Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Freitag, 19. August 2011

Summerdays, fashion & a vegan café ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
Finally I found the time to write a new entry ♥
I'm so busy at the moment (haha well I seem to always be ...)
I still have summer holidays , but I have plans for almost every single day.
It's really exciting and I did lots of things until now , but it's also
nice to finally get some rest today , as I did not make any plans for today
(exept from my driving lesson ♥ yay)
A few days ago I went shopping in Dortmund ♥
The same day I also went to the vegan café Cakes'n'Treats
It is an absolutely lovely place and their food is just super delicious !Just to not confuse you , I'm not vegan - I'm vegetarian ♥
But whether you eat meat or not I still advise you to go there and taste
their delicious food ~♪
If you got interested you can also find out more at the facebook page
of the shop owner.

She posts lots of pictures of the food /cakes etc. they are selling .

 Kim Veganwonderland
Isn't it just beautiful ? Such a nice atmosphere ♥

This is one of the vegan Cup cakes :

This is what I ate :
A chocolate-peach cake , a chocolate crêpe and a strawberry milk-shake
( Yes I love chocolate ! ^o^ )
Tasty ♪
The fish is made of marzipan ♥
After lunch we went into the city for shopping.
I was searching so long for this kind of shoes ,
I think they look kinda cute and they are also very comfortable ♥
I hope I will find other pairs like these ones soon :
Now I somehow am happy when autumn comes around ♥
But of course I still enjoy summer as well, it's my favourite season, but sometimes rainy and cold days can be very nice as well
if you're dressed up the right way ;)
I for one love to walk around with cute umbrellas when it rains & I even plan on buying a pair of these cute patterned gumboots soon at Primark ♥
Later that day it also started to rain in Dortmund but we still enjoyed it ♥
Earlier it was very sunny so we were okay with the rain,
it even got really funny ^o^
As we three walked around through the city we suddenly heard really
lovely piano music and then we discovered that guy
sitting there and playing randomly
It was kind of like one of those enchanting moments in a movie ,
he did not want money or anything he was just a passerby who soon stood up and walked on with his family :)
I love it when such unusual and unexpected things happen
He played :
♪ A River Flows In You

I was so fascinated , I use to be very impressed by music and art.
It really reaches my heart *-*

Some of you guys already know Virtual Riot !
He's my best friend :)
And by accident he's a very talented musician as well
So once again I put some promotion in here
• Virtual Riot youtube

This is one of the new outfits I bought during the holidays :
I kinda fell in love with that necklace , I'm glad I found it at Bijou Brigitte.
I'm wearing it all the time at the moment .

The skirts kinda reminded me of Liz Lisa Gyaru fashion
with their floral pattern etc. ♥
So I bought them and again created an own thing from this :)
Love it *-*
New Top I bought as well :
So as you can see I drove around a lot & also bought a lot ...
Luckiely I finally have a job besides school ♥
I feel kinda gulty for spending my whole first salary :O
but I guess it's okay sometimes ^^
I also spent lots of time at rail stations / at work and was in a rush quite often. Therefor I enjoy little breaks even more like sitting on a
bench with a cool tea.

Rail station Münster ♥ :

Some days ago I also went to the Kabuki RockStyle event
in the disco called "Zwischenfall" in Bochum .
Love you ♥

Night skies are embracing me ♥
And last but not least I want to advise you watch Air gear
If you haven't already seen it ! It's just awesome ~♥
There are fights , love storys , action, ....it's just good in every way ^^
I just had to make this random picture ^o^
Nothing to do on a long evening ~

I really like the look of band-aids/patches on legs and so on ^^
I think it's cute ....sadly it's a kinda strange thing to do,
I don't really do it often .
( yes I already did it a few times , even when I went to school )

I guess it's only fine for cosplay matters ^^
A few weeks ago I listened non-stop to :

♪ Rolling Girl by hatsune Miku

I'm quite obsessed with that song ♥
And that also made me like the look of patches :3
It makes one seem like there's a story about it

in a somehow desperate way...
I like that idea. Again it might be better in cosplay matters, but
I'm one of those persons that want to express their feelings with their look.

I'm kinda letting everybody see my soul and my thoughts
with very tiny fashion hints
quite often in daily life ~♥~♥~
nyan ;3

So that's it for now ,
thank you for reading ♥
Ya mata ne (^.~)v