Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

We love SPANK! fashion & Fairy Kei ♪

Hi there ! (^-^)v
I want to share some nice songs with you like I already metioned before.
So I'd like to show you a Song of the Band
It kinda belongs to the SPANK! ( aka. fairy kei ) fashion scene.
I'm listening to it at the moment and I really have to tell you
it's so so sweet ~♥
I also have to show you some more pictures of the Lolita Meet-up
at the 17.7.10 in Aachen.
We were asked to take a picture with a couple wich just got married *-*
♥ Black vs. Coulour ♥
can you find where I am ? =D

I also love Victorian things a lot ,
and this picture accidentally became like this
but I kinda like it ~♥

I even managed it to create a "Victorian inspired wall" in my
living room and oh yes I am a very big fan of the wonderful
& talented Emilie Autumn ♥
I even went to her concert this February in Cologne
A friend of mine & me were the first people at the concert place
and waited about 7 houres for the show to start.
We stood in the first row and in the middle ^^
So Emilie reached out her hands a few time
to touch oures while singin *-*
After the awesome show we waited in the snow in front
of the tour bus. Only 5 more fans were left and it was 24.00 o'clock.
But finaly Emilie came out and even signed my Asylum book *O*
I told her how much I admire her for her creativity and ended up
in tears after taking a picture ,
I looked at her and told her how importand she is to me
she answerded me " YOU are so important"
( admirable how nicely she thinks of her fans , 'cause
as she always says
without us this wouldn't be possible)
and suddenly she kissed me on my mouth *O*
I totally wasn't prepared for so much luck in one day.
We sayed goodbye , as she had to get in fast again, 'cause she
was about to get a cold ( she had to cancel a few concerts after this ,
because of her illness ._. )
The whole day is a big great story of my life wich I will never forget ♥
I experienced so much that day , at 4 o'clock in the mourning
I finally arrived at my home.
....never let me sleep ♫ ;3
I was sick one whole week after this ( I had a cystitis ._. )
because ( remember it was snowing ) I waited outside for her only in
my corset and skirt, but all that pain was definitively worth it.♥
I can't tell you how happy i was when I got her book ♥
I waited so long for it <3 When I got it I started reading and couldn't get my hands off this book ...I didn't sleep a few nights as I wanted to read it so badly and it was so thrilling ♥ ( I even skipped some school days )
And I just have to show you some nice pages ...all of them are so amazing ♪

And here is the "Victorian corner" in my room I told you about^^

I sticked a poem (by Emilie Autumn)
on the Hello Kitty Mirror
it says :

Rats , rats everywhere
in your tea and in your hair

Nothing else can quiet compare
to a good old fashioned
plague Rat !

To the picture underneath :
( Yes the picture in the frame above is "Nana" from "Elfen Lied"
she's my favourite Charakter & I just love that anime )
This corner is kind of a "dark" & creepy one ^^
The rest of my room is kept pink and cute ~♥
So thats it for now
thank you if you've read till this point ♥
( I write as much as I'm talking ^o^" )
♪ *nyan nyan* love you cuties :3


  1. wusste garnicht das du so rießen emilie fan bist ^^

  2. aww ich komme auf deinen Blog und dann läuft gleich tolle Musik. Ich liebe dieses Lied *_*
    Es macht einfach so gute Laune ^.^ ♥
    Das Augen Make Up mit den Stickern ist sehr gut gelungen <3