Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Sonntag, 26. September 2010

My 1st Japanese lessons & a new Usagi Hoodie ~♥

Hi there cuties \(^-^)/
I had a really great weekend ♥
I went swimming in Senden , to visit a
friend who actually works there ^^
Another friend also went there to join us ♪
It was a surprise visit , I tought it would be fun
and I can tell you it was ! ^o^
I really love peoples faces when they're surprised ;D
I think I might go swimming more often now,
as I just love it and it's good to stay fit & healthy.
After swimming we went eating some Ice cream ~♥
( At this point I have to say I have a big obsession
with Ice cream ;D I love it ♥ )
Saturday morning I was woken up by the post man, who finally brouht my Bunny-ear Hoodie from Body line

This actually brings a song of my beloved
Moon Kana to my mind :
Moon Kana - Usagi
From now on everytime I wear this ,
I will probably think of that song ^^
It makes me feel good ♥
like the world was a nice & cute place :3
( Wich I actually won't ever stop believing ! )
Unicorn Kid - Nuts n Milk 
A few days ago a friend of mine gave a drawing to me
wich showes me *-*
I'm so thankful , what a nice Idea ! ~♥
♪ Kisses for you Jenny :3

In my Entry I told you about my
Japanese lessons , wich I'm doing with my best friend.
I really enjoy learning Japanese.♥
Now I want to show you my Books & school stuff^^
Inside :
I decided to use a new pencil case for school
my old one was really ugly >_<
Hello Kitty case ~♥
I'm very happy with it
( I made the world become a little bit more pink again ;D )

And this is my appointment book :
I had to make it more cute myself
...when I bought it it was green leather and I hate green...
but there just were no cute appointment books in the stores !
It's really something Germany has a lack of !)

(Yes that girl below is me ^^
I got a free photo shoot at a photographic studio  where I did my Internship

Well , if you learn a lot you also have to eat sometimes ;3
I like to eat something little to get some rest , before
practising again.
I really like yoghurt or
vegetables with dip ~♪
I started to eat more healthy & think a lot more
about wich food would be actually good for me ^^

• Japanese Diet (♥ very good ! )
• Japanese eating habits

Thats pretty much it for now.
I hope you had such a nice weekend as well ♥
But before finishing I shure have to share some
great music with you.
I always got something like the "Playlist of the week/day
wich goes along with my mind /mood very well ♪
Right now I'm waiting for my Samurai to come & get me ;3
• DDR- Butterfly

Emilie Autumn , one day I want to be such a
strong women as well *-*
(...not to mention her great art works ♥ )
She really is a role model to me , in her live a lot went wrong
but she made the very best of it !

• God help me ( live ♥ )
• Shalott (live ♥)
• Unlaced ( live ♥ )
• Dead is the new alive ( live ♥)

Emilie just got such a strong personality
I really want to reach that a little closer.

I fight like a Girl dear plague Rats !
This week I will try to do a
Victorian , kinda "gloomy" outfit again
My inner "wayward victorian girl" just has to come out
from time to time ;3
So , see you next time ~♥


  1. omg :D
    Wir haben das gleiche japanisch-lernbuch
    das gleiche kleine Täschchen von Hello Kitty
    und nen 8mm Tunnel
    MAN sind wir cool :DD

  2. die jacke is süß :D ich hatte die mal in blau ^^
    mach dir mal deine haare wieder so wie beim eintrag vom Donnerstag, 12. August 2010.
    die sahen geil aus !!!