Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Book Fair Frankfurt 2010

Hey there (^-^)v
I'm sorry that it took so long to finally make a new post again,
but I was really busy and had a lot to do , Gomen ;3
The past weekend I went to the
Book fair in Frankfurt ( FBM )

I met lots of friends & had lots of fun !
I could go Saturday ( 9.10.10 )
and Sunday ( 10.10.10 )
I could sleep over by a friend I know for a long time,
but I never had the chance to visit her ,
as she lives quite far away from me (T_T)
But we finally made it *-*
It was such a lovely weekend
Thanks to you Stephie and your boyfriend.
I'm glad we spend such a nice time together ,
you were really kind :3
So here are some Pictures of my lovely weekend ♥
 with Stephie :
( maybe you notice it ^^
I bought new Neko ears at the Book Fair *-*
and I also just had to buy this
stuffed animal ♥ I'm holding in my hand)

Stephie & me again :

I was really happy to meet Nezu and Sas'ke ;3
you too are just too cool ;3

• Another nice person I'm happy I met is Chimney ~♥
( Dear , you always have such great outfits *-* ♥ )

• Kisu  I was really happy that I met you again ! 
Ebby Blackwood <33 br="" nbsp="">You're such a lovely Lolita *-*
Lady of Shalott ;3
( by the way that's my favourite Song of EA ♥ )
I love your hair *-*
with Nina *-* :
By the way I really am  quite an ebay lover :3
I hope some day I will find something like this
....I will fight for it !
Love Love Love *o*
( When I look at this I just have to smile ^-^
....If it was pink I would totally freak out ;D )

• Another thing about wich I could totally freak out is this
....it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen ;3

天才こどもうさぎの漫才 漫才編 Twin Rabbit

• Hey and probably the coolest thing you can find on the Internet
is this Video of Steve Terada 

• I wish I had such skills  *-*

Daft Punk ~ Break dance

So that's it for now , I'll try to post more often
as I have holidays at the moment ~♥
I hope you enjoyed reading 
nyan nyan ♪

Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Hi there cuties (^-^)v
Recently I really love Burlesque like Clothes ♥
And I wear my corset a lot again.

Emilie Autumn - Opheliac

EA - God help me

EA - Thank God I'm Pretty

Yesterday I watched the Movie
Hamlet ( 1996 ) with Kate Winslet
I just love it <3 font="" i="" read="" style="font-weight: bold;" will="">the play by William Shakespear
soon .
I already finished reading parts of it.
I'm mostly interestet in the parts where
Ophelia appears. ♥
Emilie Autumn ( as some of you might know )
took lots of that lyric for her music.
For example "Best safety lies in fear"
It's from a dialogue where Ophelia is warned by Laertes,
he says she must know that Hamlet might not honestly love her
and she really should be wary.

"Perhaps he loves you now..."

"Be wary then , best safety lies in fear"

( Hamlet, Scene III )

What else can I say about today ?
I finally found the time to make my nails look more nicely again ;3
So that's it for now ~♥
See you next time *nyan* ~♫

You are so special ♪