Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Winter time 2010 ♥

Finally it's Winter ♥
Snow is everywhere & I even love it !
( normally I don't really like winter )
But I'm really in a great holiday mood now ♥
I think I will build a Snowman in a few days ^^

I made the Scarf on my own :3
it's crochet work ^^
Winter time ~♥

There were lots of campfires
so warm ♥
I also made this SPANK! fashion close up
a few days ago ~♥
That's it for now , as I'm very busy at the moment
I wish all of you a nice Christmas time ! ~♥
I'm gonna bake some biscuits right now
see you soon ~♫

♪ Owl city - hot air balloon

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Hi There (^-^)v ~♪
Sorry , it's been a long time since my last post
but I was just so busy with school
and searching christmas presents.
As you see I've finally made it:
a Hime Gyaru outfit ! ~♥
I hope you like it ^^
I start to like winter just because you can wear
coats & gloves ;3
I'm in such a Christmas mood right now ~♥
"Everything is sparkely and nice" ^o^

This is our Advent wreath ♪

This year I'll spend Christmas alone with my
boyfriend at his house ♥
I really can't wait anymore.
Here is another picture of me
trying Hime Gyaru hair :

These are the gloves you already saw on my first Hime
Picture ^^

• Spectaculum ~ Mittelaltermarkt Telgte •

♥ So Fluffy ♥

I wear them every day

Donut *O*

This necklace I bought in Münster
( Old Nick )
It even smells like strawberrys :D
It's my favourite necklace ♥

This is a Christmis gift of my best friend Monie ♥
Eyeshadow by Manic Panic
( I use to buy my hair colour from that brand ;3 )
Wanne know the best Foundation make-up ever ?
Try this out
It works perfectly & it's so light ♥
...I got too many necklaces :D
But I really love that stuff ♥

Finally I want to show you this pen,
I found while cleaning up my room.
I think I bought it a year ago in Düsseldorf
( OCS Store )
It writes very nice , inside it is something like a
small soft brush with black ink !
So when you write with it it looks like really nice
calligraphy ♥And it doesn't make everything grubby and messed up
like these big brushes ( wich I also have for calligraphy).
It's just so fast and easy & you can use it everywhere ♥
I use to take it with me to my japanese lessons.
So be fast and go to the OCS Store^^
it's still available , I think.
( only for ca. 2,50 € )

Of course I have to share some great music with you as well !

Thouhou - Bad Apple

♥ omg I've listend to that song since days now
on and on ~♪
( translate the lyrics - they are so great ♥ )
I like everything about this song <3 • Min Hyo Rin- Stars

( she got another awesome song called touch me )
I love Korean Music.

That's it for now ~♥
Thank you for reading !