Miss Neko

Miss Neko

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Winter time 2010 ♥

Finally it's Winter ♥
Snow is everywhere & I even love it !
( normally I don't really like winter )
But I'm really in a great holiday mood now ♥
I think I will build a Snowman in a few days ^^

I made the Scarf on my own :3
it's crochet work ^^
Winter time ~♥

There were lots of campfires
so warm ♥
I also made this SPANK! fashion close up
a few days ago ~♥
That's it for now , as I'm very busy at the moment
I wish all of you a nice Christmas time ! ~♥
I'm gonna bake some biscuits right now
see you soon ~♫

♪ Owl city - hot air balloon

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Hi There (^-^)v ~♪
Sorry , it's been a long time since my last post
but I was just so busy with school
and searching christmas presents.
As you see I've finally made it:
a Hime Gyaru outfit ! ~♥
I hope you like it ^^
I start to like winter just because you can wear
coats & gloves ;3
I'm in such a Christmas mood right now ~♥
"Everything is sparkely and nice" ^o^

This is our Advent wreath ♪

This year I'll spend Christmas alone with my
boyfriend at his house ♥
I really can't wait anymore.
Here is another picture of me
trying Hime Gyaru hair :

These are the gloves you already saw on my first Hime
Picture ^^

• Spectaculum ~ Mittelaltermarkt Telgte •

♥ So Fluffy ♥

I wear them every day

Donut *O*

This necklace I bought in Münster
( Old Nick )
It even smells like strawberrys :D
It's my favourite necklace ♥

This is a Christmis gift of my best friend Monie ♥
Eyeshadow by Manic Panic
( I use to buy my hair colour from that brand ;3 )
Wanne know the best Foundation make-up ever ?
Try this out
It works perfectly & it's so light ♥
...I got too many necklaces :D
But I really love that stuff ♥

Finally I want to show you this pen,
I found while cleaning up my room.
I think I bought it a year ago in Düsseldorf
( OCS Store )
It writes very nice , inside it is something like a
small soft brush with black ink !
So when you write with it it looks like really nice
calligraphy ♥And it doesn't make everything grubby and messed up
like these big brushes ( wich I also have for calligraphy).
It's just so fast and easy & you can use it everywhere ♥
I use to take it with me to my japanese lessons.
So be fast and go to the OCS Store^^
it's still available , I think.
( only for ca. 2,50 € )

Of course I have to share some great music with you as well !

Thouhou - Bad Apple

♥ omg I've listend to that song since days now
on and on ~♪
( translate the lyrics - they are so great ♥ )
I like everything about this song <3 • Min Hyo Rin- Stars

( she got another awesome song called touch me )
I love Korean Music.

That's it for now ~♥
Thank you for reading !

Dienstag, 23. November 2010

My [♥] can't stop beating fast

Hi there (^-^)/~♪*
It's been quite a while since I made my last entry,
at the moment I'm very busy and have a lot to do.
Music update :

The song is used in a new commercial
for a self-luminous Cellphone :
iida Light Pool

I'd love to have the white version *-*
This version of the song is the best to me , it's so romantic ~♥

Perfume - 575
I also dyed my hair again ^^
Uii , it never was THAT pink, but I really like it.
I used manic panic colour in the front ♥ and directions for the rest
This mix workes so well *___* it really makes a huge diffrence :3
I'm very pleased with it ♥
I have to show you so many new songs
I recently added to my I-tunes <3
You really have to check out the new album of Linkin Park
I really love their Music !
( Especially the old albums ♥ )
Minutes to Midnight was kinda disappointing ._.
But I think with the new album A thousand Sunsit finally gets up again *-*

I listened to "Waiting for the end - Linkin Park "
a tousand times at night
An awesome song for awesome situations.

I'm planning on buying me a new curling iron.
I hope I can show you some nice Hime Gyaru Pictures of me soon :3 ♪
I just love Gyaru / Hime fashion and music belonging to that area !

♪ Yumachi & Aina - I love

is what comes first to my mind when I think of yesterday.
I got out my wisdom teeth !
And they were still fully hidden under my gum ...I think I don't have to say more.
The matter was kinda bloody , but lucky me had to feel zero pain.
My dentist did a great job^^
And I took aspirins :D

Now it's time to share some awesome Music with you !

♪ Emilie Autumn- Dead is the new alive ( live November 2010 )

Spread the plague !

Emilie just looks awesome *-*
I love her pink wig <3 • Since Love is all I have in my mind I totally have to show you this beautiful song ~ pretty cool <3 Uffie - First Love

• When I think of epic things , this comes to my mind quite fast !
I just love Japanese/Korean Hip Hop / Rap <3 This is just great , learning the lyrics at the moment :3 Kick the can crew - Sayonara Sayonara

• Did I mention I also am really into russian Rap ?

Dandy ft. Schokk - Pravil'nyj Rap

Hihi , and yes there also exists some very very great
German Rap !
Don't belive me ? Check this out , it's really something diffrent -
something awesome ~♥

Marteria ft. Casper - Alles Verboten

Marteria - Marteria Girl

Have you ever heared german electro-punk before ?
Love <3 Frittenbude - Bilder mit Katze

Frittenbude - Irgendwie lieb ich das

Uhh now I'd like to Party \(^-^)/

( can't wait for the weekend ♥ )

last weekend we finally managed to see my
favourite anime movie !
It also was my first one, the one who made my obsession with anime
If you don't know it you really have missed something !!
You should check it out , the drawing and the plot is awesome.
I don't find words to discribe how much I love it.
you can see it on anime-loads.org

Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen
( Samurai X ~ Trust and betrayel )

That's it for now ~♪
I have to share a lot more Music with you and I will soon do so.

Oyasumi nasai ! ♥
[ Sleeping with Hinako ]

I'll do it the same now ;3
(* ̄。 ̄*)。。。oO

Dienstag, 2. November 2010

Lovely Days ~♥

Hi there (^-^)v
A lot happend since I wrote my last entry !
I finally got my long awaited piercing ( Septum ).
I got it because a friend of mine got
a friend who's piercer ( yeah ...connections baby ;D ).
We met last Saturday in Essen ( 2 good friends and me ♥ )
and got pierced together ^^
Did you know ? I learn
Russian in school since 1 year ,
I'm quite into eastern and asian languages ♥
Do you know Yakut ? They live in north-east Russia
and their language ( Skha/ Yakut )
sounds very nice to me ^

Cheburashkas B-Day song ( Eng &Yakut )

The girl singing the song is also very beautiful in my eyes *-*
I want to lern lots of languages during my life
( or at least start learning & try )
I want to begin Chinese ( Mandarin ) and Korean
when I finished school.
I know the Russian Gena B-Day song by heart ^^
( I had to learn it for school )
It's really nice ♥

Пусть бегут неуклюже...

 I understand it as well. yeah ! sense of achivement :D )

I also went to Düsseldorf with some friends ^^
At the OCS store we took some Purikuras ♥ :

Use lot's of SPARKLE to make Neko happy \(^-^)/

This makes a great song come to my mind.
At the moment I'm not only listening to lost of russian music
of course I still love japanese music ( I always will )

Right now I'm singing this (it's one of the most lovely things I've ever heard)

• Megurine Luka - Hitoha

• Another awesome song a friend of mine made a cover of is this :

*O* Check out his awesomeness ;D

• Enter Shikari - No Sleep Tonight (Piano Cover)

& this is a song he wrote on his own ( He really has music skills , I tell you ! )

• Keygenerator - Waiting for you

I really like his music *-*

• Another thing I have to show you is the soundtrack of
Rozen Maiden
I finished watching the anime a few weeks ago
and I can tell you it's just epic *______*
I listened to this song even when I was in the train
or waiting for the bus , it really got me ♥

• Rozen Maiden ost - Bara no Jubai

A song with a video of my favourite character from
Rozen maiden *-*
I usually love the cute and nice ones
but now I just fell in love with Suigintou *-*
She is just awesome ....& her story is so horribly sad T_T

• Yousei Teikoku - White wing

Now a few updates have to be added as well :

• Räuberhöle ( german SPANK! band )
-> Good ppl

• Perfume ( Winter edition ! )

So that's it for now , thank you for reading ~♥
Chu chu chu :3

• Hatsune Miku - True my heart ♪

*nyan nyan *

Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Book Fair Frankfurt 2010

Hey there (^-^)v
I'm sorry that it took so long to finally make a new post again,
but I was really busy and had a lot to do , Gomen ;3
The past weekend I went to the
Book fair in Frankfurt ( FBM )

I met lots of friends & had lots of fun !
I could go Saturday ( 9.10.10 )
and Sunday ( 10.10.10 )
I could sleep over by a friend I know for a long time,
but I never had the chance to visit her ,
as she lives quite far away from me (T_T)
But we finally made it *-*
It was such a lovely weekend
Thanks to you Stephie and your boyfriend.
I'm glad we spend such a nice time together ,
you were really kind :3
So here are some Pictures of my lovely weekend ♥
 with Stephie :
( maybe you notice it ^^
I bought new Neko ears at the Book Fair *-*
and I also just had to buy this
stuffed animal ♥ I'm holding in my hand)

Stephie & me again :

I was really happy to meet Nezu and Sas'ke ;3
you too are just too cool ;3

• Another nice person I'm happy I met is Chimney ~♥
( Dear , you always have such great outfits *-* ♥ )

• Kisu  I was really happy that I met you again ! 
Ebby Blackwood <33 br="" nbsp="">You're such a lovely Lolita *-*
Lady of Shalott ;3
( by the way that's my favourite Song of EA ♥ )
I love your hair *-*
with Nina *-* :
By the way I really am  quite an ebay lover :3
I hope some day I will find something like this
....I will fight for it !
Love Love Love *o*
( When I look at this I just have to smile ^-^
....If it was pink I would totally freak out ;D )

• Another thing about wich I could totally freak out is this
....it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen ;3

天才こどもうさぎの漫才 漫才編 Twin Rabbit

• Hey and probably the coolest thing you can find on the Internet
is this Video of Steve Terada 

• I wish I had such skills  *-*

Daft Punk ~ Break dance

So that's it for now , I'll try to post more often
as I have holidays at the moment ~♥
I hope you enjoyed reading 
nyan nyan ♪

Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Hi there cuties (^-^)v
Recently I really love Burlesque like Clothes ♥
And I wear my corset a lot again.

Emilie Autumn - Opheliac

EA - God help me

EA - Thank God I'm Pretty

Yesterday I watched the Movie
Hamlet ( 1996 ) with Kate Winslet
I just love it <3 font="" i="" read="" style="font-weight: bold;" will="">the play by William Shakespear
soon .
I already finished reading parts of it.
I'm mostly interestet in the parts where
Ophelia appears. ♥
Emilie Autumn ( as some of you might know )
took lots of that lyric for her music.
For example "Best safety lies in fear"
It's from a dialogue where Ophelia is warned by Laertes,
he says she must know that Hamlet might not honestly love her
and she really should be wary.

"Perhaps he loves you now..."

"Be wary then , best safety lies in fear"

( Hamlet, Scene III )

What else can I say about today ?
I finally found the time to make my nails look more nicely again ;3
So that's it for now ~♥
See you next time *nyan* ~♫

You are so special ♪

Sonntag, 26. September 2010

My 1st Japanese lessons & a new Usagi Hoodie ~♥

Hi there cuties \(^-^)/
I had a really great weekend ♥
I went swimming in Senden , to visit a
friend who actually works there ^^
Another friend also went there to join us ♪
It was a surprise visit , I tought it would be fun
and I can tell you it was ! ^o^
I really love peoples faces when they're surprised ;D
I think I might go swimming more often now,
as I just love it and it's good to stay fit & healthy.
After swimming we went eating some Ice cream ~♥
( At this point I have to say I have a big obsession
with Ice cream ;D I love it ♥ )
Saturday morning I was woken up by the post man, who finally brouht my Bunny-ear Hoodie from Body line

This actually brings a song of my beloved
Moon Kana to my mind :
Moon Kana - Usagi
From now on everytime I wear this ,
I will probably think of that song ^^
It makes me feel good ♥
like the world was a nice & cute place :3
( Wich I actually won't ever stop believing ! )
Unicorn Kid - Nuts n Milk 
A few days ago a friend of mine gave a drawing to me
wich showes me *-*
I'm so thankful , what a nice Idea ! ~♥
♪ Kisses for you Jenny :3

In my Entry I told you about my
Japanese lessons , wich I'm doing with my best friend.
I really enjoy learning Japanese.♥
Now I want to show you my Books & school stuff^^
Inside :
I decided to use a new pencil case for school
my old one was really ugly >_<
Hello Kitty case ~♥
I'm very happy with it
( I made the world become a little bit more pink again ;D )

And this is my appointment book :
I had to make it more cute myself
...when I bought it it was green leather and I hate green...
but there just were no cute appointment books in the stores !
It's really something Germany has a lack of !)

(Yes that girl below is me ^^
I got a free photo shoot at a photographic studio  where I did my Internship

Well , if you learn a lot you also have to eat sometimes ;3
I like to eat something little to get some rest , before
practising again.
I really like yoghurt or
vegetables with dip ~♪
I started to eat more healthy & think a lot more
about wich food would be actually good for me ^^

• Japanese Diet (♥ very good ! )
• Japanese eating habits

Thats pretty much it for now.
I hope you had such a nice weekend as well ♥
But before finishing I shure have to share some
great music with you.
I always got something like the "Playlist of the week/day
wich goes along with my mind /mood very well ♪
Right now I'm waiting for my Samurai to come & get me ;3
• DDR- Butterfly

Emilie Autumn , one day I want to be such a
strong women as well *-*
(...not to mention her great art works ♥ )
She really is a role model to me , in her live a lot went wrong
but she made the very best of it !

• God help me ( live ♥ )
• Shalott (live ♥)
• Unlaced ( live ♥ )
• Dead is the new alive ( live ♥)

Emilie just got such a strong personality
I really want to reach that a little closer.

I fight like a Girl dear plague Rats !
This week I will try to do a
Victorian , kinda "gloomy" outfit again
My inner "wayward victorian girl" just has to come out
from time to time ;3
So , see you next time ~♥

Montag, 20. September 2010

Me at the Essen Originell event ~♥

Hi there cuties (^-^)v
A lot happend since I wrote the last time ~♪
This weekend I was in the cinema.
I also have to show you some new pictures I took:
I tried out a new hair colour,
I'm still using "Manic Panic", but this time I
also used "Star gazer" , I'm quite
pleased with it ^^
Here you can see the fake Orchid , the winner of
the Model contest at Essen Originell gave to me
as a present *-*
As I already mentioned , I went to Essen Originell last weekend .
It's a very nice subculture festival with Industrial Music ♥
You could meet lots of flamboyant Individuals there.
Lucky me was asked to do a spontaneous photo shoot
with 2 photographers *-*
(c) by Nico Wichert

I wore a SPANK! fashion outfit again \(^-^)/
nyan :3
I have to show you the cutest love story I've ever seen
Mario Lovestory

It's so adorable <3 At the moment my thoughts are almost only about Love ;3
Look at this *-*
I absolutely love that anime :3

The Melancholy of Nagato & Kyon

Yesterday , after finishing
" Serial Experiment Lain "
(wich is very confusing and makes me kinda sad ._.)
I started to watch a new anime ♥

He is my Master
I think this might become one of my
favourite animes <3 I just love the story / drawing style I really am into that kind of stories <3
Another update I wanne share with you :
My Japanese Lessons start tomorrow
( they will go on 1 year ♥ )
I'm doing them at "VHS Münster"
I already got the Book *-*
"Japanisch bitte! Langenscheidt "
I am so excited <3
Waiting for tomorrow
Something else I have to show you ? Of course ;3
Music updates

• For all you little plague Rats out there :
( did you already know this song ?)

Emilie Autumn - The gates of Eternity

It makes me feel so sad but also very
romantic at the same time.I can't really
explain it , like you were sitting
in a dark corner while the rain falls, waiting for your
loved one but you know he might never come
to pick you up...
It's just EA's magic , to touch your heart ~♥

Enough with the "sad stuff"
now some very great songs that always cheer me up
no matter what ~♥

• Perfume- Natural ni koi shite [Remix]

( one of the best <3 ] Now I finally am able to sing along at this speed :3
& I also found a translation for the lyrics ♥

• Party like a Millionaire

If there are times when you're not
very confident & full of doubts and sadness
listen to this and I promise you will feel better
and just live your live like a big Party \(^-^)/

• Stay the night - Millionaires

• Prom dress- Millionaires

So just let's enjoy live together \(^-^)/

• Perfume - The Voice

I am going to try an outfit like this soon
maybe with some "Hime Gyaru" inspired hair
( Curles & so on ^^ )
LUXY GIRLS ( from China ♥ )

So that's it for now
I hope you enjoyed reading :3
Let's sing and dance around
'cause life is awesome
Or at least we make it become so !
nyan ~♪

Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Natural ni koi shite- New look

Hi there cuties (^-^)v
I finally found the time to make a new Blog post, I'm sorry that
it took so long. The last few weeks I tried out a
totally different kind of style for myself & actually I really like it.
But I will stay a pink little Neko Girl forever ;3 ♥
I got inspired to take this pictures by a really
great japanese Brand
called :
" Natural Beauty Basic [ナチュラルビューティーベーシック]"

My favourite Band made a TV commercial for them
( as I might have already told you before , buy the
way , it's the first song you are hearing when you
visit this site )
Perfume- Natural Ni Koi shite

-> nice Remix ♥

I hope you like this look :3
It might remind you a little bit of the "Hime Gyaru" look as well
...I can never really choose just one thing ;D
But it's fine like that^^
That's typically me
On the 27.8.10 I went to
"Visual Culture" a japanese Disco in a city
nearby ( Münster ♥ )
It was really fun , I always like it <3 They also got some japanese food and stuff like Peach Ramune ♥
( I got exactly that one on this PICTURE I could die for it :D )
So , the night was fun & the Party was great ~♥
And another good thing I just have to share with you !
I found this cute 80's Care Bear T-shirt on a web-shop &
fell in love on first sight ;3 ♥
My mother gave it to me as a present. I'm so happy

And look at this cute sign *-*
absolutely loveley <3

I'm going to dye my hair pink & baby blue
again on Friday <3 I'm in such a great party mood *-* I found lots of new songs of one of my favourite Bands♥ Millionaires

I'm listening to this songs the whole day now
they're just so motivating ^^

• Party like a Millionaire

• Stay the night

My favourite Band , Perfume also got a new
Song :

I just have to show you this awesome
drawing a good friend
(who is in my Russian lesson at school)
made for me *-*
I wish I was that good =D
Now this is hanging on my wall ^^
Thank you so much Katalin ♥

So that's it for now ♪
This saturday I'm going to
Essen Originell
and enjoy the time with good friends
And on the 21.09.10 my
Japanese language lessons start
I can't belive it
I waited so long for this & finally me
and a really close friend start to learn
Japanese <3 So Ganbatte ne ! ;3

See you soon , I'm looking forward to show
you some new pictures & interesting stuff :3
Bye *nyan nyan* :3