Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Hi there cuties (^-^)v
I finally did it, i dyed my hair pink and baby blue ♥
So , what do you think ?
Right now I'm listening to
YMCK ~ pastel colored candy
so nice ♥
Tomorrow I will go to the cinema
together with 2 best friends .
The movie we are planning to see is
" Inception "
It seems to be very great , well I will tell you how it was
but I'm very optimistic !

I also have to show you my new bracelet
It was a present I got *-*
and I'm very happy about it , because it
fits so well to SPANK! fashion

Now that's definitely going to be one of my favourite accessories ♥
It's style looks quite similar to this SPANK! Item I found on
I found a lot of SPANK! fashion Items on Poupée Girl *-*
And I totally fell in love with this one , from
one of the 3 shops in Shibuya ( Ticket to Darling )

Now I'm searching for material , to
sew a Ribbon like this for myself.
I'm planning to show you a new hair style in a few weeks.
I want to make a real nice Hime Gyaru hairdo ,
with lots of curles^^
I even ordered some real hair extensions , to make my hair
look really big and puffy :3
So be excited !
Here is the look I kinda have in my mind,
(" Neo Fairy Decora")
I will try to do something like this :
So that's all for now ,
thanks for reading ♪
nyan ~♥