Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Neko's 18th Birthday ♥

Hi there ~♥
On the 6th of April
Neko finally turned 18 !
And I feel awesome \(^-^)/
It's quite awesome
I experienced so many things until now , it's unbelieveable
and so many things still lie ahead
This is one of my first pictures I took when I started to be influenced by
♥ Japanese street fashion ♥
I was about 13 /14 years old !

(I wear hotpants in this picture! It somehow looks a little strange, bad angle)
As you can see the image was edited on
You can make your pictures look like
プリクラ there ! ~♫
At that time I didn't knew there are also Purikura machines
in the OCS stores in Germany ~♥
Some of you may have seen some of my Purikura already ^^
On my birthday:
 cherry blossoms in the background *-* 
Im still waiting for my presents to arrive
( shipping and so on =D )
I will show everything to you soon ♥
But for now :
♥ My mother shure had fun arranging this =D
( The book in the back is an asian cooking book ♥ )
I also got this *-*
My little Pony
( I already got PinkiePie ♥ )
My mother did buy strawberry ice cream for me

Well I had a lot to eat ♥
My parents also bought a huge pizza for everyone.
On my actual party we might have more cake and stuff ;)
I will celebrate in spring break ♥I also managed to try out some Gyaru inspired looks : 
And a more romantic Hime look :

Awesome cute random picture of my hamster !
I love it so much !
More random stuff ♥
Do you know crochet art ?
I am able to crochet and I might try out this in few days :
Isn't it beautiful ?
I think I will need the help of my mother =D
Yesterday I finished watching the anime :

Lovely Complex

Poor Koizumi ♥
But it really enjoyed it , especially the ending ♥

( an Image of the life action movie )
Well, the photo studio in wich I did my internship in 2009
brought out a new flyer for this year and my mother
saw it coincidentally in the city .

Neko's music :

• Halicali - Long Kiss Goodbye
( an older video , but the're one of my favourite japanese artists )
-> It will give you Springtime feelings \(^-^)/

♥ Thai Pop :

• Seven Days - LUV

• Seven days - จะมีสักวันที่เป็นของฉันมั๊ย
• No More Tear - บูมเมอแรง

Korean Pop :

♥ T-ara - Falling U

• T-ara - Falling you , MALE VERSION

• 아웃사이더 / 외톨이

( awesome Rap ! )

&of course, for those of you who don't already know
them^^ (very popular Korean Band )

• Super Junior - It's you

♥ Hatsune Miku - Rainbow Butterfly

• 【Nico Nico Chorus】 Niji-iro Choucho (Rainbow-Color Butterfly)

• And an awesome video mady by Ai ♥
of the Boggy Peak meeting 2011 <3

Mata ne ;3

またね (*^0゚)v ィエーイ☆彡


  1. also als erstes: ALLES GUTE NACHTRÄGLICH! ♥
    Wie ich sehe hattest du ja einen schönen tag ;)
    ich mag es immer sehr gerne mir deine bilder anzusehen^^
    ausserdem bist du echt so süß egal bei welchem style :)
    den hime look find ich am besten(süße löckchen!!), aber da letzte bild ist auch total super ;o
    und ich hab gelesen du hast dir auch was bestellt?:)
    was deeeeeenn wenn ich fargen darf :D?
    aber du postest ja noch dadrüber ;)

    okie das wars auch schon! freu mich über deinen nächsten post!
    liebe grüße jamie♥

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! :) hope your presents arrive soon!

  3. @ Jamie :
    Awww vielen vielen Dank ~♥
    Wie unglaublich lieb */////*
    Ich habe mir z.B einen Yukata bestellt , wollte damit noch nich ganz raus rücken aber habe auch in den Ferien 2 Foto Shoots :3 Hoffe ich kann dann ein paar süße sachen zeigen ♪
    kyu ~♥

    @ Heather : Thank you ~♥ nya ♪