Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Book Fair Frankfurt 2010

Hey there (^-^)v
I'm sorry that it took so long to finally make a new post again,
but I was really busy and had a lot to do , Gomen ;3
The past weekend I went to the
Book fair in Frankfurt ( FBM )

I met lots of friends & had lots of fun !
I could go Saturday ( 9.10.10 )
and Sunday ( 10.10.10 )
I could sleep over by a friend I know for a long time,
but I never had the chance to visit her ,
as she lives quite far away from me (T_T)
But we finally made it *-*
It was such a lovely weekend
Thanks to you Stephie and your boyfriend.
I'm glad we spend such a nice time together ,
you were really kind :3
So here are some Pictures of my lovely weekend ♥
 with Stephie :
( maybe you notice it ^^
I bought new Neko ears at the Book Fair *-*
and I also just had to buy this
stuffed animal ♥ I'm holding in my hand)

Stephie & me again :

I was really happy to meet Nezu and Sas'ke ;3
you too are just too cool ;3

• Another nice person I'm happy I met is Chimney ~♥
( Dear , you always have such great outfits *-* ♥ )

• Kisu  I was really happy that I met you again ! 
Ebby Blackwood <33 br="" nbsp="">You're such a lovely Lolita *-*
Lady of Shalott ;3
( by the way that's my favourite Song of EA ♥ )
I love your hair *-*
with Nina *-* :
By the way I really am  quite an ebay lover :3
I hope some day I will find something like this
....I will fight for it !
Love Love Love *o*
( When I look at this I just have to smile ^-^
....If it was pink I would totally freak out ;D )

• Another thing about wich I could totally freak out is this
....it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen ;3

天才こどもうさぎの漫才 漫才編 Twin Rabbit

• Hey and probably the coolest thing you can find on the Internet
is this Video of Steve Terada 

• I wish I had such skills  *-*

Daft Punk ~ Break dance

So that's it for now , I'll try to post more often
as I have holidays at the moment ~♥
I hope you enjoyed reading 
nyan nyan ♪


  1. schade, dass ich dich nicht gesehen haben .__. ~
    & süße bilder von dir ^-^ <3 ~

  2. wow wundervolle bilder<3
    du bist echt süüß ^^
    es hat bestimmt spass gemacht

  3. es war wirklich toll dich endlich mal wieder zu sehen x3
    schade dass man os weit auseinander wohnt (o>__ <o)