Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 24. April 2011

Photo shooting & Japanese fashion information ♥

Hi there (^-^)v ♪
At the moment I'm totally enjoying the springbreak ♥
I had a photo shooting last week in cologne
and this is a little preview :3

 by ViewTure 


It was a lot of fun ♥
After the shooting I hang out with 2 friends of mine in
cologne ~ & finally ate some ice cream *O*
( I love spring AND ice cream ♥ )
Thank's for that :3 you're such nice guys !

Some of my birthday presents did finally arrive *-*
Such as my Yukata ♥
Here is a little snapshot , just to show you
(I will have a Shooting in a few days in the japanese garden in
Düsseldorf then I will show you some pictures)

Also want to buy a Yukata ?
I was so excited when it arrived *-*
But it's really complicated to put it on , I also
managed to tie a bow in the back ( Obi )
It really needs some practising , but there are very good
youtube tutorials !
• How to put on a Yukata
Hime Gyaru inspired

I also got this new pink mouse :
So lot's of nerdy hours in front of my PC are awaiting me ! =D
Most of you guys know that english isn't my first language ( it's german ).
Recently I passed my camebridge University FCE exam
(First Certificate in English )
with a B
(just 1 point more &; I would have passed with an A ! T^T )

Here is a little sneak peak of my result :

(use of English means grammar)
I'm so happy to have holidays right now , as I have lots of work to do
for school at the moment , I was always so busy.
So till the end of holidays I really want to relax and get some rest ♥
( though my birthday party & a shooting also lie ahead )

♥ some cuteness for you :
Have you ever heared of the terms

Yandere & Tsundere ?

You may have heared this in some anime.
This are japanese words wich describe certain character terms.

act very rude and unfriendly but later on you notice that they're doing this
because the are ashamed and actually really like you !

Yandere characters
seem extremely cute , nice and innocent at first sigh
but later on they turn out to be quite psychopathic & crazy
(it depents on the anime ).
They have very extreme affections towards a person and
suddenly they get very jealous and brutal .

Those characters can not really be found in reality
(maybe not that extreme ! I guess there are some girls
with such character terms , but not that extreme ^^ )

On the left side Tsundere , right side Yandere :
The Dere Scale :

• from left (Yandere) to right ( Tsundere )
I personally always prefere the Yandere girls ^^
They are very interesting to watch and
their story lines are quite catchy and scary .
I love the mixture of creepy and cute character terms ♥
( Of course not in real life ! )

Lot's of boys like Tsundere girls , even in real life
as this seems quite cute to them

• Tsundere maid café in Japan !
I have to admit it's kinda cute

A popular anime with Yandere & Tsundere characters is :

♥ School Days
( based on an awesome game,
also check out summer days
& chross days )
Some GAL inspiration for me :
At the moment I'm cooking a lot , maybe I will
try out some new things.
I found a very cool japanese cooking channel on youtube

• Cooking channel

& if I look at this I really get motivated ^o^
♥ Oishi desu ne *-*

• Nyan cat
(went so viral recently *-* awesome work !
I still remeber when it only had very few views)

• Bakemonogatari Fourth OP

• f(x)_피노키오(Danger)

Bye !  nya ♪


  1. U're really cute in yukata *_* and i wanna yukata too.
    i had yukata in my childhood.My father bought it for me in Japan)
    but now its so small for me( and i need new one
    btw,ramen wa oishi desu.totemo oishi desu *_*

  2. Awww thank you beauty */////*

    wow you got so much cute stuff in your blog
    красивая *-*