Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 3. April 2011

Gyaru fashion, Hime trance & busy times ♥

Hi there (^-^)/ ~ ♪*
I'm sorry that it took so long , but I was extremely busy last month
& I still am. I had to write my term paper for school.
I wrote 12 pages about :
" The American Dream-
Is the live of a successful American (Chris Gardner) Representative
for the whole society ? "
I'm so glad I finished it !
I had to hand it in untill the 1st April ~♥
♪ And now I'm busy with planning my birthday party ♪

Because on the 6th April Neko will turn 18 ♥
( but I will celebrate in springbreak )
I didn't have much time to dress up because of the whole work I had to do
for school T_T
But I managed it to do a Geisha inspired outfit ♥

♥ Since it's time for Hanami ♥
I also managed to visit Essen , as my cousin lives there .
We went shopping and saw a good friend of ours ~♥
That's what I bought :
I bought lots of new tights ♥
I'm so in love with that look at the moment ♪
And it's also very popular among Gyarus in Japan / Germany / Taiwan 
And my new beloved Gyaru fashion fox tail ;3
After the shopping tour relaxing at home
I really love that "Fucked up Kids shirt "
from New Yorker.
Exactly what I was searching for !
I will soon show you lots of new outfits / styles after my birthday
maybe you can get some inspiration from it :3

Neko's Music :

• Lady Bird - Sweet song
( I don't find the full song , I got it on I-tunes,
search for it , it's worth it ! )

• 姫トラ2~Ageha [Heavens WiRE Vs. Tri-Hedge Remix]~

• Yumachi

• Final distance M-Flo remix

• The most lovely CM ever !


Capsule - Prime Time

Ya ne (○゚ε^○)v☆彡

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  1. You look so pretty! the tights you bought are adorable! * 0*