♥ ]
My nails that day :
Well you can guess I tried to spend as many days as possible
in my beloved town Düsseldorf and also in other bigger citys.
I'm almost every day in a train ^o^
This are some more Purikura
I took with my honey and a friend of ours ♥
You can never have to much sparkle ? Can you ??
....I don't think so !! ^o^
[ I would like to decorate everything with these roses ,
they are the cutest stamp of the Puricura machine *-* ]

I could even find an exciting place in my little village as well.
It's called "Cup&chino"
A really great café with a beautiful atmosphere ♥
That day I tried out a new hair style, as
I got a bigger tunnel for my ear ( 10 mm ).
I'll soon take some better pictures for you ^^

Only a few days ago I visited Ai
The cute Gyaru who is in the circle called Boggy Peak.
I'm shure lots of you know her.

If not check out her blog :

♥ Ai's Blog ♥

She really is an awesome Gal ! ( and so nice ♥ )
I really enjoyed that little party :3
[Thank you for the lovely time ~ I'm looking forward to repeat that soon ;) ♥ chu]

I'm about to visit Düsseldorf in a few days again and I've also planned
some other trips for the rest of the holidays ~♪
School is about to begin soon again but for now
I keep on enjoying the free time ♥

Well, I hope I will find the time to make more blog entrys in the future.
I've already some ideas for new hairdos and outfits I want to share with you ♪

Neko's Music :

• Virtual Riot - Never enough

Virtual Riot - What The F***

• Perfume - Glitter

• Bar 9 - Piano tune

• SKRILLEX remix ♥ of Born this way

( OH my gosh just f***ing go and check out all
SKRILLEX songs if you haven't , HE is AWESOME ! )

The Qemists (feat. Enter Shikari) - 'Take It Back'

• Enter Shikari - No sleep tonight

Thank you for reading ~ ♥
Bye bye (⌒∇⌒)ノ""マタネー!!