Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Summer holidays & Tokyo fashion ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ~♥
Finally I have summer holidays & I already did lots of things .
Sometimes I kinda feel like I'm even more busy now =D
But I truly enjoy the summer time ♥
It's my favourite time of the year
A few days ago 2 new Dresses have arrived :

As you can see I also tryed a Hime Gyaru Hair style again ~♥
The second dress ♥
Rainy days ~
The socks I bought at Primark ♥ :

Okay ~ I like umbrellas too much ... =D

Rat-game ? Dear plague rats ;3

A new pair of EOS circle lenses did
arrive a few days ago as well :
I bought them at :
Maybe I'll buy a black pair soon *-*
I'd love to try that out ~
Some of you asked me to show how the false lashes
I showed you a few entrys ago look when they are put on ^^
( you can find them on ebay )


Neko's Music :

At the moment I use to watch "Alfred Jodocus Kwak"
in the evenings ♥
The opening song is just so lovely ~♪
It always cheers me up :3

• Warum bin ich so fröhlich ?

I also listen to lots of chinese pop again at the moment ♥

[JOY RICH] [新歌] 王心凌 - 陪我到以後(羅志祥合唱)

Linda廖語晴 「愛 喔愛」MV

Do you know
My little Pony - friendship is magic  ?

It's totally the best version of MLP ! 
I absolutely love it
It's so exciting !
& lots of people really should follow the values wich are mediated there 

And Katalin ~ one of my awesome friendsys

SO AWESOME ^o^ you're awesome ♥

NOW I'M FINALLY 20% cooler thanks to you 
( it's so apposite ! even the sizes are right :D ♥)

♥ Rarity's song - Art of the Dress 

Pinkie's Lie (MLP FiM Remix)

That's it for now 
I guess lots of exciting things are still about to happen in
the holidays
I'll try to get some time for a few new blog entrys as well :)
Until then 
I wish everyone marvellous summer holidays
and/or a great summer !
nyan \(^-^)/ ~♥

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Dress up time & Exciting Days ! ♥

Hi shugar cubes ~♥
This weekend was very exciting as I went shopping with some friends.
We went to PRIMARK in Gelsenkirchen ,
& had a great time ♪

I also made a NEW SONG with Virtual Riot a few days ago ♪

• Virtual Riot ft. Miss Neko - Nightfall

There'll always be sunshine after the rain ♥

I bought the umbrella at Primark,
You can't have enough umbrellas ♥ or enough rainy summer days
Friday I was still blonde :

And now ~ Pinkie Pie again \(*O* )/
I watched 8 of the
"My little Pony - Friendship is Magic"
episodes yesterday with Monie ♥
( thanks to Katalin who gave them to me *-* )
And I have to say
Pinkie Pie really is the best ! *jumps around* ^o^

♪ Pinkie Pie's No fear song
♥ Here is what I bought at PRIMARK :
Great for work and school ~♪

This is my new pair of shoes :
Ahh what can I say ?
It was love at first sight ! ♥

They're 12 cm [ 4,7 inches ] high ♪

Some new Usamimis ♥ , tights and accessorys :

♥ Overknee socks :

♥ A pendant for a new necklace :

♥ A clock necklace :
[ to always know when it's tea time ;) ]

♥ Bows ~ can't have enough :

After shopping we went to " Cakes & Treats" ,
Vegan café in Dortmund ,
it's just lovely & their food is so delicious !
I'm looking forward to go there quite often in the summer holidays,
I'm shure I'll show you some nice and tasty pictures of that soon ^^
A few days ago I did a Michelle Phan inspired
Hatsune Miku make-up :

I also tried out my new nail polish :
A few days ago I went to "Virtual Riot" to make our new song .
And now I just have to show you his awesome cat Luna
It's the best and cutest and sweetest cat I know *O*

It's also the friendliest cat I know ♥

Party time & dear friends ♥

He there ~♥
My new bow finally arrived *-*
♪ I thought it would be fun to make a gif
so here is mine :
Gif link ( I can't put it here as I'm SOO smart ;D )

A few weeks ago I went to a party with some of my dear friends ♥
And somehow I ended up styling one of them :
♥ Katalin ♥
Usually she likes Gothic fashion ,
so this was an exciting experiment *o* 
Kyaaa :3

Thank you for always cheering me up even when I feel like
drowning in the rain

you're just such a lovely person ♥
( Oh my gosh look what she drew for me again *-* )
[Text : There will always be sun after the rain...
With lots of love from me to you ♥ ]
Now a little bit more fucked up picture ;D
With Valentin :3
He's the one who made my song Aishiteru yo ne
He's such an awesome musician & an awesome friend ♥
( I really want to thank you for everything :3 )
! Virtual Riot !
I'm listening to lots of Vocaloid music at the moment again.
[ Album : Vocalogenesis ]
I really love that music, it's my favourite one ♥
& I ended up making a random snapshot of an
"Hatsune Miku - Rolling Girl"- inspired outfit
It's not very obvious , as it was more about the feeling the song gave me ,
Maybe I will do a real cosplay soon ~♪

That's it for now a new entry is about to come VERY soon ;D
BYE BYE ! nyan ~♥