Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Freitag, 11. März 2011

Japanese diet & my kawaii collection ♥

Hi there ~♪
Today  I really want to thank everyone !
Recently I got 100 followers

My 100th follower is Yasemin K.
Her Blog :
It's peerless - Yasemin
This week I tidied up my room
(I like it very neat , I'm a person that cleans & tidies up a lot ♪)
And I ended up noticing lots of old cute things in my room
and I want to share them with you ♪

♥ My little Pony Videotapes ( VHS )

♥ A Sailor Moon 'Pencil box'

Another Sailor Moon pencil box 
I got that one at my ~9th Birthday =D
quite old :

A Sailor Moon "mini box keychain thing "
( for coins )

At this point I notice one thing :
Why are there so many Sailor Moon box things ? :D
I guess you can never have enough 

♪ Here is a pendant :

Have you ever seen a cute little dead Bunny ?
No ?
Well acually one is living in my room ! *-*
It even has a coffin to sleep in ~♥

Currently I have decided to eat more healthy.
That means I'm doing something like a
Japanese diet
I eat lots of vegetable , a huge variety is important as well ♪
Of course I also eat lots of rice ( luckily we have a rice cooker ♥ ).
I will show you a Miso soup in my next entries & give you
a recipe.
Miso soup is part of traditional japanese breakfast.
I will explain that more detailed in my next entries.

I also like to do Bento
I'm still improving my skills~
Mabe I will show you a Bento in a few weeks.

That's my Box :
( From OCS Store Düsseldorf )

That was my meal for yesterday :

( Of course I also drank a lot ! + I ate a banana )
[2014 update: I'm a vegetarian since 2 and a half years and don't eat fish!]
I use to eat with chopsticks ♥

It takes more time & it's always healthier to eat a quite long time,
because you're stomach needs time to regonize you're eating.
If you do it that way you won't eat that much & you're full earlier.
The milk in the background is soya milk .
Another advise : DRINK DRINK DRINK
It's healthy and you will not be hungry that much,
if your stomach is full of water you'll not need to eat much.
That's quite helpfull if you wanne lose weight,
but don't overdo it ;) ♥ stay healthy

Very helpful videos :

• Japanese Diet

• luvableviet : Dieting Questions & Answers
( Asian girl )

♪ Music :

• Perfume - Ne

Chinese Pop :

• Jolin Tsai - Butterfly

That's it for now , nya ~♪
Ya ne !

Samstag, 5. März 2011

Class trip & Victorian dreams ♥

Pretty is as pretty does.

This sentence should be kept in everyone's heart.
That's for shure.
I wish more people would stick to that and think more about what they are doing.
It's really sad how ignorantly some people still behave,
& hurt others on purpose or without even noticing.
Don't be one of them
be pretty ~ be kind ♥

This week I went on a class trip to Gemen, a very small village in NRW.
It was a rhetoric seminar, quite interesting & helpful.
We learnt a lot about body language and how to speak in front of
a huge audience.
But from time to time I got really bored as you just couldn't do
that many great activities in that village ;)
Well, of course I took some pictures ~♫

This one is in my room ( I got on room for my own !
I was so happy ♥ Enough space and peace )

This is the 'Castle' Gemen,
the place where we sleept and did the tutorials.
It really gave me a dreamy mood ~♥
I like such old buildings.
Immediately I had to think of Emilie Autumn &
wayward victorian girls ;3
( Quote : Hamlet ; act 2; scene 2 - Shakespeare )
( Quote : Emilie Autumn - Shalott )

Some of you might already know that Emilie Autumn is the artist
I admire the most.
She is a creative godess to me, a person who really deserves respect
for her achievements.
I had the luck to meet her in 2010 after a concert in Cologne.
I also bought her awesome book that day and let her sign it ♥
I really have to say she is an extremely nice person
....and as you can guess I just had to try out some
"wayward victorian girl"- inspired pictures ♪

Recently I even found a Cameo necklace at
I Love it ! ♥

Another great necklace / collar
I boght at a concert of Emilie Autumn.
It's handmade by her and limited.
You can even open it and put a picture in it
( I got one of my boyfriend and me in it , of course :3 )

This nice little cameo brooche was a present of a good friend ♥
Last weekend ( 26.2.11) after the Gyaru meeting
I also bought this :
Maybe I will try a new Victorian look in a few days and make
some pictures ~ you will see ^^

Shoes ~ you can never have enough ;3

♥ Heart Buckle :

What's missing ?
A fitting bag ^^
I like this one the most , I almost use it every day ,
as it is so practical and quite big.

Yesterday I tried out my new nail polish ♪
( Maybelline )
To survive the class trip I also needed lots of energy ♥
At the moment I'm a total energy drink junkie ;3
I can't help it ~ but you really shouldn't overdo it,
unless you wanne feel like a zombie , not sleep until 2 in the morning
and ending up being so desperate about it that you write
7 pages of japanese homework until you finally are able
to sleep ;3 ...
By the way, the bow I'm wearing on the photo is made by me :3
It's made out of a ' loofah / sponge thing' :D
Some SPANK! fashion bows always reminded me of such textile
I also bought a new Perfume called Replay
I really want to advise you to try it out maybe you'll like it ♪
I think it smells really nice !
♫ Some music I want to share :
• Emilie Autumn - By the sword

• Millionaires - Hush little boyfriend

( it's kinda cute ! :3 I must admit I love their music ! )
I got every song ♫
as long as you don't start to act bitchy everything is fine ;D

Check out that awesomeness :

• Parov Stelar - Catgroove

Now I want to tell you about this cute giveaway a dear friend of mine
does on her awesome Blog ♥
Check it out !
I really really hope I win
because i never win anything ;_;

ヾ(*^▽゚) byebye!!

Thank you for reading ~♥
*nyan nyan* ♪