Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Hi there cuties (^-^)v
I finally did it, i dyed my hair pink and baby blue ♥
So , what do you think ?
Right now I'm listening to
YMCK ~ pastel colored candy
so nice ♥
Tomorrow I will go to the cinema
together with 2 best friends .
The movie we are planning to see is
" Inception "
It seems to be very great , well I will tell you how it was
but I'm very optimistic !

I also have to show you my new bracelet
It was a present I got *-*
and I'm very happy about it , because it
fits so well to SPANK! fashion

Now that's definitely going to be one of my favourite accessories ♥
It's style looks quite similar to this SPANK! Item I found on
I found a lot of SPANK! fashion Items on Poupée Girl *-*
And I totally fell in love with this one , from
one of the 3 shops in Shibuya ( Ticket to Darling )

Now I'm searching for material , to
sew a Ribbon like this for myself.
I'm planning to show you a new hair style in a few weeks.
I want to make a real nice Hime Gyaru hairdo ,
with lots of curles^^
I even ordered some real hair extensions , to make my hair
look really big and puffy :3
So be excited !
Here is the look I kinda have in my mind,
(" Neo Fairy Decora")
I will try to do something like this :
So that's all for now ,
thanks for reading ♪
nyan ~♥

Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

New outfit & Spank! Music ♪

Hi there cuties (^-^)v ~♪
I just wanted to show you some new pictures, as
I tried out a new hair style & new make-up
Quiet unusual photos of me ( so dark :O )
and normally I don't like
it when I got no bangs, but I wanted to try out
something different^^
But still I won't do that kind of styling very often ;3
*nyan* ~♪
I did a lot of research the last few days.
I found the very detailed Blog
of the SPANK! fashion designer & shop owner
she postes photos of beautiful girls who went shopping
in her stores & really represent SPANK! fashion very well.
She also postes pictures of new Clothes you can buy in
her stores and a lot of other things.
She even likes my favourite Band Perfume
and posted their new Pepsi commercial for Japan
She also posted a picture of the
wonderful Emilie Autumn *-*

Now I want to show you some great music I found
while doing my research ~♥
Some artists belong to the
Riot grrrl movement from the 80's
as that kind of music fits very well to
Spank fashion and some new
artists who performe at the SPANK Partys
(in Shibuya )
that are arranged by Tavuchi's shop Staff
are influenced by this 80's music.
I even found a German " Spank Music "Band !
They are from Berlin and Tavuchi wrote in her
Blog about them , as they performed at a Party
in Tokyo.
They are called Räuberhöhle
-> Räuberhöhle live @ Tokyo

I really like their music <3 I also found some more great musicians:

Le Tigre

( 80/90's Band ,
the Cartoon in the video : Jem )

Puffy shoes
( 2 japanese SPANK! girls )

Broken Doll
( a japanese Band who wears SPANK! style )
-> their myspace

Toxic Lipstick
( a japanese Band who performed at a SPANK Party ♪ )
-> their myspace

Another song of Toxic Lipstick
( with pictures of a Spank Party in Tokyo
...even Tavuchi , the designer is in there
-> the girl with the blue/cyan hair :3 )

Bikini Kill
( 80's Band )

And the last thing for now I want to show
you is one opening of my favourite 80's cartoon
( besides Care Bears, My little Pony , etc. )
Jem & the Holograms

So I hope you enjoy the Music ~♥

And I can tell you , be excitedly
because I got a new upcoming
Photoshoot \(^-^)/
SPANK! me I'm a Riot grrrl ♪

( in the video you can find the Spank fashion related band 
Toy Death as well )

:3 nyan ~ See you soon ~♪