Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Samstag, 5. März 2011

Class trip & Victorian dreams ♥

Pretty is as pretty does.

This sentence should be kept in everyone's heart.
That's for shure.
I wish more people would stick to that and think more about what they are doing.
It's really sad how ignorantly some people still behave,
& hurt others on purpose or without even noticing.
Don't be one of them
be pretty ~ be kind ♥

This week I went on a class trip to Gemen, a very small village in NRW.
It was a rhetoric seminar, quite interesting & helpful.
We learnt a lot about body language and how to speak in front of
a huge audience.
But from time to time I got really bored as you just couldn't do
that many great activities in that village ;)
Well, of course I took some pictures ~♫

This one is in my room ( I got on room for my own !
I was so happy ♥ Enough space and peace )

This is the 'Castle' Gemen,
the place where we sleept and did the tutorials.
It really gave me a dreamy mood ~♥
I like such old buildings.
Immediately I had to think of Emilie Autumn &
wayward victorian girls ;3
( Quote : Hamlet ; act 2; scene 2 - Shakespeare )
( Quote : Emilie Autumn - Shalott )

Some of you might already know that Emilie Autumn is the artist
I admire the most.
She is a creative godess to me, a person who really deserves respect
for her achievements.
I had the luck to meet her in 2010 after a concert in Cologne.
I also bought her awesome book that day and let her sign it ♥
I really have to say she is an extremely nice person
....and as you can guess I just had to try out some
"wayward victorian girl"- inspired pictures ♪

Recently I even found a Cameo necklace at
I Love it ! ♥

Another great necklace / collar
I boght at a concert of Emilie Autumn.
It's handmade by her and limited.
You can even open it and put a picture in it
( I got one of my boyfriend and me in it , of course :3 )

This nice little cameo brooche was a present of a good friend ♥
Last weekend ( 26.2.11) after the Gyaru meeting
I also bought this :
Maybe I will try a new Victorian look in a few days and make
some pictures ~ you will see ^^

Shoes ~ you can never have enough ;3

♥ Heart Buckle :

What's missing ?
A fitting bag ^^
I like this one the most , I almost use it every day ,
as it is so practical and quite big.

Yesterday I tried out my new nail polish ♪
( Maybelline )
To survive the class trip I also needed lots of energy ♥
At the moment I'm a total energy drink junkie ;3
I can't help it ~ but you really shouldn't overdo it,
unless you wanne feel like a zombie , not sleep until 2 in the morning
and ending up being so desperate about it that you write
7 pages of japanese homework until you finally are able
to sleep ;3 ...
By the way, the bow I'm wearing on the photo is made by me :3
It's made out of a ' loofah / sponge thing' :D
Some SPANK! fashion bows always reminded me of such textile
I also bought a new Perfume called Replay
I really want to advise you to try it out maybe you'll like it ♪
I think it smells really nice !
♫ Some music I want to share :
• Emilie Autumn - By the sword

• Millionaires - Hush little boyfriend

( it's kinda cute ! :3 I must admit I love their music ! )
I got every song ♫
as long as you don't start to act bitchy everything is fine ;D

Check out that awesomeness :

• Parov Stelar - Catgroove

Now I want to tell you about this cute giveaway a dear friend of mine
does on her awesome Blog ♥
Check it out !
I really really hope I win
because i never win anything ;_;

ヾ(*^▽゚) byebye!!

Thank you for reading ~♥
*nyan nyan* ♪


  1. ich liebe deine bilder!
    deine haare sehen echt gut aus :)
    ich wünsch dir viel glück bei dem Give away-gewinnspiel ^3^

  2. deine fotos sind wieder sehr toll :3

    & viel erfolg beim giveaway wünsch ich dir (:

  3. Du bist auch so ein EA-Freak??? *Q*
    Lass uns Freunde werden <3
    Sie ist meine absolute ABSOLUUUUTE Nr.1 :D
    Dein Blog is so toll btw und du bist echt so hübsch <3

  4. Awww vielen vielen Dank */////*

    das freut mich das du das auch alles so magst *_*

    <33 chu