Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Montag, 26. Juli 2010

Met the Japanese band Jelly Beans (Yuki ) ♫

Hi there !
I can't belive it ! This Saturday (24.7.10) was awesome.
I went to Düsseldorf with a friend , to see Yuki from the
japanese Pop-Band called Jelly beans.
First I was too shy to ask her for a picture , but thanks to my dear Monie
I got one ^^

Yuki only speaks a tiny bit English ...too tiny ;D and of corse only a few German words thanks to a translation book ;D
But luckily there was a girl who studies Japanese in Düsseldorf and she
helped us a lot with translating ^^
I bought a Poster and Yuki signed it :3
And I even got this signed card for free with it \(^-^)/

You could meet Yuki in front of the OCS Store In Düsseldorf , where you can buy japanese things^^ So of course we also went in and bougt some stuff :3
I absolutely love japanese candy , especially the packaging ~♥
It has to be pink, cute and glittery =D ♫
So you can imagine that I fell in love on first sight with this :

And it tastes just like it looks like ~ super sweet ~♥
I im very happy that I also found some japanese stickers, I searched
so long for them *-* I want to stick some under my eyes soon and try
out new make-up :3

Every time I went into that shop I am so exited ^^
There are so many cute things to find *-*
I even bought some of the magazines in the past
...although they are so expensive =_=
I love The egg magazine , I read the scans on the internet
I also read Kera, S cawaii, Popteen etc. ♥
Here is my own little collection ^^

So I really have to say it was an awesome Saturday ~♥
After shopping we went to the japanese garden^^
Bye ! nya


  1. Hast du ein Abo für diese Zeitschriften oder wo holst du die?Verstehst du die auch?^^

  2. Nein ,hab sie im OCS store in Düsseldorf gekauft. Ansonsten lese ich die Scans im Internet, die japanischen Zeichen verstehe ich leider im Moment nicht^^

  3. Hihi :3 du hast die Japanmeile aber LEER gekauft was? :D
    Mit Yu-ki hab ich ja auch ein Foto ♥
    Wah ich wollte auch so gern ein Poster ._.
    *CD hat*