Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Party time & dear friends ♥

He there ~♥
My new bow finally arrived *-*
♪ I thought it would be fun to make a gif
so here is mine :
Gif link ( I can't put it here as I'm SOO smart ;D )

A few weeks ago I went to a party with some of my dear friends ♥
And somehow I ended up styling one of them :
♥ Katalin ♥
Usually she likes Gothic fashion ,
so this was an exciting experiment *o* 
Kyaaa :3

Thank you for always cheering me up even when I feel like
drowning in the rain

you're just such a lovely person ♥
( Oh my gosh look what she drew for me again *-* )
[Text : There will always be sun after the rain...
With lots of love from me to you ♥ ]
Now a little bit more fucked up picture ;D
With Valentin :3
He's the one who made my song Aishiteru yo ne
He's such an awesome musician & an awesome friend ♥
( I really want to thank you for everything :3 )
! Virtual Riot !
I'm listening to lots of Vocaloid music at the moment again.
[ Album : Vocalogenesis ]
I really love that music, it's my favourite one ♥
& I ended up making a random snapshot of an
"Hatsune Miku - Rolling Girl"- inspired outfit
It's not very obvious , as it was more about the feeling the song gave me ,
Maybe I will do a real cosplay soon ~♪

That's it for now a new entry is about to come VERY soon ;D
BYE BYE ! nyan ~♥


  1. süße bilder !
    sieht ja so aus als hättest du viel spaß gehabt♥
    die schleife finde ich übrigens richtig süß :)
    hätte auch gerne so eine aber steht mit bestimmt nicht so :D:D
    deine anziehsachen auf dem vorletzten bild sind ja mal mega süß :3

    uuund wenns bald nen neuen blog eintrag geben würde, würde ich mich freuen!!♥ ich lese deinen blog immer gerne :*

  2. Sugoi blogg~ Miss neko chan soo pretty <3 :D I Liked :) <3

  3. rly kawaii bow ^^
    and i can't stop falling in luv with u <333

  4. D´aaaaaaaw, du bist so Liebe, gut, dass morgen Montag ist T_T

  5. wow! This big fur bow is so cool! I want have same! :)
    And your hair looks so perfect!

  6. Du hast einfach eine wundervolle Stimme und siehst super aus. <3
    Ich erinnere mich noch damals, als du mich in dem Asia-Restaurant in Essen wegen meiner pinken Haare angesprochen hast. :')