Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 20. Juni 2011

My nyan nyan Song VIDEO, my room & Harajuku Lovers ♥

Hi there (*^-゚)vィェィ♪
Finally everything is getting a little bit more relaxed for me ,
I still have lots of work to do ( for school , my driving license etc...),
but there are lying 4 free days ahead for me ♥
Let's see what they will bring .
I will go to a party with some friends of mine and also do some other stuff.
Maybe I end up photographing something interesting for you guys ~♪

A few days ago I did upload my first real youtube video
I hope you guys like it :

• Me - nyan nyan song ♫


I will show you some pictures of my room now ,
as some of you have asked me to do so ~♥
It's not exacly like I want it to be , but I'm quite pleased with it ♫
& I don't want to make big changes anymore as I will move out
next year anyway ~
My beloved "Emilie Autumn wall " :
My even more beloved PC ! ^o^

♥ Some of my accessoires :

My bed table :
( Yes I do absolutely love guidebooks of Japan &
those are not my only ones)

A mirror beside my bed :
( I looked terrible that day ,so here's Luka Megurine for you ♥ )

The Cat hook you could see on the right side :
One of my big treasures ♥
Emilie Autumn's signed book I bought after a concert :

♥ My makeup stand :
♥ Some of my Manga :

♪ My door :
Some of you may know the poster ,
it's also hanging on a Purikura machine in
Düsseldorf ( OCS store ) .
I got it there and let it sign by Yuki ♥ who was there for promotional reasons ♪

My couch :

♥ An Hello Kitty hook :

♪ A picture I made for school , hanging above my window :

So that was my room
You guys still remember " My little Pony " ?
I really love the cartoon & of course the little pony figures ♥
As I have a few I also have these little plastic brushes( I really love such things ^^ ).
I always wished to have them as a necklace & finally
a few days ago my father made me this *-*
Yayyy \(^-^)/
I'm really happy about it ♪

While taking photographs of my room I also found this
Lolita fashion pocket mirror :
( I bought it at the OCS store in Düsseldorf )
I also found this old box wich reminds me a lot of Hime Gyaru stlyle *-*
Do you know the most "Kawaii" room ever ?
I bet lots of you do already ♥

When I see this I'm really getting motivated to make lots of new
for my room ~
I want to approach that soon ♪

♥ Japanese culture Kawaii 姫ROOM -Hearty&Hearty

Most of you might also know Gwen Stefanie's
"HARAJUKU LOVERS"My sister gave me this bag as a gift when she came bag from her
" Au-pair year " in the USA , long time ago.


I also found a second pocket mirror ♥
I bought this one at the book fair in Frankfurt ( I think 2009)
when it was all about China

I even saw the Chinese Opera live in the first rank !
It was really cool ~ very different but I use to like things like that.
I saw awesome artists dressed like lions and a women like the one in the video sang ( I think it's even exactly the same women ,
but sadly I
don't find videos from the book fair ._. )

• Chinese Opera

I spoke many times about the OSC store in Düsseldorf
( not only in this post ^^ )

and I really can advise everyone from germany who likes
japanese items
to go there ♪
I got this awesome big Hello Kitty bag there !
( for only 1,50 € ! beat that =D )
& the other side :
I think it's really cute ♥
Also ,a few days ago my new fake eye lashes did finally arrive
I waited so long for them !
But it was worth it :

I'm very motivated to buy some new ( Hime ) Gyaru fashion items
this & next month and as I finally got a job

besides school of course
I might even have enough money as well
( what a nice turn of things ;D ).
I did already buy 2 dresses ~♪
I can't wait to show you the shop ~ it's great ! ♥

But for now I will give you some very inspiring and awesome pictures
I found on tumblr :
I think there are no better shoes in the world ! ;)

How lovely *-*

 Neko's Music :

• Kagamine Rin - I like you , I love you

• Hatsune Miku - Rolling girl

( I am listening to this all day log ♥ )

• Jolin Tsai - Hot winter ( awesome cover ;D ♥ )

• Skrillex - Kill everybody

Ya matta ne
Bye Bye (○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪

Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2011

Usamimi , Gyaru & other japanese street fashion

Hi there ~♥
Finally my wig did arrive ,
I'm so happy about it ♪
I think it's a very good thing for people
who just can't decide wich hair style they like the most
( like me ^o^)
At the moment my hair is light pink ♥ but I also like it when it's
blonde ~ yeah solution there you go =D
I really can advise you this :
If you look for a good wig buy it at
♥ Cosplay wigs USA ♥
Their products are great ♥
♪ nyan nyan ♪
Yes I really love my new headband =D
...maybe some
of you have noticed,
I wear it all the time at the moment ♥

I think these "Usamimis" are totally cute ! *-*
(-> Gyaru fashion ♥ )

I really enjoy to dress in quite different kinds of fashion ~
otherwise it would so easily get boring
I really can not stick straight to just one kind of fashion,
there are just too many kinds of awesome japanese street styles
to get inspiration from ! ♥

I found another picture from the meet-up in Düsseldorf last month,
with Rebecca ~♥
( She looks so gorgeous !! *o* )

Lately I found this cute picture on the internet
There you go :
Different fashion - Lots of fun ♥
I absolutely have to show you something I made yesterday in
my japanese lesson ♪
An Origami Crane
( it was quite tough >.< )

I was so happy when I finished it ! ^o^
Well , here is the manual :
( I only got a japanese one , sorry )
But I think it can also work if you can't read it,
might be a little bit confusing ....but it's like that anyway ;D

& a little sneak peak in my notebook :3
♪ The first pages ^-^
I'm again quite obsessed with Gyaru fashion at the moment
especially as it goes very well for school days in my case
( I used to go to school more extremely looking ~ so it's a
nice change from time to time )
Therefore I made some scans of one of my egg magazines
♥ I think you will like them :
( such cute make-up ♥ )

Haha seems like one goes on holidays ;D
*bags are packed *
I'm kinda like that as well "going with too much stuff to school"
Well ,you never know what will happen during the day~
so always be prepared ;3
Maybe some of you remember this game :


I have talked a few times about it already ♪
I'm just in love with that cute game since I'm 13 ♥
( but at that time I did not really get what it was about ...
I found out about certain things later on when
I finally got the game ;D )

It's one of the cutest things I know ~
& I absolutely love the ending and opening songs <3


♪ Neko Kawaii Gari - Dote Up a Cat (opening)

♪ Neko Kawaii Gari - Sweet Outbreak

( I used to listen to that the whole day long when I was 13 )
There is also a japanese version of the intro
you can hear when you got the game, but

sadly it's uploaded nowhere at the moment v.v

Faye ( my favourite character ♥ ) :

Norma ( always sleepy ♥ ) :

Umi & Nami :

And some more characters ^^
Sadly I'm very busy at the moment due to school stuff
( at the moment we write many tests again
... Abitur [A level] 2012
I'm coming~
still a long way to go ^^...and lots of books to read ;D )
I also finally began to get practical driving lessons *o*
yayy \(^-^)/
I want my driving license so badly ^o^
Can't wait ♥

So I have a lot of work to do right now ,
but i'm really looking forward to everything.

"You see your fight for survival starts right now.
You dont want to be judged? You won't be
You don't think you're strong enough? You are.
You're afraid. Don't be.
You have all the weapons you need.
Now, fight ! "

[ Sucker Punch ]

So true ! ♥

And I absolutely love that movie !
I use to love movies /books that deal with such topics.

がんばって ! ~♥