Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Song : Virtual Riot feat. Miss Neko ♪

Hi there ~♥
A few days ago I recorded a song with my best friend.
( Thank you for the nice day btw ♫ )
He really is a talented musician *-*
Check out our song :
♪ Virtual Riot feat. Miss Neko - Aishiteru yo ne

He made the whole musical arrangement

& I tried my best to write
short & simple japanese lyrics
and to sing.

( as some of you may know I learn japanese since almost a year ).

The translation of the lyrics is :

I have something I want to protect

Am I dreaming ?
I can't even see the heart that's leaving me ,
didn't you know ?

I'm just tired , even of walking.

Valentin produces really great Dubstep music :

Virtual Riot

Also check out his new EP :

• Virtual Riot - From Space

Also check out his youtube channel

(Gosh I wish I could play the Piano
as good as him *-* 
Last week I took some pictures of a Gyaru inspired
school girl outfit ♪
My beloved Bloomers : ( Body line , but I changed them a bit )

I'm very very happy and excited at the moment
thou I have SO much to do for school ~
At least everything is going well and the weather is awesome ~♥

Last but not least I'm trying to win this Blog giveaway *-*
I hope I will succeed , I never win anything xD
It's from Sui , a very nice & beautiful Gyaru
I had the pleasure to meet her once ♥
You also have to check out her blog
especially if you love Gyaru fashion !
You will love it !
• Sui Princess's Blog

Ya ne , bye bye ~♥


  1. o my goooosh
    im totally in love with this song *O*
    and ur school gyaru outfit

  2. wunderschöne outfits *___* && die bloomers sind seeeehr sehr hübsch :3

  3. ich liebe deine Outfits <3<3<3<3 du siehst immer so toll aus !!und ich liebe deine haarfarbe !!will auch *O*

  4. hair ♥♥♥
    legs ♥♥♥
    outfit ♥♥♥
    ich beneeeide dich sooo sehr für deine figur T_______T
    ♥just perfect♥

  5. UAAAA vielen vielen Dank *_* ♥

    Das bedeutet mir echt viel sowas von euch zu hören
    *_* ♥ Ihr seid eine wahre Inspiration ! <3

    nyan ~♥

  6. ich msus sagen mir gefallen deine haare zu dem outfit auch geglättet total gut ^^v
    aber du kannst sowieso alles tragen wie du willst und es sieht gut aus ^.-

  7. Aww vielen Dank du liebe *//////////*
    <33 kann ich nur zurück geben hübsche ! <33

    chu ~♥