Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Freitag, 11. März 2011

Japanese diet & my kawaii collection ♥

Hi there ~♪
Today  I really want to thank everyone !
Recently I got 100 followers

My 100th follower is Yasemin K.
Her Blog :
It's peerless - Yasemin
This week I tidied up my room
(I like it very neat , I'm a person that cleans & tidies up a lot ♪)
And I ended up noticing lots of old cute things in my room
and I want to share them with you ♪

♥ My little Pony Videotapes ( VHS )

♥ A Sailor Moon 'Pencil box'

Another Sailor Moon pencil box 
I got that one at my ~9th Birthday =D
quite old :

A Sailor Moon "mini box keychain thing "
( for coins )

At this point I notice one thing :
Why are there so many Sailor Moon box things ? :D
I guess you can never have enough 

♪ Here is a pendant :

Have you ever seen a cute little dead Bunny ?
No ?
Well acually one is living in my room ! *-*
It even has a coffin to sleep in ~♥

Currently I have decided to eat more healthy.
That means I'm doing something like a
Japanese diet
I eat lots of vegetable , a huge variety is important as well ♪
Of course I also eat lots of rice ( luckily we have a rice cooker ♥ ).
I will show you a Miso soup in my next entries & give you
a recipe.
Miso soup is part of traditional japanese breakfast.
I will explain that more detailed in my next entries.

I also like to do Bento
I'm still improving my skills~
Mabe I will show you a Bento in a few weeks.

That's my Box :
( From OCS Store Düsseldorf )

That was my meal for yesterday :

( Of course I also drank a lot ! + I ate a banana )
[2014 update: I'm a vegetarian since 2 and a half years and don't eat fish!]
I use to eat with chopsticks ♥

It takes more time & it's always healthier to eat a quite long time,
because you're stomach needs time to regonize you're eating.
If you do it that way you won't eat that much & you're full earlier.
The milk in the background is soya milk .
Another advise : DRINK DRINK DRINK
It's healthy and you will not be hungry that much,
if your stomach is full of water you'll not need to eat much.
That's quite helpfull if you wanne lose weight,
but don't overdo it ;) ♥ stay healthy

Very helpful videos :

• Japanese Diet

• luvableviet : Dieting Questions & Answers
( Asian girl )

♪ Music :

• Perfume - Ne

Chinese Pop :

• Jolin Tsai - Butterfly

That's it for now , nya ~♪
Ya ne !


  1. Ohhh mahn wie süß du bist O:<3
    Wie dumm ich neben dir ausseh ^-^
    hehe <3

    danke fürs erwähnen *_*
    Ich liebe deinen Blog ♥

  2. Quatsch du süßes ! ~♥

    Vielen Dank ~ chu ♪

  3. Die Bräune ist ganz ungewohnt.. aber es steht dir und dein Augen Make Up ist wow *__*
    Trägst du am unteren Lid Fake Wimpern oder sind die so lang? *.*

    Sieht wirklich sehr schön aus <3
    ~ chu :3

  4. OOOOOOH Neko, i love SailorMoon *___*

  5. Deine Haare sind ja mal echt krass! Schön das es auch solche Gyarus in Deutschland gibt die mal nicht nur Braunhaarig oder Blond sind!

  6. You have so many cute things!
    Since you are obviously a fan of Sailor Moon and My Little Pony, I think you'll enjoy this Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYtoRFlrAuw
    (My Little Pony - Sailor Moon Edition)
    If these toys were made, I'd buy them in a heart beat!