Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 23. November 2010

My [♥] can't stop beating fast

Hi there (^-^)/~♪*
It's been quite a while since I made my last entry,
at the moment I'm very busy and have a lot to do.
Music update :

The song is used in a new commercial
for a self-luminous Cellphone :
iida Light Pool

I'd love to have the white version *-*
This version of the song is the best to me , it's so romantic ~♥

Perfume - 575
I also dyed my hair again ^^
Uii , it never was THAT pink, but I really like it.
I used manic panic colour in the front ♥ and directions for the rest
This mix workes so well *___* it really makes a huge diffrence :3
I'm very pleased with it ♥
I have to show you so many new songs
I recently added to my I-tunes <3
You really have to check out the new album of Linkin Park
I really love their Music !
( Especially the old albums ♥ )
Minutes to Midnight was kinda disappointing ._.
But I think with the new album A thousand Sunsit finally gets up again *-*

I listened to "Waiting for the end - Linkin Park "
a tousand times at night
An awesome song for awesome situations.

I'm planning on buying me a new curling iron.
I hope I can show you some nice Hime Gyaru Pictures of me soon :3 ♪
I just love Gyaru / Hime fashion and music belonging to that area !

♪ Yumachi & Aina - I love

is what comes first to my mind when I think of yesterday.
I got out my wisdom teeth !
And they were still fully hidden under my gum ...I think I don't have to say more.
The matter was kinda bloody , but lucky me had to feel zero pain.
My dentist did a great job^^
And I took aspirins :D

Now it's time to share some awesome Music with you !

♪ Emilie Autumn- Dead is the new alive ( live November 2010 )

Spread the plague !

Emilie just looks awesome *-*
I love her pink wig <3 • Since Love is all I have in my mind I totally have to show you this beautiful song ~ pretty cool <3 Uffie - First Love

• When I think of epic things , this comes to my mind quite fast !
I just love Japanese/Korean Hip Hop / Rap <3 This is just great , learning the lyrics at the moment :3 Kick the can crew - Sayonara Sayonara

• Did I mention I also am really into russian Rap ?

Dandy ft. Schokk - Pravil'nyj Rap

Hihi , and yes there also exists some very very great
German Rap !
Don't belive me ? Check this out , it's really something diffrent -
something awesome ~♥

Marteria ft. Casper - Alles Verboten

Marteria - Marteria Girl

Have you ever heared german electro-punk before ?
Love <3 Frittenbude - Bilder mit Katze

Frittenbude - Irgendwie lieb ich das

Uhh now I'd like to Party \(^-^)/

( can't wait for the weekend ♥ )

last weekend we finally managed to see my
favourite anime movie !
It also was my first one, the one who made my obsession with anime
If you don't know it you really have missed something !!
You should check it out , the drawing and the plot is awesome.
I don't find words to discribe how much I love it.
you can see it on anime-loads.org

Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen
( Samurai X ~ Trust and betrayel )

That's it for now ~♪
I have to share a lot more Music with you and I will soon do so.

Oyasumi nasai ! ♥
[ Sleeping with Hinako ]

I'll do it the same now ;3
(* ̄。 ̄*)。。。oO

Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Lovely Days ~♥

Hi there (^-^)v
A lot happend since I wrote my last entry !
I finally got my long awaited piercing ( Septum ).
I got it because a friend of mine got
a friend who's piercer ( yeah ...connections baby ;D ).
We met last Saturday in Essen ( 2 good friends and me ♥ )
and got pierced together ^^
Did you know ? I learn
Russian in school since 1 year ,
I'm quite into eastern and asian languages ♥
Do you know Yakut ? They live in north-east Russia
and their language ( Skha/ Yakut )
sounds very nice to me ^

Cheburashkas B-Day song ( Eng &Yakut )

The girl singing the song is also very beautiful in my eyes *-*
I want to lern lots of languages during my life
( or at least start learning & try )
I want to begin Chinese ( Mandarin ) and Korean
when I finished school.
I know the Russian Gena B-Day song by heart ^^
( I had to learn it for school )
It's really nice ♥

Пусть бегут неуклюже...

 I understand it as well. yeah ! sense of achivement :D )

I also went to Düsseldorf with some friends ^^
At the OCS store we took some Purikuras ♥ :

Use lot's of SPARKLE to make Neko happy \(^-^)/

This makes a great song come to my mind.
At the moment I'm not only listening to lost of russian music
of course I still love japanese music ( I always will )

Right now I'm singing this (it's one of the most lovely things I've ever heard)

• Megurine Luka - Hitoha

• Another awesome song a friend of mine made a cover of is this :

*O* Check out his awesomeness ;D

• Enter Shikari - No Sleep Tonight (Piano Cover)

& this is a song he wrote on his own ( He really has music skills , I tell you ! )

• Keygenerator - Waiting for you

I really like his music *-*

• Another thing I have to show you is the soundtrack of
Rozen Maiden
I finished watching the anime a few weeks ago
and I can tell you it's just epic *______*
I listened to this song even when I was in the train
or waiting for the bus , it really got me ♥

• Rozen Maiden ost - Bara no Jubai

A song with a video of my favourite character from
Rozen maiden *-*
I usually love the cute and nice ones
but now I just fell in love with Suigintou *-*
She is just awesome ....& her story is so horribly sad T_T

• Yousei Teikoku - White wing

Now a few updates have to be added as well :

• Räuberhöle ( german SPANK! band )
-> Good ppl

• Perfume ( Winter edition ! )

So that's it for now , thank you for reading ~♥
Chu chu chu :3

• Hatsune Miku - True my heart ♪

*nyan nyan *