Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Natural ni koi shite- New look

Hi there cuties (^-^)v
I finally found the time to make a new Blog post, I'm sorry that
it took so long. The last few weeks I tried out a
totally different kind of style for myself & actually I really like it.
But I will stay a pink little Neko Girl forever ;3 ♥
I got inspired to take this pictures by a really
great japanese Brand
called :
" Natural Beauty Basic [ナチュラルビューティーベーシック]"

My favourite Band made a TV commercial for them
( as I might have already told you before , buy the
way , it's the first song you are hearing when you
visit this site )
Perfume- Natural Ni Koi shite

-> nice Remix ♥

I hope you like this look :3
It might remind you a little bit of the "Hime Gyaru" look as well
...I can never really choose just one thing ;D
But it's fine like that^^
That's typically me
On the 27.8.10 I went to
"Visual Culture" a japanese Disco in a city
nearby ( Münster ♥ )
It was really fun , I always like it <3 They also got some japanese food and stuff like Peach Ramune ♥
( I got exactly that one on this PICTURE I could die for it :D )
So , the night was fun & the Party was great ~♥
And another good thing I just have to share with you !
I found this cute 80's Care Bear T-shirt on a web-shop &
fell in love on first sight ;3 ♥
My mother gave it to me as a present. I'm so happy

And look at this cute sign *-*
absolutely loveley <3

I'm going to dye my hair pink & baby blue
again on Friday <3 I'm in such a great party mood *-* I found lots of new songs of one of my favourite Bands♥ Millionaires

I'm listening to this songs the whole day now
they're just so motivating ^^

• Party like a Millionaire

• Stay the night

My favourite Band , Perfume also got a new
Song :

I just have to show you this awesome
drawing a good friend
(who is in my Russian lesson at school)
made for me *-*
I wish I was that good =D
Now this is hanging on my wall ^^
Thank you so much Katalin ♥

So that's it for now ♪
This saturday I'm going to
Essen Originell
and enjoy the time with good friends
And on the 21.09.10 my
Japanese language lessons start
I can't belive it
I waited so long for this & finally me
and a really close friend start to learn
Japanese <3 So Ganbatte ne ! ;3

See you soon , I'm looking forward to show
you some new pictures & interesting stuff :3
Bye *nyan nyan* :3


  1. Ich bin auch auf Essen Originell :3
    Vllt sieht man sich ja?

  2. ich hab die gleichen Schuhe wie auf dem ersten bild :D

  3. Nike ID <3

    Bei mir steht hinten noch Miss Neko drauf <3
    War ein Weihnachtsgeschenk *-*

    nyan ~♥

  4. So lieb, dass deine Mum dir das Shirt geschenkt hat ^.^