Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Tokyo fashion meet-up in Düsseldorf ♥ 2011

Hi there ~♥
Yesterday I went to Düsseldorf with some friends of mine ♪
Of course we also did some Purikura Pictures!
♥ Me & Rebecca ♥

Luckily I also met Nezu again *o* ♥
( Gosh his cam is so awesome !)

When I went to a teahouse with my friends
I also met some beatiful Lolitas ,
with Chim Cheree among them ♥

( it was so nice to have a talk with you again ♥ )
We ended up eating there together ♥
I ate this awesome chocolate cake *-*
& also ordered a cold matcha tea.

( picture from google , my appetite was too big ...
so I couldn't wait to get some food ;D)
I bought the dress in Münster
[ KULT ]
I love that store !
If you can go there , they are selling lots
of things cheaper than usual right now !
And here are some Gal / Gyaru
"call it what ever - it's me "- Pictures
I made for you guys ♪
The ones among you who are familiar with japanese
street fashion can tell from wich sources I got my
inspiration for my outfits ~♥
[ CHU ♥ ]
I love roses and sparkle stuff too much :D
A try to do classic Hime Gyaru hair ~
I think I did reach my goal and
got it quite well , or what do you guys think ? :3

If you are searching for good fake eye lashes
I got these for you :
( you can get them almost in every store that's selling make-up items )
I also did some "nail art" for the
meet-up in Düsseldorf :
♪ Items I used :
Neko's music :

• Virtual Riot feat. Miss Neko - Aishiteru Yo ne

( Our song is finally uploaded on youtube
and can also be bought soon ♪ )

Hearts Grow - Yura Yura

Chaba - Kokoro No Hana

Every Little Thing - koi wo shiteiru - 恋をしている

Ya matta ne ;3
Bye bye (^-^)v ♥


  1. schade dass ich dich nicht gesehen hab ;A;

  2. süße bilder!!
    und ich fnde es echt cool dass du dein outfit and dem tag geändert hast :D
    ich mag beide outfits übrigens ;)
    aber am allerliebsten mag ich das ->

    total süß <3 woher hast du nur diese süße weisse schleife ? (´3`)
    ich willl auch so eineee (;3;)
    Liebe grüße!

  3. Der Tag war wundervoll *_______*
    Hab dich so lieb <333333

  4. Wow O.O wie cool :3 ich will auch :)
    hab nur meine nähmaschine geschrottet -.-"

  5. Awww vielen Dank */////* ♥
    Die Schleife war bei den Bloomers von Body Line dabei ^^
    Ja das 2. Outfit war viel bequemer und ideal
    um im China Restaurant ganz viel zu essen ;D

    Aww ja das Bild war ein Glücksfall auf dem weg zum Japanisch Kurs =D ♥

    und @ Caro : Ahh man T.T Ich hoffe wir laufen uns nochmal über den Weg ! ♥

    Liebe Grüße ~♥

  6. Nekooooooooooooo!!!

    you're so fucking gorgeouuuuus!!! ♥♥♥

  7. omgoooosh,why do u always look so cute!???*O*
    ur hair looks perfect and im in love with first outfit

  8. schöne gruppe =) wollte auch erst mitgehen ,aber war aufm bday eingeladen