Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 20. Juni 2011

My nyan nyan Song VIDEO, my room & Harajuku Lovers ♥

Hi there (*^-゚)vィェィ♪
Finally everything is getting a little bit more relaxed for me ,
I still have lots of work to do ( for school , my driving license etc...),
but there are lying 4 free days ahead for me ♥
Let's see what they will bring .
I will go to a party with some friends of mine and also do some other stuff.
Maybe I end up photographing something interesting for you guys ~♪

A few days ago I did upload my first real youtube video
I hope you guys like it :

• Me - nyan nyan song ♫


I will show you some pictures of my room now ,
as some of you have asked me to do so ~♥
It's not exacly like I want it to be , but I'm quite pleased with it ♫
& I don't want to make big changes anymore as I will move out
next year anyway ~
My beloved "Emilie Autumn wall " :
My even more beloved PC ! ^o^

♥ Some of my accessoires :

My bed table :
( Yes I do absolutely love guidebooks of Japan &
those are not my only ones)

A mirror beside my bed :
( I looked terrible that day ,so here's Luka Megurine for you ♥ )

The Cat hook you could see on the right side :
One of my big treasures ♥
Emilie Autumn's signed book I bought after a concert :

♥ My makeup stand :
♥ Some of my Manga :

♪ My door :
Some of you may know the poster ,
it's also hanging on a Purikura machine in
Düsseldorf ( OCS store ) .
I got it there and let it sign by Yuki ♥ who was there for promotional reasons ♪

My couch :

♥ An Hello Kitty hook :

♪ A picture I made for school , hanging above my window :

So that was my room
You guys still remember " My little Pony " ?
I really love the cartoon & of course the little pony figures ♥
As I have a few I also have these little plastic brushes( I really love such things ^^ ).
I always wished to have them as a necklace & finally
a few days ago my father made me this *-*
Yayyy \(^-^)/
I'm really happy about it ♪

While taking photographs of my room I also found this
Lolita fashion pocket mirror :
( I bought it at the OCS store in Düsseldorf )
I also found this old box wich reminds me a lot of Hime Gyaru stlyle *-*
Do you know the most "Kawaii" room ever ?
I bet lots of you do already ♥

When I see this I'm really getting motivated to make lots of new
for my room ~
I want to approach that soon ♪

♥ Japanese culture Kawaii 姫ROOM -Hearty&Hearty

Most of you might also know Gwen Stefanie's
"HARAJUKU LOVERS"My sister gave me this bag as a gift when she came bag from her
" Au-pair year " in the USA , long time ago.


I also found a second pocket mirror ♥
I bought this one at the book fair in Frankfurt ( I think 2009)
when it was all about China

I even saw the Chinese Opera live in the first rank !
It was really cool ~ very different but I use to like things like that.
I saw awesome artists dressed like lions and a women like the one in the video sang ( I think it's even exactly the same women ,
but sadly I
don't find videos from the book fair ._. )

• Chinese Opera

I spoke many times about the OSC store in Düsseldorf
( not only in this post ^^ )

and I really can advise everyone from germany who likes
japanese items
to go there ♪
I got this awesome big Hello Kitty bag there !
( for only 1,50 € ! beat that =D )
& the other side :
I think it's really cute ♥
Also ,a few days ago my new fake eye lashes did finally arrive
I waited so long for them !
But it was worth it :

I'm very motivated to buy some new ( Hime ) Gyaru fashion items
this & next month and as I finally got a job

besides school of course
I might even have enough money as well
( what a nice turn of things ;D ).
I did already buy 2 dresses ~♪
I can't wait to show you the shop ~ it's great ! ♥

But for now I will give you some very inspiring and awesome pictures
I found on tumblr :
I think there are no better shoes in the world ! ;)

How lovely *-*

 Neko's Music :

• Kagamine Rin - I like you , I love you

• Hatsune Miku - Rolling girl

( I am listening to this all day log ♥ )

• Jolin Tsai - Hot winter ( awesome cover ;D ♥ )

• Skrillex - Kill everybody

Ya matta ne
Bye Bye (○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪


  1. Da hat wohl jemand extra seine Couch aufgeräumt, haha. <3
    Oh Gott ich liebe deine Blogposts und dein Zimmer. Und DICH! <33

  2. Ja xD
    Auf dem Boden davor liegen noch 2 Kartons mit den Dingen die ich gerade verkaufe :O

    Liebe liebe liebe Monie <3333333333333333
    weil unsere brains und hearts immer connected sind ♥

    ( also ich bin unzufrieden immer wenn ich das tolle Japanische kitsch Zimmer sehen XD )
    aber wenigstens ist es hier gemütlich :3


  3. du bist so hübsch ;w; ♥
    haaach und omg dein zimmer ist so adudfsdfszrf TOLL *^*

  4. :D hihi das stimmt es ist wirklich toll dein Zimmer und du auch *_* Du hast ein Chii poster, das nicht selbst gemalt wurde :** Ich liebe Chii:D

  5. ich mag dein zimmer auch :)
    oh mann das ist ja SO ordentlich :o
    wenn du meins sehen würdest, wärst du dann wohl echt geschockt :D
    aber naja ich mag auch deine möbel und so und natürlich auch dass da so viel pink ist <3

    uuund du musst mal bilder mit den neuen wimpern machen :) hast du doch nicht nicht oder :D?
    na würd ich jedenfaalls gern sehen ^^

    uuund ich hab auch 5 tage freiiiii, montags auch noch :) viel spaß in den kurzen "ferien" :*

  6. Die Sachen kannst du hier kaufen . ^^