Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

Tokyo fashion meet-up in Düsseldorf ♥ 2011

Hi there ~♥
Yesterday I went to Düsseldorf with some friends of mine ♪
Of course we also did some Purikura Pictures!
♥ Me & Rebecca ♥

Luckily I also met Nezu again *o* ♥
( Gosh his cam is so awesome !)

When I went to a teahouse with my friends
I also met some beatiful Lolitas ,
with Chim Cheree among them ♥

( it was so nice to have a talk with you again ♥ )
We ended up eating there together ♥
I ate this awesome chocolate cake *-*
& also ordered a cold matcha tea.

( picture from google , my appetite was too big ...
so I couldn't wait to get some food ;D)
I bought the dress in Münster
[ KULT ]
I love that store !
If you can go there , they are selling lots
of things cheaper than usual right now !
And here are some Gal / Gyaru
"call it what ever - it's me "- Pictures
I made for you guys ♪
The ones among you who are familiar with japanese
street fashion can tell from wich sources I got my
inspiration for my outfits ~♥
[ CHU ♥ ]
I love roses and sparkle stuff too much :D
A try to do classic Hime Gyaru hair ~
I think I did reach my goal and
got it quite well , or what do you guys think ? :3

If you are searching for good fake eye lashes
I got these for you :
( you can get them almost in every store that's selling make-up items )
I also did some "nail art" for the
meet-up in Düsseldorf :
♪ Items I used :
Neko's music :

• Virtual Riot feat. Miss Neko - Aishiteru Yo ne

( Our song is finally uploaded on youtube
and can also be bought soon ♪ )

Hearts Grow - Yura Yura

Chaba - Kokoro No Hana

Every Little Thing - koi wo shiteiru - 恋をしている

Ya matta ne ;3
Bye bye (^-^)v ♥

Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Song : Virtual Riot feat. Miss Neko ♪

Hi there ~♥
A few days ago I recorded a song with my best friend.
( Thank you for the nice day btw ♫ )
He really is a talented musician *-*
Check out our song :
♪ Virtual Riot feat. Miss Neko - Aishiteru yo ne

He made the whole musical arrangement

& I tried my best to write
short & simple japanese lyrics
and to sing.

( as some of you may know I learn japanese since almost a year ).

The translation of the lyrics is :

I have something I want to protect

Am I dreaming ?
I can't even see the heart that's leaving me ,
didn't you know ?

I'm just tired , even of walking.

Valentin produces really great Dubstep music :

Virtual Riot

Also check out his new EP :

• Virtual Riot - From Space

Also check out his youtube channel

(Gosh I wish I could play the Piano
as good as him *-* 
Last week I took some pictures of a Gyaru inspired
school girl outfit ♪
My beloved Bloomers : ( Body line , but I changed them a bit )

I'm very very happy and excited at the moment
thou I have SO much to do for school ~
At least everything is going well and the weather is awesome ~♥

Last but not least I'm trying to win this Blog giveaway *-*
I hope I will succeed , I never win anything xD
It's from Sui , a very nice & beautiful Gyaru
I had the pleasure to meet her once ♥
You also have to check out her blog
especially if you love Gyaru fashion !
You will love it !
• Sui Princess's Blog

Ya ne , bye bye ~♥

Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

Circle lenses - CAT ~♥

Hi there ~♥
My birthday Circle lenses finally arrived.

They're from Pinky Paradise shop
Mine : Shinny Aqua (known as Puffy 3 tone)

I really love them & they're are very comfortable.

♪ Not worn they look a little bit lighter ^^

They arrived in this glass bottles :
( on the back there's something written in korean )
And I got this cute lense-case with them *-*
♥ This is the contact lenses solution I use :
At the moment I play a lot of games ♥
I'm also really enjoying playing Neko kawaii Gari
It's just so cute ~♥
Faye is my favourite character, but I think
Norma is the most beautiful ( her hair *-* ).
Some of you might know Portal
it's an awesome game ♪
But it also really confuses me xD

I really like the atmosphere in the game !
A robotic voice ( GlaDOS ♥ ) gives you instructions , wich is
really cute and at the same time very creepy ♥
I also fell in love with the credits song !
Somehow it makes me happy ♥ , despite the lyrics :D

• Still alive ♪

Neko's music : LinkI got lots of new songs to share with you ♪

• LIL - me too

• LIL - Moshi moshi

• Denki Groove - fake it

• Saori@destiny - Sakura

may's 永遠

Check out this beautiful video & song ♥ :


& this is one of my recent favourite songs and videos :
first time I saw this I cried , it's just so beautiful ♥

• 素直になれなくて -- 菅原紗由理 MV

• LOVE is. MiChi 320kbps 高音質

YA ne ~♥
Bye bye (^-^)v ♪

Yukata Shooting in a japanese garden ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
These are the pictures of my
Shooting in the japanese garden in Düsseldorf,
I love this place so much~♥
It's so beautiful there.

Sailor School uniform ~♥

I really enjoyed the day and
the weather was just great ~♥

Ya ne (^-^)v
Bye bye ♪